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180 days ago

Excellent Staff and Doctors.

I really like the fact that you are not locked into a long term hope you feel better and whats your insurance again Doctor Patient relationship.
That has become so old and has really pushed people away from getting the help they need.
Thank You

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232 days ago

Thank you Dr. Jeff Hanks! I came for a treatment before Christmas and you fixed me up. My kids are fitness instructors and they told me about your great work. I'm a artist. I sometimes paint large murals and very detailed work. Often my muscles in my shoulders and back spasm. So glad we found you. Five star!
Cathy the happy painter

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539 days ago

Really great place to get help for any pain issues. I have 5 bulging discs and sciatica. I was bed-ridden for 6 weeks and they got me the ability to move again with no pain.

They have great things to help between visits, from stretches to ice packs and bands. The pillow really helps.

I have had Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Medical Massage. Very helpful when combined and managed. The Doctors stay connected and shared notes, so it was easy to work with them. Awesome group.

Good People. Really care and really know their jobs.

The acupuncture had me being a "human porcupine" and it didn't hurt at all and it made a big difference.

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768 days ago

Ok So my wife’s R-Back teeth hurt and she ends up needing a Deep Cleaning. So this is 800 dollars they gave me what they said was a discount 675 so i said ok paid it up front. Thought i was going to have it done that day. Wife comes home they want me to come back in 10 days! to get the cleaning. (she is in pain). So i ask around and got an appointment for the same procedure to be done for 400. I called to cancel the appointment to go with the better rate and yes same week appointment. I canceled they were very persistent and wanted to price match and all of a sudden come in right a way. so I was upset, they were going to make my wife suffer with a 10 day wait and know all of a sudden she can get it done faster. so i said no. but i had to pick up the X rays. Went in and they wanted my business and said we can do it today for 350. So i said ok but they will have to mail a redbait check after my first check clears so ok. I went back for the appointment at 2PM and asked for some paper work to give me documentation the new price before my wife had the procedure. The office manger was out and the other front office lady was very rude and had to record of the agreement. She called her manager and all of a sudden she wanted me to drive to the other dentist to get proof of the other price. She was very rude and rolled her eyes at me quite a bite. And because i was not going along with what she wanted she started calling me rude. I gave her a number to call so she could verify and she did it but (loudly stated SO I HAVE TO DO YOUR LEGE WORK). Once that was stated she was vague if i was going to get the discount and wanted my wife to still go and get the work done. so i said first i need to get a recent to back up the new amount. The office worker told me she can’t do that and looked at me funny! So i hade to again stick up for myself a demand a receipt. She gave me the brake down and said she could give me a receipt after the work was done? I compromised and said that would be ok. THIS iS THE WORST PART FOR ME. SHE GAVE MY WIFE THE RECITE AFTER THE PROCEDER AND ROLLED HER EYES>.
This was so rude! They offered me the deal to stay with their office. I did not want to play the price match game. And the Office Manager should of had the new price ready for the office lady taking over.
VERY UNPROFSHONAL. This procedure lasted 45 min they still made a huge profit from a cleaning!

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796 days ago

This office is located on the southwest of town, and a sister to Align Chiropractic North

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821 days ago

Fastastic Doctor! He has delivered two of my children and is very caring and funny doctor. He made the experience very relaxing and comforting. Highly recommend.

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841 days ago

I love this place. You never have to wait and the docs are awesome...

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876 days ago

I certainly encourage everyone do adequate research when looking for a ANY doctor, which is exactly what I did when I set out to find the BEST plastic surgeon. That's when I found Dr. Michael Edwards. I traveled over 1000 miles to have Dr. Edwards perform my breast lift/augmentation and I COULDN'T be happier with the results! I've never met any Doctor, in any field, who cares more for their patients. His compassion, knowledge, and quest for perfection are unparalleled. He communicated with me via email before I came to see him and continues to do so after I left Las Vegas. He is still very concerned with my progress from 1000's of miles away and is always willing to accommodate me in any way possible. My surgery was an absolute success and my breasts feel VERY natural and look fantastic!

Dr. Edwards staff, particularly Jackie, was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about their products and services. My very first appointment was 6 hours long and not one time did I feel rushed. They were very thorough and made sure all my questions/concerns and fears were dealt with.

Dr. Edwards was honestly an extremely well polished, knowledgeable, HONEST and genuinely nice man to deal with. He really cared about me; in fact, I plan on traveling the long distance to see him again this summer for additional procedures.

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958 days ago

I see Dr Zedek in his pahrump office. I have seen him for a few months now and I am thankfull to of found him. I was seeing the other psychiatrist because he was the only option in pahrump but I was not happy at all. He had me on multipal medications and now I only take one from Dr. Zedek and I feel 10 times better than I did with the other medication for the other Dr. I think he is great.

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959 days ago

I am amazed with the care I get from Dr. Zedek and his staff. I have always been treated as family and I love the treatment I get from the Dr. He is an amazing Dr and he is great at what he does. I am pleased to have his as my Dr and I could never thank him enough for everything he has done for me in the past and I know that he will be there for me in the future. I look forward to each appointment and I am thankfull to him.

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