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364 days ago

Three hundreds of years before now, each noticeable with a different popularity. The 1700s was covered with the growth of technical techniques that associated the industrial trend. The 1800s is the era of the steam engine. The Twentieth millennium, the technological innovation of radio, tv and computer techniques be a factor for the selection, handling and submission of press details. The Twenty-first century-era current or details, which the global pc technological innovation that is able to reach all areas of the world, the growth of techniques and technologies used, the distribution of details through the globally web, releasing interaction satellite and wifi marketing and sales communications devices / phones noticeable the beginning of the millennium yrs.

Since his community his Online and Windows95 os promoted by Microsoft Inc., Hook up several computer techniques both pcs (PCs) and hosts with a program of this kind of LAN (Local Place Network) to the WAN (Wide Place Network) becomes a factor simple and plain. In the same way, the concept of "downsizing" or "lightsizing" aimed at pushing funds (budget efficiency), particularly computer equipment, the need for a pc is one factor that can not be unavoidable.
1.1 Meaning of Pc Networks

The pc is the "interconnection" between two or more independent computer techniques, linked with the indication press wire or wifi (wireless).

Autonomous is when your personal computer does not take control of other computer techniques with full accessibility, so as to make the other computer, reboot, shutdows, data file loss or program damage.

In another purpose of networking is described as independent independent program with its own control program (have administration itself), has a program topology, application and components themselves, and talk with other independent program. (The Online is an example of a selection of independent program is very large.)

Two computer techniques can be said to be linked if they return details / details, giving sources possessed, such as data files, models, storage space press (hard hard drive, weak hard drive, cd-rom, flash drives, etc.). Data in the form of text, video and audio, moving through cables or wifi press (wireless) to enable the people in the pc to return data files / details, create on the same computer printer and using components / application linked together in a network

Each computer, computer printer or peripheral devices linked with a program is called a "node". A pc includes at least two or more computer techniques, the pc can amount to 1000's or even millions of nodes that are linked with each other.

Known pcs in the program relationships between nodes (computers), namely:
1.1.1 Fellow to peer

Peer meaning co-workers. Peer-to-peer program is a pc made up of several computer techniques, linked directly with a cross-over wire or a wifi or even the advanced hub / switch.

Computers on peer to see techniques are usually few in number with 1-2 models. For specific use, such as computer laboratories, research and a few other things, then the design is peer to see relationships could be developed for more than 10 to 100 computer techniques.

Peer to see is a design in which each PC can use the source on another PC or give resourcenya to use another PC, No one functions as hosting server that controls interaction techniques and computer source usage dijaringan included, in other words, any computer can operate as a customer and hosts in the same period.

For example, there are several computer techniques in one department, given the name of the group using the divisions concerned. Each computer allocated an IP address from the IP of the same class to be able to share with each other to return details or source possessed by each computer, such as models, cdrom, and other data files.

Figure 1.1. Fellow to peer
1.1.2 Client - Server

Client Server is a program design that uses a single or several computer techniques as a hosting server that provides the source to another computer (client) in the program, the hosting server will handle source accessibility systems that may be used, as well as the interaction procedure between the nodes in the program.

In addition to the regional program, this program can also be applied to internet technological innovation. Where there is your personal computer unit) features as a hosting server which only provides services to other computer techniques, and a customer who also just request a assistance from a hosting server. Access is done transparently from the consumer by first signing into the destination hosting server.

Client can only use the sources provided by a hosting server using the authority provided by the manager. Applications that run on the consumer part, it could be a source available on the hosting server. but can only be run after connecting to the hosting server. On the execution of application that are installed splikasi customer part is different from that used on the hosting server.

Client-server kind of assistance include:

v File Server: offer data file control features.

v Print Server: offer printing features.

v Data source Server: the running processes of the database running on this machine and other stations can be asked for assistance.

v DIP (Document Information Processing): providing assistance operate storage space, control and recovery of details.

Figure 1.2. Client-Server design with a hosting server that provides the general

Figure 1.3. Client-Server Model with Dedicated Servers

1.1.3 Benefits of peer to see networks

ü Implementation is cheap and easy

ü No need for a special program management software

ü Does not require program administrators

1.1.4 Lack of peer to see networks

ü Network can not be too big (can not expand the network)

ü low protection level

ü No one handle the network

ü Pc customers should be trained to secure computer techniques respectively

ü The more machines disharing, will affect computer performance

1.1.5 Benefits of customer hosting server network

ü Can handle better program security

ü Ease of management when the program is getting bigger

ü central program management

ü All details can be stored and supported up centrally in one location

1.1.6 Disadvantages of customer hosting server network

ü Need a professional program administrator

ü It took a good device to use as your personal computer server

ü Need application programs to easily simplify program control operations

ü The funds for a major program management

ü If the hosting server is down, all of the details and can not be utilized in hosting server resource

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997 days ago

Has anyone had a chance to check out the new Dish Network store in Grand Rapids? I heard they have some really good deals on all things dish network.

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1021 days ago

The Revolution, LLC is a first rate Dish Network company. If I understand correctly they are a franchise that sells and installs Dish Network. What stood out to me is because they are a small family owned business they seem to really care! If you live in Grand Rapids Michigan give them a try I was glad I did.

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1049 days ago

The Revolution is a Dish Network provider with a difference. They are family owned and run. What this means is when you call them you talk to someone who cares!

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1239 days ago

I recently switched to them leaving behind a cable company that I would as soon forget. The installation went smoothly and on time! Very happy so far.

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1341 days ago

Bought some product from this place on 11-28-09, product was defective so returned it on 11-30-09, checked my account and the money was not returned, called them and they gave me some bullshit line that it was done on there end and I should give it more time, I gave it time and then called them back, they said that I would see the refund in 5-7 days, well we are going on a month and no refund, They are very rude about returning my money and now when i call they will not return my phone calls. They asked it the money was going to brake me, It is the principal of the matter not rather the money is going to make or brake me. They are stealing money so check your bank accounts, and credit cards when you have return from this place they maybe scaming you like they are me. And the sad thing is it was the manager that did my return and sold me the product, he will not even take my phone calls anymore.. I give them a big fat 0 for rating. Don't buy stuff from this place, Iam not the first to be ripped off they have done this to my friend also. If you want to keep your money go else where.

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1381 days ago

I recently brought my Mitubishi 55 dlp into blackies for minor problems. even though i had to wait a couple weeks for my tv to come back it was very reasonable. i had asked why does it take so long? they responded that. parts not in stock come from over seas and shipping to their business taked 7-15 business days that doesn;t include sat and sun. also asked why don't they call us back. their responce again was that they are the only repair shop with in 60 miles of grand rapids and the oberwelming of new techknowledgie keeps them very busy, blackies does an awesome job on fixing tv's. just be pacient.

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1431 days ago

I just got an awesome deal on a home theater system at the new dish network store in GR. I can’t believe it, they were practically giving...

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1512 days ago

It's the new Dish Network store in Grand Rapids, MI. They have really good deals on all things dish network. This is the place to go! They offer 1 year installation guarantee on all of their services.

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1520 days ago

This is my Grandfathers store. My Uncle runs the place. Harvey has the experience in all aspects regarding any and all of your audio needs. ...

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