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399 days ago

This is a scam! He will sell you a one year plan and show up once to try and sell to your neighbors, then he will never show up again. Do not trust him. Wish we had seen these comments before we paid him!!!

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706 days ago

Add one more for the **SCAM**pile. The rat takes your check, runs straight to the bank or cashing service, gives you a song and dance why he cant come at the agreed time. Then doesn't return your calls.

Mr Barrett.. karma is a b*&%ch, so enjoy your cumupance, I hope it itches like a bandit, becomes poxed and then drops off.

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771 days ago

Alex is nothing short of a con-artist, liar, cheat and low life scum. If i ever find him again, he will get what he deserves! I have contacted the Warren County Prosecutor to file fraud charges. He never returned any calls after taking money for whole year treatments.
Can't stand dishonest people!!!!! We all work hard for every penny and he scams it away from the honest citizen. What a shame!!!

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890 days ago

We have had the worst experiences of our lives with Furniture Fair- Eastgate- furniture. We paid a total of $2,082 for a Berkline sofa and loveseat. We were not happy when they set up the loveseat and the footrests bumped each other- but that's how they left it. I am the only one who sits on the loveseat, on the right side, so did not pay much attention to the left side. When someone did sit in it- it popped. The frame was broken. I called and they sent someone out to look at it- a month later, they came to repair it. Next, the footrest on the RIGHT side (where I sit) would no longer stay up and then the springs popped loudly- We called again-Again, they sent someone out to look at it- Now the frame on the RIGHT side had broken too. Now, I weigh 142 pounds and I'm the ONLY one who sits on this side- The truth is- we were sold a defective, very poorly, cheaply contructed set. All we can get is repair after repair- The loveseat should have been replaced.

The two adjustable beds we bought from Furniture Fair-Eastgate (Perfect position Adjustable Sleep system by Serta) This we paid over $3,000 for. The mattresses sagged horribly and one of the beds actually broke in two! This we had repaired at our own expense. I think the insurance paid $15 of the replacement parts and none of the labor.

Would we buy again from Furniture Fair? Not on your life! VERY poorly constructed furniture- and if you are delivered a broken item- they will only keep repairing it- over and over again, instead of making good on a faulty item that you bought.

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891 days ago

I was not a customer of Stears Complete Ground Care, but my neighbor was, and I can tell you that Doug Stears is the most unprofessional person I have encountered in a long time. He was hired by my neighbor to trim trees in the yard that is adjacent to our house, and this is the story:

My wife (7-1/2 months pregnant mind you) was awaken to what she described as someone shaking the house. After looking out the windows, she saw that it was Doug Stears dropping trees onto our house. She called me at work because she was afraid to go talk to him. I called the neighbor, and she spoke with Doug Stears and he came and told my wife that it was no big deal and there was no damage to the house, easy to say when you are the liable party. Furious that someone would not only drop one tree on our house, I understand accidents, but that he continued to drop trees on our house because he thought no one was home, I left work.

When I got home, I confronted him and asked him why he was hitting our house. Doug Stears said that the trees weren't "hitting" the house, but that is was "scraping" the house. He told me it was no big deal, and I told him that it was my house and that in 2009 we spent $20,000 to put on a new roof, so to me it was a "big deal" he just couldn't understand why I was ticked off. I asked him why he continued to hit our house over and over, and once again he said it was no big deal. I asked him why when he hit it the first time, he didn't come and tell my wife it was an accident, and I instead had to call my neighbor to talk to Doug. He couldn't respond, I think he was beginning to realize how stupid his actions were, but when you are dealing with an irrational person like Doug Stears, you never know.

About to explode, I told him just to give me his contact information so that I could report any damage, to which he replied "Jesus Christ man! Why are you making such a big deal, they're twigs!" When a tree is two to three inches in diameter, it is no longer a twig to me, but I may not be as smart as Doug Stears, I only graduated top 10% from the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering with a degree in Civil Engineering, Graduated summa cum laude with a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati, finished in the top 4% of potential law school applicants on the LSAT, and will be starting law school this fall, but I'm the idiot as he reminded several times.

Never use Stears Complete Ground Care, he is terrible, and I wasn't even one of his customers! His work was terrible to, the trees were just lopped off in all different directions and they weren't even.

He is efficient however, he hits 50% of the houses he works next to, wait let me correct myself, he "scrapes" 50% of the houses he works next to.

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940 days ago

I lived in their apartment building in Clifton in the gaslight area (226 Loraine Avenue) for over 2 years and loved it. Whenever I had a problem I called the maintenance number and they had someone come and fix it. The head maintenance man even came late at night to fix the heat. I moved out and now I am sorry. I thought I needed to grow up and move to the suburbs -

I miss the great maintenance. I miss my great apartment. I miss the great people in their office. I still remember their phone number - 271-7600 -- when they got their new phone system they told me just dial 200 and I would get the front desk and I did. I never had a problem reaching anyone.

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1004 days ago

This Company is a joke. We lived at Holly Towne mobile home park, and you can never reach anyone. They are now screwing up our entire lives. we are trying to move, When we moved out of Holly Towne, two months later, I had relatives move in, we had to pay off the two months rent that the lot was vaccant for before they could even move in, but now they are saying that we owe 285.00 to them, so now I can't move into a new place

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1038 days ago

Alex came out and did a great job on my front and rear lawn earlier in the summer. He and his workers came out and did exactly what they said they were going to do. As a result, recommended Alex to a couple of neighbors. I haven't heard from them so i don't know if they actually hired him or not.

Alex came out and knocked on my door again this past August. He said there was a huge sale on some items we told him we wanted the first time he came out. We went ahead and purchased in advance the items we wanted. We also asked him to build a retaining wall in the back yard and provide more hardscaping (rocks) as well as additional landscaping. He said he would start the job the last week of October and have the job completed by November 10th. I paid him 1/3rd ($2766) of the total up front and i haven't heard from him since.

Has anyone tried to sue him in small claims court? If so, what were the results and if not, why not?

If I don't hear from Alex by the end of this week, I will pursue legal means to recover my funds.

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1059 days ago

big oak tree service is the best in cincinnati. they always go above and beyond what is asked of them and always make sure i am happy!!!

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1174 days ago

I wish I would have found this site before I payed Alex in advance for 1-year of treatments. I echo every negative comment here. I paid him in advance...HUGE mistake! Then had to call him countless times to try and get him out to actually service my lawn! I managed to harass him enough to get him out a couple of times, but spring has come and gone this year and he is no where to be found. Still owes me 3 treatments, but I don't count on every seeing those. I heard countless excuses and reasons why he hadn't been out.

BUYER BEWARE! I don't know if Alex is dishonest or not, so I can't call him a con artist. I can say he is a very poor business person who does not know how to treat customers....that is if he wants satisfied customers. Maybe he has too many customers? I don't know, but he certainly can't seem to take care of the customers that pay him in advance...hmmm.

This website has a minimum rating of 1-star, which is too generous for Alex considering the treatment I have received. Very poor.

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