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363 days ago

Benefits for the person pc can be organized into two, namely: for the needs of companies, and the program to the group.

The main purpose of the company of a program in a company are:

Resource providing is designed to make the whole program, the equipment, especially details can be used by everyone on the program.

Saving Cash (Saving money / budget): The facts that can be allocated and will make considerable resources benefits, because it does not need to buy a new program to be set up in each and every program of computer

High balance (high reliability): Control Information System Included Office or one-stop support with client-server engineering, On the internet and intranet can be used to pcs, so as to provide a effective, fast and accurate according to the needs and objectives.

Benefits for group pc networks:

Computer techniques will provide different alternatives to clients in homes contrary to the alternatives provided to the company. There are three main factors that type the fascination pc techniques at the person, namely:
access to details living in other places (such as admission to the latest details, details e-government, e-commerce or e-business, everything is up to date).
person to personal connections (such as e-mail, discuss, video conferene etc.).
Interactive entertainment (such as watch tv shows online, running programs, acquire movies or music, etc.).
1.5 Public problems coming up from pc (the Internet)

Network usage by the group will lead to the overall look of public problems, concepts, condition guidelines, and company business economics are expected. The On the internet has signed up with the lifestyle of people all over, everyone can use regardless of their public position, age, sex as well.

Internet usage will not cause any problems as long as the subject is limited to specific topics, knowledge or activity, are also factors that are still within the factors of lifestyle, but trouble began to appear when a site online has a very interesting subject of people attention, such as govt issue, perception, sex, etc.

Computer's program connection / online will also cause serious economical problems if the engineering is used by certain parties-parties who want to take personal advantage but destructive to other activities, such as carding activity, illicitly acquire professional software etc..

The pictures released details on web sites may be something unusual for sebahagian people, but very annoying for some others (because it can cause problems SARA).

In addition, the way of details are not limited to textual details only. High-resolution colour pictures and even videoclip singkatpun now can be easily assigned over pcs.

Some people may be unsociable, but for some other improving content (eg pornography) is something that is unwanted.
1.6 Kinds of networks

In common, a pc is divided into three types of networks:
1.6.1 Local Position System (LAN)

A LAN is a program that is limited by a relatively little place, generally enclosed by where of ​​the environment, such as a company office in a building, or of each room at a school. Usually the variety between nodes is not more than about 200 m.

Figure 1.6. Local Position System (LAN)
1.6.2 Downtown Position System (MAN)

A MAN, usually defends a larger place than a LAN, for example, between components in a location (such as provincial place or state). In this case, the program connects several little tissues items into a larger location of ​​the environment, for example as follows: a program of several department office buildings of a loan company in a huge town that is connected with each other.

Figure 1.7. Downtown Position Network
1.6.3 Large Position System (WAN)

Wide Position System (WAN) is a program that usually uses wireless media, indicates of satellite tv tv or roughage optic cable, because of the wider chance, defending not just one town or between places in where, but began getting where / place govt systems of other countries.

For example, any office pc City Financial institution in Malaysia or that you can get in other countries, which are connected, program ATM Professional Financial institution cards, Charge Financial institution cards or Cirrus are distribute throughout the world and others.

WAN is usually more complicated and extremely complicated in evaluation to LAN or MAN. Using many method for connect between LAN and WAN into worldwide connections like the globally web, however the LAN, MAN and WAN is not much different in some factors, only the chance of where is just a different one in the other.

Figure 1.8. Large Position Network

Table 1.2. System based on the variety between nodes

The concepts ​​contained in the desk above, is not an overall value for the variety that connects between pcs, because the variety can be decreased with regards to the conditions of where of ​​a place.

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943 days ago

I couldn't agree more with the last review. This company is completely dishonest. Was hit from behind by a person with Progressive insurance. They did not cover much of the damage to the car claiming that it had to happen before she hit me! A broken wheel??!! Give me a brake - The car wobbled all the way home and I couldn't drive it after that. The hit also messed up my airbag indicator lights which they would not repair. Cost me $92 for the dealer to fix it and $222 for a new wheel. They would only fix my bumper. They told me they would replace the bumper. They replaced the parts under the bumper but had the body shop repair the outside bumper and not replace it. They completely lied to me and said they were replacing the outside bumper not repairing it. I talked to the body shop and they told me that they were told by Progressive to fix it not replace it. This is a 2 yr old car. Yes, get an attorney if you want it done right.

