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493 days ago

Not actually a review but I, like most people have suffered at the hands of poor tradesmen. So much so that I have started a Website focused on plumbers - Just in Suffolk UK, as that's where I live - to help consumers avoid the problems of getting a simple job done.

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597 days ago

I had a badly plugged bathtub drain. After trying stupid Draino (that stuff never works and I wonder why I keep buying it) a plunger, a snake, and having black stinky crud splashing me in the face, as a last resort, I went to Home Depot and looked around at what they had for plugged drains. The only thing I could see was one second plumber for 22 bucks. I've tried everything else so thought what the heck. One shot and it cleared my bathtub drain and now it is perfect. After all the hours I spend with the draino and snake. Worth every cent!

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647 days ago

This stuff is amazing!!!!! First I bought Liquid Plumber, it didn't work. Then I bought a snake. My daughter and I saw the One Second Plumber at the store. She told me to try it, but I was skeptical. Sure enough the snake couldn't get around all of the elbows. So, I picked myself up One Second Plumber, hoping that it would work. Plumbers cost too much, so I thought that I would risk the money. Well, now I had another problem, the bathroom faucet was in the way! Great! Maybe, just maybe I can move it. It wasn't perfect but I managed to get the canister in there and pressed it with all of my might. It sounded like something exploded and then the drain was completed clear. Later I moved the shower curtain and found the bathtub had lots of guck in it. I figured that it was clogged now. I cleaned it up and pulled out the crap that was originally clogging the sink, out of the bathtub. Everything is in perfect working order now!

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773 days ago

Phoenix Plumbing composed of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. We are equipped with the latest tools and supplies to ensure that no plumbing problem will be left unsolved. We are open 24/7.

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959 days ago

After 7+ bottles of Liquid Plumber, commercial (janitorial) liquid drain opener, liquid drain opener (Home Depot) crystal drain opener (also Home Depot), small plunger (actually did have good suction) vinegar and baking soda .... this did the trick. It took about 5 bursts - the package does say stop after three. I was concerned at first that the adapter wouldn't fit the sink, but you don't need to use the adapter. There was a bit of an aerosol smell after. Not unpleasant. Overall, I was very pleased (and relieved). This was a drain from a washing machine (laundry tub), in an older house. Water from upstairs kitchen sink was coming through. We'll see how well this lasts.

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1249 days ago

I plunged the sink, snaked it, and put Drano down it. My husband, seeing I was about to blow, plunged the sink, snaked it, took the trap off and stuck his fingers down the pipe (pulling out gawd knows how many years of soap scum, oily-i-dunno, snot and general ick). We decided our sink was finally "plumber clogged". 7 pm Friday night - not an emergency - "Can we come on Monday?" Great - first all weekend brushing my teeth at the kitchen sink, and then having to take a half day off to wait for a plumber to come charge me about $65+ to take care of it. Eeeha!

I found myself at Canadian Tire looking at the One Second Plumber. I figured it couldn't hurt. If it didn't work, we were already paying a plumber, so there was nothing to lose.

First booboo - guess who forgot to cover the overflow? hee hee >ahem< Covered the overflow. Pressed the cannister. Waited about 3 seconds before I hear the unmistakable and lovely sound of water flowing unimpeded down the drain.

$20 to have my sink unclogged about 24 times? Let's see 24 x $65 = That just saved me about $1,500!!!!!!!

And to the woman who said she the cannister "was out of air" It's not air, lady. Read the package. It's two gases - tetralotsofletters and dimethylmoreletters.

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1327 days ago

The best invention since tv. You people must be retards. This is the best and easiest product on the market. Try reading the instructions next time you retards. As long as there is enough water in the toilet bowl you shouldn't have any splashback. I have used it about five times now and it works great. Let the men do it you dumb women.

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1328 days ago

I have just used this product and the stuff it sprays out is dangerous. My lungs are still hurting and my sink is much worse than before. I didn't think that was possible but it is. I had to use a plunger to get the rest of the water down the drain. I'm disappointed that I actually spent money on this product. TERRIBLE!!!!!

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1360 days ago

Have used all cartridges. Was very hard to break the seal. Was extremely dissapointed.

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1440 days ago

I just bought this product to unclog my toilet, I give it a big fat ZERO! I called the product company's 1-800 # on the back of the box and they lady told me she had no product information to help me with. I was so unimpressed! What a waste of $20!!!!!!!

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