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749 days ago

STAY CLEAR OF CEC- Career Education Corporation (CECO) Schools
CEC operates numerous for-profit schools (school list below)
Please research CEC and its schools carefully.
CEC owns and operates IADT
Credits DO NOT transfer to State Colleges. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH

CEC is being investigated by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) for deceptive or otherwise questionable statements, which included information about the college’s accreditation, graduation rates and its student’s prospective employment and salary qualifications, duration and cost of the program, or financial aid. Representatives at certain schools also employed hard-sell sales and marketing techniques to encourage students to enroll.

CEC - Career Education Corporation (CECO) a for-profit conglomerate is a highly untrustworthy corporation. Researching this company and its schools briefly reveals countless highly damaging reports including, but not limited to CBS investigations, scam school list, a degree mill list and regulatory investigative fact-finding reports into its business practices. Furthermore and more importantly, thousands of past and current students in addition to faculty have filed suit against CEC for enrollment and job placement fraudulence in addition to many other untrustworthy practices. It appears numerous lawsuits have recently been won by students and faculty with more lawsuits in the development stages. There is something wrong at Career Education Corp. and these judgments are evidence of that. Federal regulators recently tightened job placement and federal loan payback guidelines on CEC and its highly unlikely Career Education Corp. can satisfy the new guidelines. Career Education Corporation final days are numbered.

Job recruiter:
“Most for-profit degrees are worthless. Our company will not interview students from these "colleges" due to the low quality. All they care about is getting loan money.”

(* Lawsuit Filed) CEC Schools: Student Population:
CTU – Colorado Technical University ---------- 28,100
* AIU – American InterContinental University --- 17,600
IADT – International Academy of Design -------- 10,000
* La Cordon Bleu ----------------------------- 13,200
* California Culinary Academy ----------------- ^^^^
* Briarcliffe College --------------------------- N/A
Brooks Institution ---------------------------- N/A

(Please do your own research)
http://www.google.com/#hl=en&sugexp=cmsp&xh r=t&q=career+education+corporation+lawsuits& ;cp=18&pq=career%20education%20lawsuits&pf= p&sclient=psy&source=hp&aq=0c&aqi=g -c1g-b1&aql=f&oq=career+education+clawsuits& pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=45b2b70f47e f0456&biw=1173&bih=471

This company will have a difficult time with imminent federal spending cuts.

Those who purchased shares of Career Education Corp. (Public, NASDAQ:CECO), have certain options and should contact the Shareholders Foundation at [email protected] or call +1(858) 779 - 1554.

Shareholders Foundation, Inc.
Trevor Allen
3111 Camino Del Rio North - Suite 423
92108 San Diego
Phone: +1-(858)-779-1554
Fax: +1-(858)-605-5739
[email protected]

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878 days ago

I attended the More Life Transformational Experience at a time when I was experiencing a great deal of growth in my life – professionally I was pretty accomplished and personally I had a fun and exciting lifestyle. But, for some reason, I felt like something was missing.

Over the course of the weekend, I saw how much more I wanted in my life and how I was the main obstacle in my own way. All of this limited the depth of my relationships with friends and family and the satisfaction and enjoyment that I could get out of my work. I decided to enroll for the Year of More program and it is exactly like the name – it gave me a YEAR OF MORE – more of what I wanted in life – more satisfaction, more meaningful relationships everywhere I went, and added more purpose and fun to my days -- it even helped me become more successful in my field and area. One of best things that I have done for myself!

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894 days ago

I would have to say that this library is so so to bad and very bad is probably true. All of the libraries in the US I think are really underpar but some do much better than this. Why you may ask? Isn't it a nice library? Look at the nice art deco whatever it is outside there gothic. Inside there is the Internet to use. But it is not all that easy and pretty much unpleasant. Like many the bums are in there which is not exactly their fault.

Many guys are watching porn on the library computers. Like other places it is so everyone can see what they want or their rights would be lost. They have video porn. That can be very nasty if children were around. I don't really want to look at it. Besides that they go around the library. I know one girl was complaining about one of them and they didn't really listen to her I don't think. I don't think that helps any. If you want to borrow a new magazine you need to ask for it. That is childish I think. There are not many videos there like others. The book collections aren't that great. When I tried to go up in the art section there was a seedy couple trying to do something that should have been in their room. I didn't used to go in the library there and I didn't miss much. I do like to read is the thing. The bums do enjoy the library pretty much.