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1193 days ago

Have frequentd this store for 2 years exclusively since moving to Huber 2 years ago. REcently was diagnosed with COPD. Went smokeless with the help of a product called E-Health cigarette. Electric gigarette that came in a kit for $40.00 plus a carton of sleeves that we're $15.00 . Had the unit 2 weeks and it quit working. Took back to store and owner said it was manufacturers responsibilty to replce it. I called they said it was the stores. i called back to the store and told them I wanted their distributors number. I called distributor,distributor said store responsibility. I called store and told store what distributor said,"Take product back, give customer a replacement and distributor would give them a credit." Owner still refused to exchange for a good product. IF this is how you trat a loyal customer (past loyal customer) then how are you staying in business. When you go in there and owner is working he is very rude to the customers especially if you are of female gender.For all you smokers and non-smokers trying to quit and interested in the electric cigarette here is my advice aboiut this store......RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN , YOU HAVE NO QUARANTEES AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RICES ARE NOT SO CHEAP. But if you want to just stop in and say Hi to Glenda she will appreciate it.

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1281 days ago

Gettin focused is tha key & staying focused is tha plan

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1318 days ago

I just think that they were very professional, did what they promised, very friendly. They had great respect for us and the property.

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1405 days ago

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is my personal endorsement and recommendation for Bridging the Gap Technologies. I found them to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile.

Bridging the Gap Technologies has successfully managed several large contracts for our company that have resulted in happier partners.

BTG consistently approached every challenge with a positive attitude, and put in the time necessary to get the job done. They always a pleasure to work with.


Basking Ridge,NJ.

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1405 days ago

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to acknowledge the involvement that Bridging the Gap Technologies. has contributed towards the successful implementation of Verizon’s Compensation System. BTG was hired as a contractor in January 2005 when the Compensation System was being turned up . They assumed the role as the point of contact for our customers and has established customer’s accounts as well as trained them on the use of the system. BTG hands-on-approach has put many of the customers at ease in using the new System. In addition, BTG has established a very good relationship with our IT Group in working troubles that have surfaced. Our success with the implementation of the System has been a direct result of Bridging the Gap Technologies involvement.



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1444 days ago

The customer service was always one lady, she appeared to be the office manager as well as the billing person and the authority speaking in name of Century Propane. For several years, I would call Century Propane, they would deliver, regardless of anybody being home or not and leave a bill on my door. I would mail check payment. One day, Ms Office lady decided that she wasn´t going to send a driver unless I was home?!?!?!? After several attempts and not understanding AND not being able to speak with a Manager... Oh wait, she did let me speak with Brian (who introduced himself as the manager) Century Propane came to my home while I was at work, and left a PAST DUE YELLOW SIGN on my door, meanwhile my home was on the market for sale...WoW! The problem was, there WAS NO PAST DUE BILL, but she made sure she told the driver absolutely not to deliver unless the gas was prepaid AND the amount on the bill was paid first!! After I came home from work and found this sign on my front door without even having a PAST DUE with Century, I decided that was enough of this lady´s "Customer Service" and decided to pay them to pick up their tank, as long as I do not have any further dealings with Century. When the gentleman picked up their tank, he agreed that they were having too many complaints about this lady.

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1478 days ago

Very professional, dressed in uniform. promised work would be done by 5:00 and it was completed by 4:30. They provided all the paperwork I needed for my warrenty and rebates. They were great. I would use them again.

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1480 days ago

A little input on BSI Sercurity: I am a service-connected veteran and a Ohio Peace Officer Instructor and I have worked with this company off and on for the past 10 years and what I have noticed is that all this companies' clients and staff are treated with respect. With quality service as their main objective. In the field of security this company sets the bar high for their competition. They offer well trained officers through their own State certified academy program. And all of their instructor are veterans in the field of law enforcement. From Deputy Sheriffs all the way to retired detectives. I myself have been in the field for 20+ years. I have nothing but high praise for their officers and performance while they are on duty in the field. Which amplifies the Administrative staffs' high standards from the owner to the Academy director. In order to see what BSI security is really about I recommend you visit their webpage. Through my tenure in the military I am a firm believer in freedom of speech, however I am dishardened when someone uses that for which I put my life on the line for everyday while serving my country for such lies and foolishness. BSI, its staff and officers are a great group of professionals that I would recommend to any company or organization. Keep up the good work guys. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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