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658 days ago

Everyone responsible for this corrupt and hideous monstrosity should be dealt with on one day like The Tattaglias and Barzini, because that's who they resemble. If you don't know who the Tattaglias and Barzini are, for God's sake stop being one of those ethnicity- less white squares.

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658 days ago

Never been and I can't see myself actually planning a trip to Cleveland for the purpose of going to see it. If I just happened to be in the area, and again I'm not sure that's going to happen soon, I might go in for a look around.

Sure the process of selection/induction has proved to be a rather whorey/clubby exercise reflecting the tastes and friendships of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner and Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun (until he died a few years ago) who were at the fore of establishing the Hall/Museum a quarter century ago.

Sure the very idea that there be a big corporate institution honouring music that is supposed to embrace the anti-establishment-stick-it-to-the-man ethos seems a little disingenuous.

A co-worker of mine recently entered and won a radio station contest for an all expenses paid weekend in Cleveland and tickets to the RaRHOF (second prize was a week in Clevelend, but I digress). She said that it was a very cool museum with some incredible artifacts, albeit leaning heavily on the Baby Boomer preferred golden era of the 60's and 70's.

Let's be honest - for every Johnny Cash/Neil Young/Joe Strummer who can honestly claim that kept the flame burning and never sold out, there are a hundred, nay a thousand rock and rollers who have lived off product endorsements, sold their tunes to corporate interests for marketing purposes and otherwise abandoned the rebellion that was at the heart of the Eddie Cochran's Summertime Blues. Even BB King is shilling for big pharma these days.

Rock and Roll has been about business since well before Elvis first played Vegas. Go down to the local sportsplex next time Clapton/Tom Petty/Fleetwood Mac/Bruce Springsteen are in town and drive around the parking lot. You'll see a sea of Lexus's, Mini Vans and SUVs. If there are any VW's in the lot count on them being Jettas or Passats not Bugs or micro buses.

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658 days ago

I've never been to the hall of fame mainly because theres nothing in Ohio worth seeing anyway , but my review is on the actual idea of it, seems like almost anyone at times can get into the hall of fame and that makes the credibility of it not so good to me. If an artist, and I say artist because they call it the rock and roll hall of fame but let more than just rock acts into it, if an artist has left his mark in music to the point where generation after generation knows the impact the band or artist made then they should be able to get in, but if its just some new its got a nice beat crap that people will forget about like a Justin Timberlake or Britney Spears then you dont let them in.The main point is they let almost anyone in and alot of times not the right people

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672 days ago

I've been through it a couple of times with the last time being over ten years ago. I think that if I go back to Cleveland in the future I'll skip it and see the science center or the Great Lakes freighter that's been turned into a museum next door.

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672 days ago

Three on its best day.

I went to school in Cleveland - and despite the protests of Cleveland natives, this place is absolutely wildly overrated. Three tops - two or one with a seriously large, loud douchey crowd.

1. It doesn't belong in Cleveland. The Browns do. . .

2. The over-commercialization of 'hall of fame' rockers does an injustice to the art form of rock. Rock is anti-establishment. Rock is a limited but powerful form of music - glossing it to a HOF is a problematic issue at best.

3. There are acts/bands that do not belong. . .seriously, if you want a legit HOF keep out mediocrity.

Still, there are a few cool items to see. But it's quite an underwhelming place.

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672 days ago

A big part of what makes Cleveland the Miscellaneous Entertainment Capital of Ohio!

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672 days ago

I've never been there, and given that I have a profound aversion to paying any further visits to Cleveland in this lifetime, I probably never will.

That being said, everything I've heard, read or seen about the place tells me it's a shallow, commercialized fraud, and I've seen more than my share of those.

And if I needed any further incentive to avoid it, it is provided on this website by the illiterate, tasteless mopes who provide the bulk of the reviews on the grotesque "Deserving of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" list.

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708 days ago

much more interactive then cosi was. had awesome stuff going on like they had this Tesla coil and other electric experiments going on and it was super fun!

This other guy in a lab was doing various experiments with dry ice and he even abused marshmallow peeps because he hated them! it was awesome when he put them on dry ice and they froze and he busted them up with a sledgehammer and the pieces flew everywhere!!! AWESOME SAUCE!!!!

the place was packed with interactive exhibits and stuff and was less sterile looking than cosi. I would love to go back!

oh and when we went it was totally free on MLK day! so that made it even better!

I would rather go there! LOL.

even the websites you can tell.... GLSC's site looks more edgy and sciency and cosi's looks like any other generic company's page.

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744 days ago

I gave them a call and ask for Victoria, she was here in 45 minutes exactly same as in the pictures. But it was all down hill from there on, the guy she came with took $155 and left after that what ever she did was additional and yea no touching. Tips are very expensive. After 20 minutes she started acting as if some thing is happening to her and made me call the agency, the guy came back and took her. It was like very very bad experience, don't ever call them big rip off

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1012 days ago


Downtown Bugsy's is ok but the (Elyria Bugsy's) is 10-times better and that's the club I am giving the (5-Stars) to not the downtown club both clubs are owned by the same guy.

If and when you go to the Elyria Bugsy's a few Dancers you might want to look up are Ceaira, Erin, and Barbie just to name a few you are guaranteed a great time!

Tell them Patrick sent you…

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