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24 days ago

This clinic is absolutely wonderful to pets and their owners. After going through a handful of unsatisfactory vets in the past, I'm so happy to finally find a fantastic place that takes great care of my dog. Dr. Kupkee and his staff are simply the best. They genuinely care for your pet and take time to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for quality care for their pets.

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24 days ago

Great vet and great staff! I recommend it highly.

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24 days ago

Great vet and great staff! I recommend it highly.

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34 days ago

On April 6th of this year, I woke up to what I assumed would be a normal Saturday morning. My husband had just gotten up and poured me my morning coffee. As is our habit, we sat quietly in the living room with our rescued chihuahua, knowing our other three rescue dogs would be coming out to join us. Sure enough, Pearl and Bailey - a pair of lab mixes I had found wandering the streets about three years before - came out right on cue for their morning adulations. As we petted them, I called for Lola - an interesting mix of rottweiler and dachshund and God know’s what else that I found 10 years ago - and began to notice two things. Lola did not come and Bailey kept running back and forth to our bedroom in a state of agitation.

I became a bit concerned by Lola’s absence, and decided to go back to our bedroom to see what was going on. I looked underneath our platform bed, saw Lola curled up and called to her, but she would not come. Bailey was also with me and kept going up to Lola, sniffing and crying, and coming back to me. Thinking this was odd, but also knowing she would always obey my husband, I called out and asked him to ask her to come. What emerged was a nightmare that will haunt me for the rest of my days. Lola came out ,covered in blood. I frantically called out to my husband, who took one look at the scene, and we immediately got dressed, packed Lola in our truck and ran to the vet.

Amazingly, Lola seemed in good spirits as we flew down US 1. The vet looked at her wounds, said she would need surgery, and if all went well, she would be ready to go home possibly on Monday. Now we had to deal with our other nightmare. Our yard is fully fenced, and we both knew that Lola had been attacked by Pearl and/or Bailey. The guilt I felt - I was the one who brought them to our home - coupled with the anger and sadness - was overwhelming. Astonishingly, Pearl and Bailey greeted us upon arriving home as if nothing had happened, and even appeared to be looking for Lola. Our disgust was complete. We couldn’t even look at them, but instead decided to confirm our suspicions about where the attack had taken place, and sure enough, we were right. There is a one way street that abuts the back of our property, and by that fence line, we found Lola’s bloodied collar. This was the spot where they would bark, race back and forth and get into a state of agitation when anyone or anything would pass by. In that state, Bailey sometimes would start to snap at the other two, but there wasn’t any real contact - except with Pearl - and although it bothered me, I felt powerless to stop it. Big mistake.

My husband and I were so upset that we mutually decided to take Pearl and Bailey to animal control on Monday as we felt that Lola and our chihuahua would not be safe around them. We went to work - we wait tables - and prayed that our Lola would be okay. My sense of shame and guilt were so profound that I couldn’t tell anyone about what had happened. I felt completely alone, as I was sure that this had never happened to anyone before.

On Sunday morning, we checked on Lola, who was still critical but stable, and I began to realize that although I was so upset over Pearl and Bailey’s actions, that I still loved them. I kept thinking “ What if these were my human children? Would I get rid of them or would I hire a lawyer and try to keep them out of jail. I discussed this with my husband and he grudgingly agreed. We started calling rescue organizations and NO ONE wanted these dogs. I called a dog trainer I knew, and after getting over her horror at what had happened, she told me that this was beyond her capabilities. She also told me to look online for animal behaviorists, and wished me the best of luck. As I started to look online, I came upon “ the Miami Dog Whisperer “, Richard Heinz. As l browsed through the site, I came upon the video featuring a very aggressive dog named Michelob. I watched it over and over. Although Michelob’s aggression was towards humans, I was seriously impressed by the way the way Richard and his team turned this dog around and decided to call his office even though it was on a Sunday and I knew that no one would get back to me until the next day.

About an hour later, a lovely lady named Stacy called me and informed me she was from Richard’s office. She told me that she was checking their messages and heard mine and said that I sounded so lost and sad that she had to call me, something I shall never forget. She compassionately listened to my story and told me that I was not alone. That this happened in other families, but that people didn’t really talk about it. She made me feel so much better, her compassion was so sincere. We both agreed that Lola needed to feel safe when she came home to heal and we would
talk more on Monday.

At 6:00 am, my phone rang. It was the vet’s office. I started to cry and scream “ Is my dog dead? “ Yes she was. Her wounds were too traumatic and she passed in the night.

I called Stacy back a few hours later, to thank her for her time and compassion, but to also let her know that Lola had passed and we were going to surrender Pearl and Bailey. At that point, she told me that we had a choice. Either lose one dog and save !two, or lose all three. She had also discussed our case with Richard and he immediately grasped the problem without even meeting them. It was all about dog psychology and the mentality of the pack. Everything he said made sense, and we agreed to meet the next day at the facility.

When we arrived and Richard and Stacy came out, I knew that they were going to help us. I was also struck by how everyone kept thanking us for giving these dogs another chance. Richard explained to us how he was going to train the dogs to break up the pack mentality. We were amazed by his intuitive sense of animal behavior, and how he figured out what was happening right away. We decided then and there to leave the dogs with him for on month of bootcamp. Then the craziest thing happened. When the other trainers took the dogs to the back of the facility, all hell broke loose! It sounded like 20 dogs were barking at once! I’ll never forget Richard explaining to us how the other dogs were reacting to our dogs being out of harmony, politely excusing himself, going to the back and all of the barking stopped ALL AT ONCE! Unbelievable! Like he had turned off a light switch. We knew then and there that this was a true “dog whisperer”.

