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45 days ago

I finally got the newest Ipod touch (gen 5) and man I am really satisfied.

There are three major things that I am especially happy about with this ipod.

looks and material: Super thin, but surprisingly durable. The new material that the iPod is made of is super scratch resistant (unlike the last 4 iPods) and the texture of the metal kind of reminds me of silk and is a joy to handle.

Display and Touch screen. Responsive as ever. I have a non-apple phone and the differences in the responsiveness in the touch screens really stand out. The display is just simply BEAUTIFUL and is so detailed.

Simple and fast: Sticks to the simplicity and effectiveness signature of apple and of-course, apple nails it again.

Overall, I am really satisfied with the new iPod touch and strongly recommend it to... well everyone!

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136 days ago

Apple Nano is just great and amazing, I had that and its sound quality is fantastic.
The battery charging is also fantastic the battery goes up for a longer duration.
Screen Quality is also fantastic. All the things are fantastic.

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182 days ago

I think the IPOD nano is a lovely little device. Very cute and handy. I did have trouble working it at first. MAybe that was just me. It has a sleek look. And once you can use it, it is great. I think they are a great invention.

The only draw back I have with the Ipod Nano, is that the screen is ver susceptible to damages. So if you do get one, get a cover to protect it. I must add here, make sure you get a good cover. Someone bought one for me, but it does not protect the screen. Hence alot of the right hand side of my screen has now gone black. So I am quite gutted about that.

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442 days ago


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447 days ago

Apple iPod Recovery

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Saturday, Aug 22, 2009

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489 days ago

I absolutely LOVE my iPod touch...there is nothing I would change about it. I have had it for about two years now, and I would honestly fall into a depression if it left my life somehow.
The big, smooth screen is great for watching movies that you either download or view online. It is easy to install apps and shortcuts to such great websites as Youtube and Facebook. Check the weather, politics, stats, and more in mere seconds with apps right on your screen! It comes with some free games that pass the time. 8 GB is also a fair amount of space. I have hundreds of songs and it's still not full!
The quality and stamina of this product is amazing and if the day ever comes that my iPod touch passes away (sob), I will be in line right away for a new one.

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500 days ago

For the price Coby is selling this product at it just isn't worth it. I t is basically a "reskin" of the apple earbuds that work just as good if not better, and they are free with your ipod.

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555 days ago

very good

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556 days ago

That's okay but not excellent

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558 days ago

The iPod touch is just a dream to have. The apps for the device are very extensive. I enjoy it because it brings me a step closer to any Star Trek fantasy I may have. I use it for many things. Managing my to-do lists, Grocery lists. I keep track of my workouts and check on my banking on the fly.

I use it as a means for my slide shows during presentations, and there is an app so I can control my Roku box. When you think about all the stuff that this does you will find out it is not just a mere MP3 player, but literally a small portal computer.

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