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797 days ago

Drove in from Florida to Lafayette; in Lafayette, my nephew added a little too much freon to the refrigerant system of our Subaru. Frantic, and with no A/C to drive back to Florida, I asked a friend, Sheryl Westbrook, where she took her vehicles in for servicing. Without hesitating, she recommended Coursey Car Care. Calling them Sunday afternoon, I walked in there Monday morning at 830 a.m., explained my problem, and Mr. Frank went right to work on it. Luckily for us, it was a problem of too much freon. He captured it, weighed it for the right amount and reinserted it. He saved us a very costly repair and was totally honest with his approach and his pricing. If you EVER find yourself in Baton Rouge with car problems, do NOT hesitate to call Mr. Frank. He will treat you as a friend: with honesty and courtesy. He is a hero in my book!

Carla Vincent

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898 days ago

i went to blue ribbon motors and they string me right along telling me i had a car from them for like 2-3 days and/or that they going to place me in a car had me to bring them all my paperwork and money and finally, the sales guy Norman, had sold me a dream by calling my job and cellphone harassing me by telling me that i have a car.DONT BELIEVE HIM HE IS A COMPULSIVE LIAR HIM AND THE OWNER, this action occurred SOMETIME BETWEEN FEB-MARCH of 2011this year.

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979 days ago

Went in for an alignment and besides the fact that they didn't to tell me (even after I asked) that an alignment on a front wheel drive car may not fix pulling (due to the car having no factory adjustable caster/camber), I was told two bits of information from them:

1. They said my rear trailing arm was bent, needed replacing, and also gave me a very high quote to do the job. After further inspection, the arm is not bent at all.

2. They said low-profile tires are for racing only, not normal drives/commute to school or work. After research, I've found this statement to be completely false.

Needless to say I've switched my alignment services to a different car care center in Baton Rouge and am very happy with the change. I'll never go back to simple simon.


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1111 days ago

I would like to express my satisfaction for the excellent service I received at the Centurion Car Care on Florida Boulevard this week. I knew I was in the right place from the time I walked through the door. The owner, Tim Chu greeted me with a smile, and asked, “How can I help you?” Although that seems like something very small, one would be surprised with the kind of disgruntled service some companies give to their customers.

The repair estimates I had received from the other repair shops left me with little hope of a low cost repair; however, the mechanics at Centurion Car Care found the problem in a faulty switch and replaced it very promptly and at a fair price. Having a repair shop that one can trust gives a welcome sense of security in today's world. I will recommend Centurion Car Care to anyone who lives in the Baton Rouge area.

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1128 days ago

Was in Baton Rouge visiting my son and stopped at Benny’s Car Wash on Essen Lane. When my car was returned to me, the driver's seat was damaged fairly extensively - scratched across the back of the seat. I originally thought it was something on the seat and asked one of the workers to wipe it down some more. After he wiped it down, you could see that the leather was, in fact, scratched. I approached the manager who immediately took a defensive and rude demeanor. He stated he thought it looked like it came from a belt, MY belt. I was wearing a cotton belt and showed him, by rubbing it on the leather, that cotton did not scar leather. I then agreed with him that it looked to be from a belt and asked to see everyone who had driven my car. The first person we saw had a smooth leather belt and I agreed that it would not cause any damage to my car. Then we went to the back of the establishment to see the person that drove my car in to the wash. He was wearing a brown studded/riveted belt which obviously was consistent with the damage to my seats. I was not allowed by the manager and claims manager to take a photograph of the belt. They stated it would violate the worker's civil rights??? Then they tried to claim that this worker didn't drive my car, so we went to review their own video recordings which clearly showed the employee with the studded/riveted belt driving and getting out of my car. At that point, they both appeared to change their attitude and were fairly cordial to me. They gave me a claim form to fill out and asked me to call back on Tuesday, July 27, 2010. When I called back on Tuesday, I was told that they were not going to honor the claim until I brought my car back to them (I live 90 miles away) at a time where the manager, owner, and the employee in question could be there. They want to have the employee get in and out of my car again to verify it was him who damaged the car.
This is clearly an attempt to deny responsibility AGAIN. They had every opportunity when I was at the business to investigate the situation and I allowed them to photograph my car (despite the car's civil rights), etc. This is a simple case of an employee making a mistake and causing damage to my car. They should admit the error, admit liability and pay for the repair of my seat.
I have owned the car for approximately one month (bought it used) but have pictures that show the seats were in perfect condition when I bought it.
I have had to enlisted the assistance of my insurance company and my attorney to resolve this matter.
I would never recommend doing business with these people!!!