Richard explained to us how he would break up the pack mentality, stop the aggression, make them obey, all with use of dog psychology and the proper use of an E collar. The purpose of the E collar is to use mild electronic stimulation to correct an unwanted behavior. I equate it to a Mother wolf nipping her pups to keep them in line. When properly used, there is nothing cruel about it. If anything, it makes the dog happier because they learn what is expected of them and what their boundaries are. Much like children, however, these are not children! They are dogs, and we as their human parents need to come to grips with that. Unfortunately, most people are under the impression that the E collar is some sort of torture device. Most people have no idea of how to use them and do a disservice to people like Richard who have studied their proper use for years and have developed a training methodology that really works!

After determining which collars would work best for our dogs - most people don’t realize that these collars are not generic - Richard had 2 collars and 2 remotes customized for our dogs and their particular issues.

About 3 weeks later, we came for our first visit. We needed time to grieve for Lola and some time away from Pearl and Bailey. Through numerous phone calls, we knew they were making progress, but when we saw them ... all I can say is seeing is believing!

Were these two bright eyed, happy, well mannered dogs really our dogs? Pearl wearing her black E collar, Bailey in orange, looking calmer and more focused then I had ever seen them.

Richard explained to us that the dogs had been trained to walk in tandem on our left, Pearl on the outside, Bailey on the inside. If they broke “formation” , a couple of taps from the E collar remote, and they went right back into formation. As an added bonus, whenever we stop, the dogs would automatically “sit” without being told to! Amazing!

As we walked with Richard, I actually enjoyed walking them for the first time. The “walk” was always something I dreaded, even with Lola, because we couldn’t control them. Now we were in control.

Now here we are in the middle of July, and our lives have truly changed. Thanks to Richard and his team, our dog challenges have continued to resolve. Through the intelligent use of the E collar, we have eliminated a lot of the behavioral problems that led to Lola”s sad demise. Racing along “Lola’s” fence line is no longer allowed, along with pounding on the front door whenever someone - even us coming home from work - or something goes down our street. (however, if someone approaches the house, barking alerts us before anyone rings the bell, and with a command the dogs stop.) Richard helped us to understand that these behaviors got the dogs so wound up that they would release their energy through aggression towards each other. It is amazing to me that anyone could possibly think that using an E collar could be constituted as being cruel, where it seems the opposite is true. It also saves lives, as Pearl and Bailey can attest to.

Although I can never forgive myself for what happened to our Lola, to honor her memory, I want to be the best pet parent and pack leader I can be. By sharing my story with others, I hope I stop a tragedy from happening as well. Maybe you’re reading this because you have a situation in your home that you think is hopeless, i.e., a blended family with people that get along, but the dogs do not for example, or you are like me and have a big heart, but do not have the knowledge of how to properly have harmony in a multi dog household, DO NOT HESITATE to talk to Richard and his team! His knowledge, commitment and love of dogs is self evident. Every time we go for a training session, we feel truly blessed to know him.

And Stacy, my gratitude for your compassion at one of the most difficult moments in my life will never be forgotten. Our whole family can never thank you enough. God bless you always.

With sincerest regards and love in our hearts,


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71 days ago

I've been part of the SCAC since 2005! There's no where else I'd take my 3 dogs! You can get seen pretty quick and the staff is terrific and so sweet and loving. The doc takes his time explaining everything. They truly are a wonderful bunch. I love how the staff calls the next day after any treatment to see how the doggies are doing!
On our last visit, the room was sprayed with lavender scent and they played "relaxing" music for my super nervous dog, Lulu. Who else is going to do that? Only Sabal Chase Animal Clinic!

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94 days ago

We took our new kitten to see Dr. Kupkee for her initial examination and vaccinations. Dr. Kupkee took his time examining our kitten and explained everything in detail. I was able to get in quickly and the examination was not rushed at all. We were very happy with Sabal Chase Animal Clinic and would highly recommend them for your pet!

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167 days ago

I am so pleased with Sabal Chase Animal Clinic. Having tried two other Animal Clinics I can honestly say I have found my forever Vet with Sabal Chase. The staff is very caring and very friendly. We will miss them when we leave this summer...

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195 days ago

Love Sabal Chase Animal Clinic. The staff is GREAT!!! They are wonderful with the animals and the care my pet has received is EXCELLENT!!! Highly recommend Sabal Chase Animal Clinic. Your pet will receive the best care!!!!

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199 days ago

I have nothing but great things to say about Richard and his staff. My American Bulldog was exremely food aggressive and aggressive around his bones. Noone could get near him when he was eating or playing without him becoming extremely upset or without them getting bit.

I had previously taken my dog to several other trainers who had told me they could help with this aggression problem. Several hunderd dollars and countless hours later spent with these trainers trying to correct this only resulted in the problem escalating and getting worse. Another dog owner highly recommended Richard and his trainers to me, so I figured I would give it a try. I just wish I had found them from the start. In two weeks time spent at the facility, my dog has done a complete turn around! I am so amazed at my dog's progress in such a short amount of time. I can even have my hand in the bowl while my dog happily eats now. He has shown no signs of aggression at home. I have had nothing but positive interactions with Richard and his staff, from speaking with Stacy on the phone to working with Juan who has been nothing but extremely helpful and knowledgeable with the training of my dog. I would only recommend the Miami Dog Whisperer. I feel so grateful for everything they have done for my dog!

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293 days ago

The employees at Sabal Chase truly care about animals and understand that they are our "babies". I love the entire team! Plus, they have fun little activities too, like the annual Halloween party and free Santa Claus visit (where pets can go get their picture taken with Santa) -- It's too cute!

Soooo happy we found them! Five stars for Sabal Chase! :)

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