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904 days ago

The Wright Institute is a great place to get training if you really want to go somewhere with your life. I've done lots of business coaching and have built a very successful business without having taken one business course in college. I've avoided many of the pitfalls and learning the "hard way" that would have happened without this great training and coaching. It's also taught me how to enjoy what I do more and base decisions and actions I take off of higher principles. There's a satisfaction and pride that I never thought I would feel.

My wife and I have also done couples work and it's made an enormous difference in our ability to communicate, fight effectively and get aligned around what we want from each other and in parenting our kids. If you want a lot and want the skills to move forward in any area of your life, the More Life Training and other courses at the Wright Leadership Institute are for you.

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921 days ago

When a friend of mine first told me about the Wright Leadership Institute, I had never heard of any organization like it. But I knew that my friend was different from most of my other friends – more direct, genuine, and thoughtful. And, he expected a lot more for me than I wanted for myself. I wanted more of that for myself, so I attended an introductory training weekend which helped me to begin to understand what was making the difference for him.

I had previously been in therapy for years and questioned what I had really gotten from all that time I’d invested. What the Wright Leadership Institute helped me to understand is that I needed training and skills; that there were capacities in me that, like most of us, had never been paid attention to and offered the guidance to develop. That I am leading all the time but I can only make a difference in my life and in others lives if I develop the skills I need to make a real difference – skills such as being able to effectively express what I want, to make requests, to learn how to be in rapport with anyone, to express my feelings responsibly, and to have a greater awareness of the world around me and the role I play in it.

I am not aware of anything else in the Chicago that comes even close to what the Wright Leadership Institute offers. There are many programs that focus on many areas or interests and at different levels – and they’re all cutting edge, incorporating the latest in education, science, and psychology. If you want to develop a cutting edge life, check these folks out.

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1096 days ago

This is the main post office I take it, I looked it up on the Internet again. They call it Cardiss Collins I need that to complain. They lost my package somewhere along the line and the supvr there was very rude about it. They did not know what General Delivery was it seemed. They argued about it. She told me as if what did I expect without paying for insurance and I had not had tracking. I couldn't pay later. I went back a few times. They told me it was sent to another location since I had the wrong zip. That location said they didn't have it. I didn't really want it to go back to my brother's address. There were other complaints on Yahoo I think I wrote on it before. It was terrible. I had main post office Chicago written on it and they didn't even try to deliver it. They just went by the zip code. Others said too they had trouble about General Del. Many don't know about it but they are supposed to work there. I think I read later that Marilyn Monroe sent her packages that way Gen. Delivery or else it was parcel post. I am not posititve I can't go thru that whole book and she may have made it up the author. The ones that rated it well did so for the long hrs. it is open on the other one.

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1126 days ago

I came to the Asia Driving School with a permit, and it was going to be the first time for me behind the wheel. I was also out of town at the time, so I felt a little uneasy of finding a good driving school. My mom browsed around for a driving school with a lady instructor, and that’s when I found out about the female instructor Rakhshinda Jabeen at the Asia Driving School. Coming from a total beginner background; first time behind the wheel. I can say with confidence that it didn't feel like it was the first time I was driving. Rakhshinda Jabeen is so soft spoken, nice with a comfortable personality, but above all understanding. She doesn't criticize or yell when a mistake is made, but she realizes that each student learns differently and it will take him or her time to grasp certain motor techniques. I would recommend Asia Driving School to everyone, no matter what driving background they are coming from. I don't know about the other instructors, but I would recommend the female instructor Rakhshinda Jabeen!

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1169 days ago

Well i was very sick and I waited a long time to see a doctor when I finally saw a doctor it was a female and she was very good to me. She prescribed me some prescription so I had to wait a long time for the medication and it wasn't free! The lady that gave it to me was kinda of mean but other than that everything went well.

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1191 days ago

I had a really hard time getting a school to work with my daughter!! She has one of the busiest schedules, sports, tutors, projects, etc... so bad i have to carry a planner around with me!! So you can just imagine how bad it was for me to find a driving school for her. i called Central and got her enrolled right away... it was fast, easy, and short!!
I saw alot of bad reviews before, but I AM GLAD to say that was not my case, so i want to share my positive one!! My daughter did a sat sassion, and all her lessons have been with the same teacher, and constant appointments, I did not worry about having to call becouse her instructor was very familiar with our schedule, they even text each other!!
I loved my experience!! Try them, just like i did and maybe your experience will be satisfiying like mine, my daughter will get her license next week with Evette!!! We are both so excited!!!

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1204 days ago

Brickton has been an excellent experience for my son. He started in the toddler program, 3 days a week and is now a 5th grader. The school ...

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