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1136 days ago

My car was having check engine light and problem with the starter. They diagnosed and told me that Throttle body should be replaced. I was told to buy it from online. So, before I buy it I confirmed with them that I brought the right one. Then I brought the part that they confirmed and gave them the part to replace. Then, they told me IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE. I had to return the part and it was time and money waste.
Then I managed to find the exact part which match the year and the model. So, I brought it and gave them to replace. They replaced and I have my CHECK ENGINE LIGHT STILL ON AND STARTER PROBLEM IS THE SAME. It was total waste of money. THEY DO WRONG DIAGNOSTICS !!!!

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1258 days ago

My husband and I needed another vehicle. We went to Acadian in good faith. We found a very nice truck and signed papers with $2000 down and financed our tt&l. Jerry said that his friend owed him a favor and would finance us. Come to find out, his friend owned the ONLY finance company Acadian uses. Finance man says our plate and registration would be in in two weeks. Two months later, no plate, no nothing. Lie after lie it comes out that the truck had been previoulsy totalled and the truck had no title, but Jerry sold us the truck anyway. That's illegal. He then tells us that it is OUR responsibility to get the truck legal. Hello! We couldn't without a title, which no one had!! Jerry files a complaint with the state comissioner's office for financial problems with the truck. He wasn't even our finance man! That's another illegal act! So our truck was taken. The agent with the comissioner's office discovered that the truck was illegal and tells us he would talk with Jerry, that Jerry was in the wrong. We go to Acadian the next morning, and Jerry gets us into his office were he proceeded to tell us that it was our fault the truck was illegal, our responsibility to fix it, and that it wasn't his problem! He then starts yelling and cussing at my husband and I and tells us to get the f*** out of his office! I told him he had a lawsuit coming and he replies, "go hire an attorney, if you can f***** afford one!" He took our truck and put it in his shop, and we saw the doors open and his "mechanics" digging in our vehicle with our personal belongings. Another illegal act because it wasn't his property, nor should he have filed the complaint because he is only a salesman. Talk about invasion of privacy!!! The truck was returned within a day, only because the law made him. We warn you, we beg you, no matter what situation you're in and you think Acadian is the only people that can help, please keep looking!!! Jerry Corsentino is the most crooked, unlawful, lying person we have ever met! When we bought the truck while we were signing papers, Jerry laid his family guilt trip on us about his wife and children which pushed us above and beyond to sign papers. Don't let him fool you!! He's shisty!

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1280 days ago



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1288 days ago

Yesterday (2/17/10) I had the unfortunate experience of finding my car with a totally flat tire, so being strapped for time I needed to find a place near my work that I could get to and get out of in as little as time possible. Being a google fanatic I googled where I could go. I stumbled upon Treads & Care and was excited that they were literally right down the road, but noticed they happened to have a very nasty review, so after debating for a bit I decided to give Treads & Care my benefit of a doubt and took my car to them. From the moment I called them to the moment I received my car back from them my experience at Treads & Care was awesome. The person who answered the phone (the manager Jade) was extremely nice and courteous. Then once I arrived to Treads & Care I was greated with the same polite and courteous manner from him. There were a few other customers there when I arrived and was worried that it may take longer than I had expected, but to my pleasent surprise I was wrong. As I hung out in the waiting area I was able to observe not one, but three other transactions between customer and manager. Each time the manager was very polite and informative. All three people before me left informed and satisfied with their services. So, left by my lonesome I decided to mention the nasty review, which I read from this site, to the manager. Not once did he make excuses for anything, but just expressed the wish and willingness of being able to right whatever wrong the disgruntled customer felt had been done, which is all anyone could do in that situation and in my experiences is more than most places are even willing to think about doing. bring my lengthy praise to a conclusion, I'd just simply like to say that my experience was a very good one and I'm excessively happy that I did give Treads & Care a chance because they totally deserved it. I would and already have recommended my friends to them and will probably go back to them in the future. Thanks :) Kristin A.

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1291 days ago

These people are money grabbing crooks. Tell you one price then when you arrive to pick up car the price is triple and they treat you like dirt. They have you over a barrel and they know it. And its all perfectly legal. That's louisiana politics for you. They are well connected I am sure.

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