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364 days ago

From office to maintenance, the staff has been very nice to deal with, handling any issue quickly. The grounds are beautifully & professionally looked after offering the feeling of home. I would highly recommend a Montlack Realty property to my friends.

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801 days ago

Seriously the worst, rudest, and most of all, completely incompetent office staff. Completely inexcusable. I have lived in rentals for 10 years and in cities notorious for bad landlords, and Montlack was far and away the worst! Ugh...I was so glad to get out of there. I am sharing this experience with ALL incoming grad students looking for housing. There's so much more available in Cleveland. Don't settle for Montlack!

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928 days ago

Looks like an interesting place from the Google Maps depiction in the list.

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928 days ago

This is my first time buying a home and so far so pleasant thanks to the Cresthaven staff.Thusfar they have been very friendly,highly accomodative,and far so good,no complaints.I'll update in a couple of months.

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982 days ago

I have been a Montlack tenant at Shaker Square for 5 years. I love my apartment and the Montlack management and maintenance staff have been terrific! Last summer when the leaking fish tank of my upstairs neighbor damaged my ceiling, Montlack got on it right away (and made the ceiling look like "new")! Whenever I have called-in a maintenance request it has been handled in a timely, efficient and courteous manner. I looked at a lot apartments before choosing a Montlack property. A well-maintained buidling was at the top of my list. I found it at Montlack...couldn't be happier!!!

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1031 days ago

Montlack Realty is the worst. All the other bad reviews on this site are very true. When my roommate and I first looked at the apartment in December of 2009, we noticed the windows didn't lock (and this was a concern for us because we were on the first floor). They told us they would have the windows fixed by the time we moved in in January 2010. The windows were NOT fixed when we moved in. Not only that, but despite several phone calls to the maintenance department in January, February and March to have the problem dealt with, the windows were not fixed until APRIL. Our kitchen light flickered for months. We called to have this fixed several times. It wasn't completed until about 3 months later. In order for the windows and light to be fixed, we finally had to threaten them with a letter that stated we would put our rent money into an escrow account until these issues were resolved. After they received the letter, they got right on it. They are awful and I would never, ever rent from them again.

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1036 days ago

Too bad to live there. I had two kids, now we suffering the cold. We do not have heat at all. Whenever I called the office, they just kidding me. Whatever they said do not make sense. The maintenance never come..

Just crying every day....

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1074 days ago

One of the greatest strengths of Montlack realty are its leasing agents. In particular, I have been very pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of Marissa Brando. When I first moved into my apartment, my microwave was not working. After attempts to fix the microwave, it was immediately replaced. Additionally, my dishwasher was not working. Again, it was expediently replaced. When there have been issues with other tenants in the laundry room, those have been cleaned up almost immediately. And when I needed an AC unit installed, that was arranged for with no hassle. It is refreshing to find such professional staff and a realty company that takes such good care of its tenants with such a responsible approach. Thank you!

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1120 days ago

Newer ever. very big SHT. DO NOT RENT FROM MONTLACK

They close the heat in winter and switch off the air condition in summer. Their excuse is always same REPAIRING. They couldn't repair it for more then one year. They are just lying.

Apartment look good from outside but dont be fooled. you will deal with cockroaches, bad neighbors and mean managers.

DO not make mistake like i did it.
write me for details
[email protected]

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1129 days ago

I hired Chateau to manage my rental property in Cleveland. The first few months were good in terms of receiving rent payments. Then the company was to paint the upper unit to get the unit ready to rent. The company was to hold the rent payment to pay for the repairs. To my knowledge the repairs were never made and I lost the rent. Then I learned about Matt being arrested on charges related to live bombs from and internet searches.

I have not heard from the company since Matt's arrest and $1M bail/bond. I would search for another company based on my experience.

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