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936 days ago

Amazing! Thanks to Kitchen Guild/Bath Express, our remodeled bathroom is the most beautiful room in the house. If we update our kitchen or remodel another bathroom we won't go anywhere else. The whole team was professional, trustworthy, and did such an incredible transformation of our bathroom. The BathExpress feature allows for a remodel that is far less expensive than the quotes we received from several well-known remodeling firms, but looking at the craftsmanship, the materials, and the finished product you would not guess that we had paid less. The other firms also said the project would take much longer to complete than the time it took BathExpress. What also impressed us was the superior customer service and knowledge level of the entire team. Our designer asked questions to get a sense of our style, and recommended choices that look incredible when it's all put together - we would not have been able to do that on our own. She was in touch with us throughout the project, cared about every detail as if it were her own house that was being remodeled, and she remains available to us if we have any questions. The crew of carpenters, plumbers, etc. was extremely professional.

Our houseguests love the new bath but perhaps a little too much. The only thing now is to figure out how to get them to leave.

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1476 days ago

Courteous, professional, on-time, and on-budget services. Design and remodeling staff are great and my kitchen is BEAUTIFUL! Even offered to fix any issues if anything comes up later on. What more could you ask for?

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1695 days ago

I was once a Mazique baby during the 1980's era. This center is still standing strong providing quality education for children and families. I began as a Home-Based child and later entered the center-based setting. I am sure Mazique still holds the excellent quality of services that the staff gave me from prenatal to age 5. Continue to impact the lives of our children and families through providing all that you do: Educational enhancement, parental involvement in the home and in-center, nutritional guidance, family support and advocacy, health services/awareness and so much more that families will benefit from. All rewards is extended to my higher power, my mother for allowing the young-lady that knocked on the door and shared a valuable community resource (Never to be forgotten: Washington, DC Parent Child Center -Ruth E. Rucker, Founder). I am 29 years of age. Employed in the field of Computer Science. Unfortunately, I am not a father personally, however, Mazique---Just stay around!

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2020 days ago

I live in DC went with the school because it is cheaper than local schools (about $40/hour) and its a member of BBB (I naively thought that meant something). They dont do pick-ups AND you have to go to the Wheaton office to make appointments which means that you have to make a special trip just to sign up with the school. But I thought the price difference was worth it. The first half went well but afterwards things started to go downhill.
- one day, they had no car available for the lesson so it was cancelled. They didn't notify me about it (so I wasted a round trip their school) and then they try to avoid responsibility in the matter,
- out of the 3 instructors I had, only one was good (the other doesnt talk except when she carries personal conversations on her cellphone and the last one has such a heavy accent I trouble understanding his directions),
- and on top of that the owner and one of the employees are extremely rude!

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2710 days ago

My son has advanced beyond his peers since his attendance 09/05 to present. This school is accredited as well. The teachers seem to be very dedicated. I think it's great.

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