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798 days ago

Fantastic! I haven't had that much fun at a show in a long time. I've watched Copperfield since I was a kid so it was a dream to see him in person, up close! Despite the mans age and years in the business, he still has it. I'm not sure what he does to stay so consistent but it works. Now that I can scratch that off my bucket-list I need to see his private museum. He's been posting cool photos of his collection on his facebook page. If it wasn't for his fan page I would have forgotten about his show in Vegas.

Check out his Rapture photo, lol! 443&set=pu.126774014042264&type=1

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813 days ago

The show was ok i guess

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814 days ago

This was my fourth time in Las Vegas, and my girlfriend's first. We had high expectations for the DC show, based on the ticket price (>$100), the venue (MGM), and his experience in the industry. Unfortunately the show was a huge disappointment. The start of the show included a 10-minute promotional video of various TV shows/movies mentioning his name; this promotion adds no value, considering we're already in the theater. It seems to be more of an attempt to validate everyone's ticket purchase. The start of the show also involves a 5-minute very backhanded - and I would say fraudulent - trick on the audience. A recording of DC's voice comes on and asks the audience to take part in something "special" by keeping their phones on during the show. He then asks those with mobile devices to log into Twitter and tweet him. "Write something nice", and one lucky audience member will get to meet him after the show. Therefore, he's asking for as much positive praise on his Twitter page, from people who haven't even seen the show yet. This is a low-blow, and it makes me question whether the 4- and 5-star reviews on this site and other sites are written by paid staff. The show includes another 5-minute recorded video showing his most dangerous trick ever, from many years ago. To me, it doesn't seem worth my ticket money to watch an ancient video of something I've already seen.

In terms of magic & illusions, some of the content was new to me (a couple of which really were impressive), and some was exactly the same as when I saw his show in 1990. My hopes are that world-class shows are putting their profits towards the development of new content, but this one has fallen short.

In terms of performance, I think the night-after-night Las Vegas performers - including DC - eventually grow tired and lose their showmanship. There's something immature and embarrassing about repeating the same joke a couple of times to get the audience to laugh (not at the joke, but at the fact that you're prodding them a second time). Also, the couple times a "real" audience member hollered from their seat (e.g. the audience member who yelled out asking for one of the illusions to be shown again in slow motion) were really annoying in both their voice and the cheesiness.

While this show may appeal to small children who have never seen DC and who aren't paying for their own tickets, for myself and my girlfriend this show was a real disappointment. I wish I could have had more positive feedback, but the self-promotion, the short duration of actual _live_ content (about 45 minutes), and the seemingly tired performance were too overwhelming to enjoy the full experience.

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837 days ago

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843 days ago

I had the pleasure of seeing the grand illusionist in Vegas during a business trip. It was AMAZING. I remember watching him as a kid. His humor and story telling really is captivating. I do agree with a few things said on this page. He does have a few things out of date but that doesn't stop me from enjoying such a unique show.

Criss Angel can suck it!

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862 days ago

At 16 years old, Thialorei Lising Megia is a little girl with a big voice and definitely a rising star. Filipino-American Thia earned a slot among the Top 11 finalists on the 10th season of "American Idol" as revealed during the results show on March 23. Together with her fellow contestants will be on the "tour of their life", they will travel across America and meet fans the way American Idol does it.

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1023 days ago

He's done enough coke to kill a whole band and got a hand job during a church sponsored Christmas Special. That is one sick ass clown...

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1023 days ago

I can think of a few politicians that this would look good on.

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1023 days ago

Don't forget to use your deodorant for this maneuver.

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1023 days ago

No more "evil" than the silly '50s/'60s fad of twenty college boys stuffing themselves into a phone booth.

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