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617 days ago

Ordered Legend Sidecar from Ohio Dealer "Busted Nuckle" on 08/10/2011. When recieved in 10/ 2011, paint scheme was incorrect. Ordered paint to match 2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Limited, FLHTK. Bike paint is scarlet red over vivid black. Sidecar was painted black over red. Champion sales rep. stated that the paint scheme "was a matter of interpretation." The Company did correct the fender paint scheme. Company would not pay for shipping to correct the problem. Windshield rubber molding torn, but repaired by Busted Nuckle. Champion Sidecar also shipped the wrong side tenneau cover, did not install the ordered trunk light and the VIN sticker was applied off center which part of the sticker will not adhere to the frame. Busted Nuckle was great to deal with, not Champion Sidecar, Inc. Be very specific when ordering. Received delivery of installed sidecar on 12/18/2011.

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764 days ago

it dosent even desserve a star. we havent paid and thank god. they're trucks broke down twice and we were not even notified. the first day they picked up our vehicle,but nine days later it is still in colorado (we live in virginia). if i knew this company couldnt live up to there own expectation; i would have flown out there myself and drove it here( im currently with child ) and i wont have taken as long.
use these company has been a huge regret and i will be filing a complaint with bbb against them

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847 days ago

This Tow Company was contracted by Quail Hill Trailer Park in 1997 to tow people parked in their Fire Lanes located on their property. They towed me and I was not even in the posted fire lane. They were also required by law to notify me by knocking on the door to tell me they were towing me and show me the tow order so I could have a chance to pay the drop fee to get my truck back and they did neither. These people are criminales by nature and they will rob you of your vehicle if given the chance. Boycott them! Do not hire them or their affiliate Trangle Towing.

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881 days ago

i have have my ford truck and my fj in to blossers for repairs a few time in the past years . i feel blossers collision center has a great finished product , I have been happy with there work over the years and feel its only right to leave a positive comment . they are helpful and will guide you the right direction for the best repair . i do know the work with all insurance company’s , as i should know i have switched over the years a few times . give them a try i don’t think you will be disappointed .

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918 days ago

This place sucks (oh and I used to be a 5 star customer), they admitted fault to me but when I asked for money back do to the botch job they changed their tune and changed their story that it was a part Ford designed that was cheap and failed. Then why tell me this should never happen and you take full responsibility, that was up till I asked for $300 back do to the mess up, time I'm out and even at that I was being fair as it was a $700 job. I even had to have the car towed to their job as it would not SHIFT. Come to find out I just had to replace the shift linkage (car would not shift again), they used vice grips probably on this plastic piece that simply twisted and then pops off a bracket. The linkage was not much from Ford ($83) and two hours for a none mechanic to change it out. Not even sure how they claimed to of fixed this the first time wonder why Dave avoided my question on how did they fix it... apparently they did not or rigged it in a non professional why to work that obviously did not last. They would not honor their 100% Money Back guarantee either...all Dave said was NO ONE EVER ASKED FOR IT, and thats not what it means; it means we keep fixing the issue till you are happy. Well I am not HAPPY. Oh on the phone he even said he did me a favor and only charged me like $650 because hew as being nice...NO DAVE I had a were never nice that day. Its okay, the money is not as much concern to me as now I get to plaster all around the local Springs forums how Metric Motors sucks and Dave is far from the good church going man he claims to be.

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923 days ago

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943 days ago

Ellen's used cars is a great place to find bargains! Not only are they friendly and easy to work with, they provide a

no pressure sales process to make you feel at ease and know that you are getting the best deal possible. Go by

and check out their auto inventory and if they do not have what you want they will try to get it for you...great service!

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981 days ago

I worked for Beldon Blosser in 1982 and in 1991. The man was the biggest prick I ever encountered, double ticketed his employees and supplied us with substandard equiptment. I heard he lived to be 80? well its like they say, only the good die young. I would refer anyone to Earl Shieb or Maaco before Bozo's Body Shop.

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998 days ago

THIS SHOP IS THE WORST OF THE WORST!!! The owner is RUDE and NASTY! This shop does not conduct professional business and wants to screw people over! I hope that YOU will NOT do business with these people, save yourself the headache! I know I will NEVER go to them for my business or waste even one penny of my money or one minute of my time with these people. I wish that there is a negative star rating, because that is what I would actually rate it, one star is too good for them.

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1002 days ago

I will keep it short
The owner Joe will lie, steal, even break the law to get as much money he can get.

They sub out to the cheapest who dont even care about your car.

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