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532 days ago

Clarissa attended the birth of my now 16 year old and 9 year old. I was recommended to her by a friend when I was only 14 and 6 months pregnant. Clarissa is a great person that pays attention to every detail possible. I chose not to have any medicine during the delivery and she was great at keeping it that way and help me relieve the pain. What I mostly liked about delivering with a CNM is that they are there paying attention to you the whole time and of course every once in a while taking a little rest when everything was under control, unlike the OB's that walk in the door when the head is crowing and just deliver and leave. I heard she is no longer doing the deliveries but I wish she was because I am 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child and would love that experience again. There is no better care than being in her hands, God bless her for her attention and hard work to all of us who had kids in her hands. Would recommend her to everyone..

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649 days ago

...I am so grateful for your work Cristovao Brilho

I have attended 3 sessions over the past 3 months and recently noticed that I my Jaw (TMJ ) has healed...I have had restrictive opening of my mouth and been unable to have dental work completed for 15-20 years....I was told my jaw was calcified and only experimental surgery could help ...Lost all my back teeth from I'm able to open my mouth (no pain) and can even move my jaw from side to side......also I am noticing swelling in my legs, especially around my ankles has grateful for your work & Dr. Fyeer's.


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654 days ago

I gave birth to my son 13 years ago with Clarissa. It was an amazing experience. She's great! I switched to her at 36 weeks of my second pregnancy after witnessing my friend s labor delayed because the doctor was not at the hospital on time and after experiencing the same deal with my first pregnancy (my doctor showed up in a football jersey, super late & my baby swallowed fluid that went to her lungs due to his freaking delay, later on I found out he went to law school). Clarissa is a fabulous midwife and I believe that a lot of OB GYNs were envious of her because a lot of people were going to her. Instead of being so envious perhaps they should practice listening to the patient and caring more about their needs, not have a nurse hold your baby s neck down while you're giving birth, endangering their life simply because the doctor wants to be late.. I would definetly go for CLARISSA again!!!thank God she's still around.

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735 days ago

It has been one week since I attended the free Spiritual Healing Session, my immune system has
been low, and a very painful infected wort on my hand would not get better not with penicilin or ointments. This had been going on for months, interfering with my job production and unsightly.
The morning after last week session the wort shrank losing the infection and today there is no trace of it.
Cristovao Brilho/ Dr. Fryer overnight improved my immune system vanishing that wort!
From Breast Cancer/ Alchoholism and more over the past 4 years since I began with these Spiritual.
I am deeply grateful and wish to spread the good news so that others may benefit and heal their lives too!

Donna L

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839 days ago

When I saw that Groupon was having a special offer for Schlerotherapy I was so excited, I was not familiar with this establishment but, I was pleased to find two physician's at this practice.
My priority was to have the treatment completed before my July wedding and I couldn't request time off work (I already requested the time for the honeymoon). So, I made sure they have late weekdays or weekend hours - I purchased my Groupon on this sole criteria. My first call to make an appt was dissapointing, the receptionist told me the Doral office was only open on Mondays & they don't have late appointments & no Saturdays are available yet. My second call (couple of days later) No Saturday appointments because they don't have enough patients to open up on a Saturday (they need atleast 10). My third call (couple of days later), I wanted to check back in case Saturdays are open - nope. They took my telephone # and said they would call me & let me know. Over a week later, I checked back, this time they told me they do not have enough STAFF to open on a Saturday. Also, no one has called in for a Saturday appt.
I can't believe that after selling over 294 Groupons NO ONE has requested a Saturday appointment except for myself.

I think they had no intentions of accommodating their patrons, AT ALL.

I guess I will just have to wait until I get back from my honeymoon and accummalate more time off from work so I could just go back to my regular Vascular Surgeon.

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872 days ago

Went to Dr. Sands office and the staff and office were GREAT! I felt better by the time I left. I highly suggest that if you have any pain, this is the Dr. To see...Liz B

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930 days ago

If you are considering Rhinoplasty I suggest you take the time to read my review. I am a patient of Dr.Salzhauer, and I am originally Palm Beach Fl. Most of my family members came from Spain and Portugal so I always had that European nose with the bump and droopy front!. I had been researching doctors for a very long time, being that my fiancée is a well respected doctor himself in Palm Beach County we had very high standards/expectations and were willing to fly anywhere in the US to get the best result possible (we both have mild OCD). We heard great things about Michael so I set up a consultation with him (when it comes to your face opt for the best!). He knew exactly what I was talking about, he listened to all my concerns and did a computer image of what it could look like. I was super happy, right there and then I paid for my Surgery and set the surgery date (Only one week away- I wanted my fiancée to watch my surgery (MD himself) that was his week of Vacation. Everything was set up, my honey brought his scrubs and they both took me into the operating room. Needless to say a surgery that should take 1 hour turned into 1:45 minutes. It was a success! My fiancée says that Michael was by far the best Surgeon for the procedure ...that he had never seen anyone as detail oriented and OCD like us...a total perfectionist, he also mentioned how professional and well trained his staff were. His description for Michael was ..."He is definitely the Michael Angelo of Rhinoplasty" "A Real Artist". When I woke up, I had no pain but felt like I had a stuffy nose (normal). I felt no pain whatsoever but 2 days later I felt it got worst (On a Sunday) so Michael met us AFTER hours at his clinic to make sure I was okay. We were cleared! :) . I've now taken my splint off and I LOVE my results. I still have some bruising, but the results actually look better than the images he had shown me before. My fiancee loved his work so much in 5 weeks he is getting his nose done with Dr. Salzhauer. We love Dr. Salzhauer!

