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526 days ago

Dr Cynthia L. OLSEN works at Portage Park Animal Hospital at 5419 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago Il 60641. She did a wellness exam on my cat. I informed her he had been chewing his rear leg. She gave me a spray and told me that cats tend to self mutilate when they are bored. It was later determined that he had a severe bacterial infection and required AMPUTATION of the leg. I have a pending complaint filed with the Illinois Dept. of Professional Regulation in regards to this event. In my opinion consumers need to know their veterinarians and the facilities where they work.Thank you for reading.

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799 days ago

After a negative incident with our old groomer, we decided to look for a new place to take our Yorkie for grooming. Central Bark had such good feedback, we gave them a shot and we're glad we did.
Although this place seems does more than just grooming, we've only used them for grooming so this review only reflects that aspect. We've used Central Bark twice now and they do a really good job. Our Yorkie is very sensitive about having his paws/legs touched so trimming his nails can be a chore--to the point where our last groomer would not trim his nails half the time or do a bad job. At CB, trimming his nails has not been an issue. Also, he didn't act weird or reserved on our second trip so it looks like he doesn't fear this place.
Grooming time has taken a couple hours, which is very acceptable--even quick by some standards. Pricing is higher than our last groomer but only by a bit and if our Yorkie is happier, it's definitely worth it.
We look forward to returning again for future groomings and maybe even consider them for boarding when we need to travel out of state.

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849 days ago

How can anyone patronize a place that abuses dogs, they have to be sick people themselves. My dog was damaged in personality and physically from this so called training. I am not an uneducated person who will just fall for anything. I thought things would be better. What exactly my dog was trained to do is nothing. Not even to stop pulling which was my priority. I am glad these reviews are available to others, how can you say it just happens or its an isolated case!! I feel sorry for the people who would keep going back to such a place or even try to defend it! No dog even the worst meanest ones in the world deserve this treatment.

Oh well even Michael Vick had many defenders!!!!

They starve dogs!! My dog came back very thin and lethargic that lasted days. My vet classified "underweight" like I was a bad pet owner and I told them it was not me it was a boot camp at a trainer that caused this and did not tell me about it. Why would coming home from training cause a dog to be skittish and laying in one place and refusing to even play????? For days straight!! Only if the dog was abused. I read other testimonial of shock collars being used turnd up all the way to torture the dogs and hitting them with an axe handle, and maybe this happened to my dog too. I did not know anything about these things.

Like I said the training was not noticeable difference at all. They have class you come for. None of the other dogs in the class were trained either, there was maybe one dog that was listening to basic command without jerking on the leash and most of the dogs looked scared at different times. If you end up doing a little reading you will find that punishment training is proven to be a least effective way. That is why the dog while you are training need "correction" every few seconds because they are not trained. Maybe it depends how much pain or intimidation you want to use to teach your dog the commands. Every book you read will tell you different than this trainer did. I didn't even feel safe in the class there were big dogs that were like ticking time bombs ready to attack. There was yelling several times. I don't know about you but I do not approve of screaming and yelling at dogs and that is what I was told to do and saw many others including the trainer teaching the class doing.

I am not giong to walk down the street jerking my dogs neck every 5 seconds and I'm not going to yell at my dog. If that is your thing, go for it. But be prepared with extra cash for the medical bill. If you look it up the training correction is cause for many medical problems!.htm

Never go to this house of horrors.

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854 days ago

Jim Morgan dramatically changed my dog's behavior and my expectations . After going to many different dog trainers and classes, I was referred to Chicago Canine Academy. From continual practice and obedience classes here, my dog has done a complete 180. All "negative corrections" stem from a place of fairness and compassion. My dog's obedience allows her to live a big, happy, life. Training makes owning a dog so much more enjoyable!! I never thought I could confidently walk around the park with a once vicious, aggressive pit bull. I even got another dog! Now, they are just about the coolest dogs ever. I'm so proud of my animals and I know that they're thankful for the training that we've gotten at Chicago Canine Academy. Jim can come across a little crazy, but he's a fantastic dog trainer and obviously loves dogs. You can't argue with the results. I highly recommend this place.

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1081 days ago

Huge waste of money on bootcamp!!! They didnt train her at all and my dog doesn't listen for sh*t. All they taught her was to sit on a platform. She did not learn anything at all, does not down or come, nothing. All the dogs there look terrified and a real weird vibe the place has. I shoulda known right off the bat the place was b.s. for the bad vibe in the air and none of the dogs doing anything but sitting in one place scared as hell. But I didnt know, then I find all these bad reviews I wish I would of seen! This place should be shut down.

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1092 days ago

I found Dr. Mawrence to be incredibly professional and genuinely warm. She was referred to me by my regular vet for in-home euthanasia of by beloved 14 year old dog. She was quick to return calls and helpful in figuring out the right time and setting. She was great with the whole family, including my two children and husband, who were all truly distraught. If I allow myself to fall in love with another animal, when the time comes, I would, without question, call her again.

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1160 days ago

This man is psycho. I saw him kick my dog, pound his head into the ground repeatdly and when I asked him why, he said: "because I can." I witnessed him taking his moods out on other dogs, I saw him starve a huge dog, b/c he thought he could get him to eat. I could go on and on. He is a rageful person who hides very well behind this Irish come what may attitude. I saw him poke dogs with broom sticks in between the cage bars, to shut up. He is a tyrant, a Nazi storm trooper and not a nice or well adjusted person. Please avoid the pain of your dogs' suffering and the suffering you will take with his smart ass attitude. The guy thinks he is as intelligent as his high paying clients, docs, lawyers, ect. But he is an uneducated phony. STAY AWAY.

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1169 days ago

My wife and I have taken out dogs to K9U for probably 15 years. Whenever we have adopted another dog, the trainers and partners have embraced a new member to their family and have worked on proper training and socializing. It's so important to have a place to trust. I can honestly say our 2 dogs love it there. Our first dog, an adopted german shepherd, lived until the age of 14 and spent 2 weeks training at K9U when we first adopted her. She was quirky in who she liked, but she loved everyone at K9U. Our current 2 adopted dogs are clingy and love being with us, but we are so proud they run off to join all their friends at K9U and never look back. Elayne, Ruby, and Joan are awesome, plus all the staff! Thanks K9U for all the great care and all the donated work you do for shelter dogs! -John E.

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1171 days ago

Per many excellent reviews on Yelp, I decided to give this pet salon a try. Honestly, I couldn't be happier - I have two Yorkies; both are extremely energetic, and probably NOT the easiest to groom. The owner (who is also, conveniently, the groomer) was very personable, and assured me that their vivacious personalities weren't a problem. This shouldn't seem like a major concern for pet owners, but I have heard of salons in the area who don't "appreciate" dogs barking...REALLY?! Needless to say, the end result was fantastic! Both dogs look amazing! The price is also affordable - $45/each for a bath, grooming services, ears, nails, and brushed teeth (maybe a few other services I forgot to list). Oh, and did I mention that the owner gave my dogs rave reviews! He actually enjoyed their personalities - major plus! I plan to return with both in the very near future!

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1190 days ago

judit is skilled, knowledgeable and able to "think on her feet". positive methods are utilized. if a technique does not seem to be working with a specific dog, judit is able to propose alternate suggestions. she is flexible and will make accommodations to the student's needs. the dogs are clearly happy to participate!

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