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760 days ago

I imagine that a lot of HMO's like Amerigroup who have a lot of Medicaid exposure are going to suffer with the imminent budget austerity plans government health programs the hardest as a result of the debt ceiling issue. In fact, even the larger and more diversified HMO's might suffer some significant losses. In fact, today's market declines (in spite of an imminent debt ceiling deal) was driven by lower price targets in that sector. Expect more downward revisions in the next few months here, as the economy slows further and as government funding dries up.

The politicians may very well try to pass another stimulus program in time for the 2012 elections, but there's really no telling if the money will be shuttled into state Medicare/Medicaid programs. Cuts in nursing reimbursement and larger cuts to Medicare/Medicaid is causing weakness throughout the entire managed healthcare sector, but it is hitting guys like Amerigroup the hardest.

Of course, many of the health insurance companies opposed last year's health insurance reform bill because part of its funding mechanism requires shifting costs out of Medicare and onto the balance sheets of the private health care providers, who then receive a subsidy from the government to cover the cost of insuring low income people and high risk policyholders. Keep in mind, these are the same people who hire lobbyists and fund political campaigns that urge voters to keep the government out of health care. Yes, the government is deeply involved in healthcare, and the private stakeholders are making billions at taxpayer expense.

"Keep your government hands off my Medicare," says the Tea Party placards! Sorry to break the news, but Medicare is a government administered program, paid directly by taxes.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_dDBCv4k4awU/S86ryvu59cI/A AAAAAAAAdE/NU6SUauTjok/s1600/s-MEDICARE-large.jpg

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761 days ago

Great price and knowledgeable techs who came the same day I called. They not only fixed my network they saved all of my customer's data. I have tried others in the area but will definitely be calling Capitol City Geeks again the next time I need help with my computer, network or anything technical in nature and you should too.

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1148 days ago

Wish I could give them negative 100 stars. If you are ok with a company lying to you, damaging your furniture and charging you up to $1000 more than what you are quoted for, this company is for you. I'm filling out BBB report today. This company is sketchy, they've changed their name several times to escape BBB reports. These people should be in jail for the horrendous move I experienced.

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1183 days ago

I suspected that I had viruses of some kind and wanted a diagnosis. Yohay at Chevy Chase Geeks detected the problems, removed the infected files and installed a firewall and internet security program efficiently and at a reasonable cost. His services are far superior to larger commercial computer repair services and his location is most convenient. I recommended CC Geeks to all my neighbors and friends.

Jeanne Kent

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1190 days ago

our systems were down and we could not get to any of our files, systems or email. they recognized the urgency and had a network engineer at our building within a couple of hours. It was a bad router which had to be replaced and reconfigured. We were back up in about an hour. Any downtime at all is lost revenues. They are now helping us to plan for possible outages in the future.

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1205 days ago

They came out same day and fixed my network. They recovered the data from one hard drive I thought I would never get back and installed a new MAC for my family. I highly recommend these local guys over the national competition especially when you see the price difference.

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1228 days ago

The coverage and rates aren't that bad, but the two areas where Care First fails are in accessibility, and prompt payments of claims.

Out of about 20 doctor's visits in the past 12 months roughly half of those claims were paid incorrectly. When you try to get someone on the phone you can end up waiting up to 20 minutes to talk to someone, and then wait another 20-30 minutes as you're put on hold again for about 2-3 minutes to get an answer for every question you ask. Ironically the first time I called them I was told I could have used their web interface to ask a question and avoid the hold time, I had tried their web interface twice in the preceding 5 days and never got a reply (I think the promised reply time was either 24 or 48 hours).

I've now been trying to get a claim paid for over 2 months without success. I was promised a call back 5 weeks ago which never happened, and now I'm left waiting on a business analyst to correct a code in their system in order to get this fixed, with no estimate on how long it'll take, and no way to contact the business analyst department or division directly.

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1329 days ago

I used Abs moving for our move from MD to FL and was very impressed with the service all the way around. Joe was great in setting our move up and very accurate. The movers arrived,packed our things, and drove straight through with everything getting us dropped off within 3 days. I told Joe would post a review on this site so I am upholding my end of the bargain. Really grewat job and we are very happy.Thank you Abs Moving

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1395 days ago

Driven Graphics has been a valuable resource and helpful partner for all my printing and graphic design needs for my marketing campaigns. Their fast turnaround and helpful staff is exactly what I need to make our company look professional while staying in my budget. I definitely recommend using Driven Graphics!!!

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1446 days ago

Great Customer Experience. These guys were great. Highly recommend them. Don't forget to ask for your free Trend Micro software.

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