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355 days ago

Best idea my buddies ever had for a bachelor party. The girls were hot and very personable. Great send off

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356 days ago

Just have to say this was the best GF experience i have had to date with a escort service.Jasmine was beautiful and was everything i expected.Would highly recommend this escort service.

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765 days ago

OH yes COCK-Tail party indeed!

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827 days ago

Julz is a dime piece from the tip of her head to the tips of her toes. Finally found a girl I want to see again and again. What a high class professional in every way. Although I have read other reviews saying that she is a bit high priced, she's well worth the money. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, sexy, funny, educated, and best of all, NO DRAMA!! By the way, the best body rub I have ever gotten from an escort and believe me fellows (and gals) I have traveled the country. I look forward to being back in Louisville, excellent poised choice for my date to future fund raisers. So just a word to the wise, my fellow businessmen, don't waste your time with the younger, drug seeking, pre-madonnas, call this one first and save yourself the headache.

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925 days ago


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943 days ago

wow...i just ran across this...im speechless...im a dancer at trixies goldroom and have been for three years now. first off thank you to the wonderful comments that were posted.. Our club is a clean fun place and our girls are all beautiful women...
yes we have different types of girls but none of our girls are fat...we have something for everyone...im one of the biggest girls there...34dd and i wear a size 6!!!...last time i checked thats not fat...im sorry if some of you didnt enjoy your visit but truthfully if you come in and sit and watch and dont tip and are rude when a girl tries to sale a dance (doing her job...reason you came to club) than yes u might not get the experience you were looking for...and then again u might wanna take the 20 dance money u didnt spend and get ur A** checked bc i really think something might be stuck up there...

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956 days ago

I have used a-list escorts a few times and i still keep using them.The girls are beautiful and friendly and classy! I think that a-list escorts are by far the best escort service i have used in Louisville . If anybody needs a discreet or professional escort.. call this escort service , I promise you wont be disappointed . Don

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960 days ago

This place is a small bar in the back of I think Dixie Bell. They do not serve alcohol but is a VERY NICE club good beer specials and very pretty girls. This club unlike alot of the other dixie highway clubs girls have TEETH... Me and a few military guys went in and we partied all night had a great time. This is a must see BAR!

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966 days ago

Best Escort Service in Louisville Kentucky!

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997 days ago

Class-Act Fern Valley Road. Teressa, Julie Valentin, and Brandy, are all prostitutes, and drug addict prostitutes at that. They all trick on or off the clock. Julie's the rat. Brandy likes pussy better than dick. And Teressa, haha takes it anyway she can get it with fucking track marks on her arms don't waist your money, you can get better pussy on 7th street. Ban Class-Act Call it Class-Crack.

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