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932 days ago


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939 days ago

He was recommended to me by a friend of the family and I was in need of a well-trained, good doctor. I gave him a shot. He is intelligent, he sounds like he knows his field very well. But he has zero people skills, horrible bedside manner, not very caring and does not listen well... Here is my story.

I presented with a blighted ovum after trying to conceive for a long time with my husband. He took precautions to ensure it was a blighted ovum before we opted for a D&C, which was good. I had the D&C under general on Friday the 21st. Left the same-day surgery center in a horrible amount of pain. I was given an antibiotic to take for 7 days, along with methergine which causes uterine contractions to help shrink the uterus and help remove whatever was left inside the uterus. As you might assume, the methergine causes contractions which cause more pain and cramping. The OR nurse explained that most doctors will prescribe it along with something for the pain and proceeded to call the doctor to inquire about giving me something for the pain. He said no. He did not believe it was necessary. I left the surgery center in immense pain with dreadful cramping, zero medication to help me with the pain. A trip to the ER would be in order soon, because the pain was unbearable.

I called the office and explained the immense about of pain and bleeding on Thursday of the following week, and they wanted me to come in the next morning. Dr. Augustino examined me and said the pain was not normal and ordered blood test and ultrasound to examine the situation further in case something was left behind, or I had an infection. The ultrasound technician said that "it didn't look good" and that it appears that there was tissue or blood left in the uterus. Dr. Augustino was called at 5:10pm but he directed the tech to call the on-call doctor because the office was closed. The on-call doctor (from another medical practice) immediately got on the phone with me and said I needed to admit myself into the E.R. for an emergency repeat D&C because it appears that material was left in the uterus that would be what was causing my pain, and if left could cause an infection.

I opted to wait for Dr. Augustino on Monday as I was unsure about the emergency procedure. The doctor on call told me to prepare for surgery Monday morning just in case, because it is inevitable, and to not eat or drink anything after midnight. I did as directed. Meanwhile, the pain and bleeding intensified, cramping prevented me from sleeping a solid night, sleeping with a heating pad every night and taking tons of pain killers to help dull the pain unsuccessfully.

Monday comes around and no phone call from the doctor. I called the office and was told that the doctor wanted me to come in. I was upset that he knew I was preparing for surgery but did not have anyone call me to have me come in. I went to his office, and with no explanation he ordered another bloodtest and examination. I immediately wanted some answers.

Dr. Augustino proceeded to say that he is very experienced and knows he did the procedure well and did not leave anything in my uterus, said that he does not know why the doctor and radiologist said what they said, and that he doesn't believe I am in serious pain, and that the pain was in my head. He said he doesn't agree that I was in that serious of pain, and brushed me off. He said he would not do another D&C on me no matter what.

At this point, my pride was bruised. I am very upset that my own doctor would brush me off and discredit my opinion on how I MYSELF feel. He was very uncaring, unkind, cold, and arrogant. He acted like he did not need me as a patient, and I was just a # in his very busy practice. He said if I had a problem with that I could go to another doctor (which I immediately did).

I further tried seeing the on-call doctor that had originally wanted to do my repeat surgery Friday, but according to her secretary, Dr. Augustino had called her and informed her of the situation and she refused to see me because it was a "conflict of interest".

I was left with no doctor, horrible pain and cramping, intense bleeding, after just a week after the D&C he did. I had to scramble to find another doctor, and have obviously not gotten a follow up call from his office to see how I am.

I will give credit when credit is due, and say that Dr. Augustino is a smart doctor.. But I had too much faith in him and was left with what I believe (along with an ultrasound technician, a radiologist and an on-call doctor MD) to be a bad D&C procedure, horrific pains and cramping, and a lot of bleeding with zero concern or medical care. I honestly say that Dr. Augustino was arrogant, and extremely uncaring. He does not need your business, he has enough already, and he makes it known the second you have a problem. When you need a good, caring doctor to render an opinion, help guide you and treat you, he prides himself on his experience and that's about it.

Please make your choice to see him wisely. As a woman looking for a thorough, caring doctor to help me through my life and pregnancy, I needed someone who listened to me and my concerns, was thorough in treating me and who had good bedside manners. He did none of the above and I would not recommend him to any of my loved ones.

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968 days ago

The service at this pharmacy is rotten. I made three visits there and each one was horrible. For example the clerk was eating while attending to me. On another occasion the area was crowded with sick people trying to fill their prescriptions yet a woman was allowed to join the line with a cart full of groceries. After she unloaded everything her credit card declined- people were really upset.
There is also no confidentiality when communicating with the pharmacist. This store needs proper supervisory personnel!

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