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888 days ago

Renting from Dehaven & Company was by far the worst renting experience that I've ever had. I rented at their Windbriar Apartments for 2 years out of necessity.

Good things:
- Cheap rent. $675 for a 2 bedroom, $575 for a 1 bedroom.
- No pet fee.
- Washer and dryer on site.
- Close to bus line and Belt line.
- Free parking

Bad things:
- Terrible, terrible neighborhood. Police have to be camped out on the corner practically 24/7 because of the drugs/crime in the area.
- Repair concerns took weeks to address. For example, in the height of the summer heat, my air conditioner stopped working. It was never repaired.
- When tenants move out, they do not change the code to the door of the building.
- Dryers are practically non-functional. One dryer had a gash one of the hoses and it was inoperable. It took weeks to fix.
- Apartments are filthy! Carpets are old and dirty, walls have visible dirt on them. Our bathroom wall was caked with tobacco from the previous tenant to the point that hot showers made the wall drip yellow gunk. They say they clean before each tenant enters, but it's very hard to believe with the state of the apartments.
- Backyard is littered with trash and garbage. Other tenants do not respect the fact that apartment living is community living and the landlords do not enforce this. Instead, a very kind and very nice property manager cleans up after everyone like she's their mother.
- Bugs. Bugs. Bugs. Bugs EVERYWHERE!
- When trying to get ahold of the landlord, you can expect to call repeatedly before having your phone call returned. When you finally do get ahold of the landlord, expect to have a very unprofessional conversation. There is always the possibility that you may get yelled at, spoken to very condescendingly, or your concerns may even be ignored.
- Renter rights are not upheld unless the tenant forces the landlord to obey the state law.
- Drains to do not drain properly, even after being treated.
- Closet doors fall off of hinges.
- Screens are missing or broken by previous tenants and are left for the new tenants to deal with.
- Some electrical outlets are non-functional or do not tightly hold the plug in place. This is a huge safety hazard!

Overall, that experience was terrible. If you choose to live here, expect to be living in a questionable neighborhood, spend more money than it's worth, and plan on being kept up at all hours of the night by other tenants not following their lease agreements. I would have much rather had paid a monthly pet fee to have my health and safety taken into account by the landlord. I moved to Madison for school and started to count down the days until I could move out of the Windbriar apartments.

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931 days ago

I dunno about that other guy complaining about maintenance or deposits, but these folks did me a solid for housing. Ive lived on gilman street since 2008 and my building is always clean and quiet and the rent is a great price. Plus its close to campus and state street. Antyime I have a question or problem they answer it. I leave messages they call back. Everyone is really nice.

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1032 days ago

The head of the company has done time in jail for rackateering. 1991 was convicted. Check Wisconsin CCap. Do you think you will get your security deposit back? lol..not a chance. They employ a full time lawyer in the office to make sure of this. How many other landlords have full time lawyers on the payroll? As another long time employee of the company, I agree with the other reviews. We are trained to get you to sign the lease at all costs and never promise you a thing. The owner and his daughters who run the office live in the upper crust of Madison, funded by your money and taking it from landlords as well as much as they can. Renters stay away at all costs unless you like losing money and owners, if you go with them, I would check your monthly statements and double check any maintenance issues. Most times they cobble it together and will have to return to fix again many times, charging you each time.

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1044 days ago

I have several properties that MPM manages downtown and they have always been able to lease each and every unit each year which helps make my return on my investments. Couldn't do it with them them, they do a great job.

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1048 days ago

Madison property helped us get our home rented and without them we couldn't have done it. Thanks fr your services

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1176 days ago

Terrible!! I have been livin here for about 4 months. And at first I could see myself living here for the year. But we had a serious ant problem Nd now we, well I am experiencing some other type of bug problem. I have been getting bit, Nd getting these huge swollen areas around these bites. My boyfriends mom also lives in these apts and 1 night, before I ever thought about moving here I stayed at her house with my bf and I got bit 5 times there all over my neck. So I think these "bugs" "spiders" just come with these Apts. Aside from all that, neighbors are loud!! Loud music playin from time 2 time. Vents were dirty when we moved in, kitchen fan still doesn't work. And the bath tub was discusting and still is. It is all stained up, and there's candy still in the ac from the last tenants, and the bedroom closet doors r completely ruined, they are gross. The people who painted did a sloppy job. The list goes on and on. I absolutly hate these apts. Sent from my iPhone

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1324 days ago

Worst experience in my 15 years rental life. That woman Tracy is such a bitch. I submitted my application then I've never heard from her again. She never picked up the phone and won't return the voice mail. Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't go there, you will regret!!

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1427 days ago

Madison property management is by far the worst real estate company in the area. They exploit college students for company gain, & the staff...

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1431 days ago

This company is horrible. No background checks done on employees, but of course not since the owner is a felon!! Office people are rude an...

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1443 days ago

Worst property management company ever. They are extremely rude and do not respond to maintenance calls. Additionally they will try to screw you on your security deposit. Most of their apartments are infested with spiders and the hallways are never cleaned.

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