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728 days ago

Excellent service, most inexpensive and do consistently good work.

A little out of the way, but worth it!

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896 days ago

They offer great customer service with a "SMILE". Needed a place for wash and fold laundry service when I sold my house and stumbled upon them on the Web. May just sell my washer and dryer in my new house and use them!!

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988 days ago

*** Please note that Hill Park Cleaner is directly affiliated with MidPark Cleaners (located at 2304 Midway Road, Plano) as the general manager whose name is noted below oversees both locations. The following was submitted for MidPark Cleaners ***

First of all, this review is valid as long as this dry cleaner is operated by the person(s) who is (are) an Indian immigrant from India. The name of the general manager is "Eric Iqball". I do not wish to penalize this business if there is a change in ownership.


I left a few dress shirts for laundry and one pair of wool pants for dry cleaning (Hugo Boss, paid $175. nearly brand new). When I picked them up, I noticed that my pants were severely shrank and wrinkled inside the waistline. Obviously, my wool pants were washed with water by mistake.

I managed to put my legs in, but there was no way I could even bring the pants up to my waistline because it greatly shrank. I told the person at the counter about the problem and left my pants for them to see. I was told that some would contact me. Days went by and never heard back. So, I called them back and insisted.

Finally, a man by the name of "ERIC IQBALL" called me. He flatly denied the mistake they made. Furthermore, he told me that I was trying to deceive them by making a false claim. He then offered to pay me $75. At that point, money became no longer an issue. It was their dishonesty and unscrupulous business practice that made me very angry. Hey, people do make a mistake. I would have been perfectly fine with $75 if this merchant had extended me an honest apology...

At that point, even if he offered me full $175, I would not have taken it. I was determined to fight for the justice. I have been planning to take this matter to the Plano small claims court, but my demanding work schedule has made it hard for me to find the time to go to the court and file a claim. Those who may have been involved in the small claims court litigation will understand how much of hassle it can be to file a claim and appear for the hearing.


Now at this point in time, I chose to honestly share my experience with those who may consider using their dry cleaning service based on facts, nothing but the facts. I still have my pants with their tag in my possession that were destroyed by this very dishonest merchant. If anybody wants to see the image, I will be happy to e-mail you the picture.


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988 days ago

My experience with Andrea Polito was amazing!! I couldn't say enough good things about her...she is easy to work with, reliable, and professional. Her images are beautiful and she did a great job of capturing special candid moments that I adore! For anyone needing a wedding or portrait photographer, she's the best!!

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1027 days ago

We are tremendously pleased with the service we have received from All Dallas Maids . First and foremost, their customer service has been nothing short of phenomenal. Also, Viera is extremely friendly and considerate, and we always enjoy having her in our home. She does a quality job cleaning our house, and we receive much peace of mind knowing that green cleaning methods are used. It is never a problem to reschedule appointments or to schedule additional cleanings as the need arises. We are thrilled to have found All Dallas Maids.

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1071 days ago

I have been using All dallas maids on a regular basis for about 4 years now. One of my best friends recommended them to me. She has been with them for over 7 years and was telling me how pleased she is with them.

When Viera first came to do the deep house cleaning, I was so amazed how detailed her work was.

I don't think I have ever had a cleaning service company that has left my house in such a glow. When she got done the house it was sparkling. She even does the laundry and windows for me.

I also love the fact that she provides eco-friendly supplies!! I have a strong asthma and there is nothing worse than coming to your home smelling strong chemicals such a bleach and others.

Im so glad i took her advice. I signed up with Viera for a bi-weekly service. As long as this company is around, Im pretty sure I won't be switching.

I would highly recommed this amazing company.

Alana G, Plano Tx

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1080 days ago

All Dallas Maids has worked for me since 2002 and their quality is excellent. My house has always been spotless even-though our dog sheds, they are very thorough and if their are special things that I need done, I make a list and when I return home its all completed. They are an extremely trustworthy, honest and honorable company. I am happy to recommend them to everyone. Special thanks to Viera.

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1102 days ago

Best money I have ever spent! They were very thorough, polite, professional, and just got the job done. I have been very displeased with other companies in the past and was very leary about signing on to another contract. The sales guy had a lot of promises, and they were all fullfilled. I have found the company I am going to stay with. They met all my expectations and more!

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1150 days ago

** Choose PRO Z only if you like to waste money! **
Buyer's Beware: We only had one PRO Z session with no noticeable improvement with our insect problem. The door-to-door salesman led me to believe we were signing up for one session, but in reality tricked us into a YEAR contract to have sugar water sprayed every two months.
A sign of true scam artists: the PRO Z cancellation fee is 80% of the contracted service amount. Not a good way to treat customers who aren't pleased with the service.
Also, PRO Z's customer service was outright verbally abusive by scolding me for not reading the fine print of their contract.

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1201 days ago

Andrea Polito Photography was our favorite vendor throughout our entire wedding experience! Her work is absolutely amazing and beautiful an...

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