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739 days ago

Brought our Audi in for suspension service. Repaired right the first time (on something the dealership missed) and extremely reasonable. We have a new place for all our service!

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793 days ago

Shepard's Automotive
4131 S Main St Akron, OH 44319 3306442000 All Your Car needs! Brakes, suspension, exhaust, tires, alignment, transmission & engine repair, foreign & domestic repairs, tune up, diagnostic repair, electrical, Emission repair, (E-check), Towing. Engine Repair, Engine Rebuilding, Auto Engine Repair, Best Engine Repair, Best Engine Rebuilding

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1000 days ago

They are nothing like they advertise themselves to be! They claim honesty, intergrity and quality of repair.
Here is my story. I was having problems with my transmission and decided to use Waterloo Transmissions online diagnostics. They brag about this online serivice in their ads and claim that a technician will evaluate your issue and get back to you within 24 hours, they took 1 week to get back to me! They finally said that I would have to bring the car in so they could look at it.
I made an appointment and showed up at 8:00 AM (when they said they opened) and arranged for a co-worker to meet me there and take me back to work. It was 8:15 before anyone showed up to unlock the building and was 8:30 before I was on my way back to work. Both myself and the co-worker were late to work because of this.
They called me later in the day to tell me I would need a complete transmission overhall and quoted me a price (over $2,000). I said ok to the repair and they said it would be a couple of days. 2 days later they call me and said that they needed a special tool to work on my transmission and it was locked up in one of their technicians toolbox, and he was off for the next 2 days. I said ok, that was fine. 2 more days go by and I get another phone call staying that they were putting the unit back together and damaged a seal and would need to order another one, another day for that. I finally get my car back and took it back within the 1 week (as they specified) so they could check levels and operation of the unit to make sure all was well. They did this and said it was fine.
About 1 month later I noticed transmission fluid leaking, and I made an appointment to take the car back so they could look at it. They said I could bring it by on my lunch hour and they would do it then. I arrived at the appointed tim and they said they had no record of this appointment and they guy I talked to wasnt there. I explained the situation and they did look at it then. They said the leak was from my transfer case and was not under warranty. But they would gladly repair it for $140.00. I told them no, and got a second opinion. The second opinion said it was the transmission leaking. I then returned to Waterloo Transmissions and they reluctantly agreed it was the transmission and would need it for 1 day to repair.
I left the car and they called me later in the day to try and sell me a routine maint. for a discounted price of $135.00. I told them to forget it, just fix the leak. The guy then tried to strong arm me and tell me that my warranty would be void if I didnt. I told them just fix the leak and I will take my chances.
6 months later, I found the unit is still leaking ( a slow leak). I tried to call their customer relation phone number (on a card they gave me when the original work was done) and low and behold, that phone number no longer works(surprise!). So I call the main office in Akron to try and speak with Jim Millard and they took my name and number but he never called. I called a second time and same thing.
This place is not HONEST, does NOT have integrity, and well the quality of service is not.

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1207 days ago

great price , good work , friendly people

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1318 days ago


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1326 days ago

I will NEVER go back to Waterloo transmission again. I called
for a price on a trans fluid exchange. I was quote $59.95 by the owner Jim. So I made an appointment. They said it would take 45 minutes. So I left. 1.5 hrs later o call to know what's taking so long. While on the phone they kept implying there was something wrong with my transmission. I said I haven't had any problems at all. They said it could have been the previos
owner, when I told them I bought it new 4 years ago they abruptly stop trying to get me tp buy more services. They tried to charge me $90 wen I picked up my car. When I said ji was who I talked
to, Jim immediately no hesitation Oked the price of $59. They put in the minimum amount of fluid, I had to add more when I got home. And they forcedh key into the ignition and am now having problems turning it and also getting my key out. They did an awful job and would steer everyone I know away from using them....THEY ARE AWFUL and DISHONEST. STAY AWAY

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1355 days ago

I think your window cleaning is the best. I had such a good exeprience with the company that I cannot wait to schedule another cleaning in March. Thank you so much for getting my windows clean again!

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1409 days ago

I wouldn't do business with either location. We took our car..which we bought new from Vandevere several years ago for a tune up last year (was supposed to also include checking fluids, etc). Needless to say, we just had to have someone else replace the spark plugs and do maintainence on the transmission (replace fluid, etc). We were charged for work they did not do last year. Spark plugs were from the factory. We bought the car and had it serviced there because we had heard great things about them. Watch your back..they're not honest and slimy.

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1413 days ago

Cartel Auto Service at 965 N Main St in Akron, OH.

This is a working garage like the good old days. No excuses

just honest labor combined with EXCELLENT knowledge and

superior effort. Have dealt with Jim and his great crew for years

and have always been treated very well. These men make

sure you understand what needs to be done and why.

All my repairs have been done on time and at reasonable cost.

Very few shops are up to the standard of this one.

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1436 days ago

I went in for an oil change and left with my air conditioner no longer working. My a/c worked all summer, including the morning I pulled into A&R Tire. As soon as I left the shop my a/c only shot out hot air. What is really infuriating about the situation is that on the invoice they gave me (the list of things they think I should fix) there was a note that my a/c has a leak! This implies that the a/c was not in proper working condition before I had it checked but it worked only minutes before A&R got their hands on it. Coincidence? I think not.

In addition to this I overheard the manager on the phone say that there are lots of bad reviews of A&R Tire on the internet but he said they were all untrue. I doubt there are many people who would take the time to write a comment on the internet if it was untrue.

I do not trust A&R Tire - they get you in with good coupons then find ways to get more money out of you than you expected. I will not go to them again even for a free oil change for fear they will mess up something else on my car.

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