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191 days ago

This is my favorite handgun! Not because of popularity but because of the quality and dependability it delivers. Its light weight, easy to clean and can take a beating. I just love the power behind this weapon. I use it for self defense. Before being disabled I was a police officer, at which it was the first time I had ever used one. I didn't ever think that I would ever be able to hit anything because of the recoil. But with some training I can hit everything. So I became hooked on it. But I do suggest some kind of formal training unless you are a natural. Do get this weapon you'll be very satisfied! I still have mine today and have several, several people try to buy it. No chance on that! Maybe when they pry it from my cold dead fingers! lol

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238 days ago

i am going to talk about a savage model 10 in .243 caliber. a savage is the most accurate rifle i have ever shot. i have killed a bunch of deer 300 yards plus with this rifle. not to mention countless groundhogs and coyotes. pair it with hornady superformance and you have an amazing rifle.

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450 days ago

My first and best shotgun i ever bought. I have shot a ton shells through the gun shooting a lot sporting clays and skeet. And i never had a jam that was the gun's fault (had a couple bent shells). And for all the people complaining about jams, bring the slide ALL the way back and quit short shucking the damn thing.

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525 days ago

I bought the M2000 in December 2009. The gun worked great though the first two boxes of shells. Then 1 misfire in the third box. Now it misfires about 20% of the time, regardless of the brand of shells. it makes very faint marks on the primer when it misfires. It saved the lives of several ducks at the end of the season. When I called the company to set up the warranty repair they asked what brand of shells I was using. They said that they are having problems with Remmington and Kent shells. I was very disappointed to hear the gun Company blame the ammo. The gun is being sent back for repair, but I WILL NOT be using an M2000 next season.

The gun came back from repair after one month they said that they adjusted the fore end and trigger bow. When the problem started I began visually checking the position of the extractor after each shot. The gun never failed to cycle completely. The bolt always rotated to the fully closed position. I doubt that the fore end work did anything. However, whatever adjustment was made to the trigger bow rendered the gun as good as new. When shooting clays it fired fifty two times before starting to misfire, an exact match of its original performance. The trigger seems to have rough spots in part of its travel. My guess is that the trigger group was poorly machined. Looking at the other reviews some people are having the same problem and others have no problems. This seems to be a company with some quality control issues. I will be sending it back again.

The gun was returned two weeks after being sent out. This time they replaced the inertia spring. I have fired 50 rounds so far, no misfires.

I fired another 100 rounds with 2 misfires. Total since the last repair 2 misfires in 150 rounds or about 1.3% failure rate. Thats not really bad enough to send it back again. I have a C&R license and a collection of firearms. The Stoeger M2000 is the least reliable gun that I own. I bought another shotgun to hunt next season. I have fired more rounds through the new gun than the Stoeger with no problems at all.

1/10/12 As an update, I had not used the gun in over a year, but then lent it to a guy who wanted to hunt with us but had no gun. He had two misfires in a half a box of shells. The warranty is long gone so with nothing to lose I completely disassembled the gun and found the following: (part names and numbers are from the owners manual) rough milling marks hammer T22 right side bottom half of the hammer where it pivots, very weak hammer spring T15, cartridge drop lever T23, rough edges left side also tab on this part that is suppose to contact the hammer spring bar T14 at the end of the hammer's movement was too long and was contacting the hammer spring bar at the beginning the hammer’s movement in the area where the spring bar is riveted to the hammer. I ground the tab to shorten it by about .003” and polished out the milling marks and rough edges. Wolff does not make springs for this gun. I made a brass bushing .07” thick .25” OD .12” ID and slipped it onto the hammer spring bar ahead of the spring. The Turkish Terror is now 100% reliable. I emailed Stoeger, they are sending me a hammer spring at no charge. (unless you are a gunsmith do not hone or file any point at which the sear contacts the hammer)
1/24/12 The new hammer spring arrived, 1/2" longer and much stiffer than the original. I replaced the original spring and homemade bushing with the new spring. My DIY gunsmith special is still working. My opinion if this thing would be better if it had been repaired either time it was sent back. Not only did I get a lemon, but then customer service failed as well.

If this is a Benelli at half the price then I don't want a Benelli at any price.

3/15/12 Since I repaired the gun I have been using it to shoot 5 stand. I have put hundreds of rounds of cheap Wal mart ammo through it with no failures to feed or fire.

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579 days ago

The Stoeger website indicates the gun will not cycle a load lighter than 1 1/8 oz or 3 1/4 dram.

"The Stoeger Model 2000 fires everything from 1-1/8 ounce field and target loads to the heaviest 3” waterfowl loads without adjustments." odel_2000.php

I've now fired over 1200 rounds (by 2010). I never had a failure with a heavy load (or hunting load). Recently I shot Winchester AA Heavy Target Loads AND Remington Gold Target Loads (premium) with complete success. All are 1 1/8 oz loads. I consider a heavy load to be at least 1 1/4 oz.

I have found many different light loads (1 1/8 oz or less) to sometimes not cycle the bolt (those shotshells always sell for the lowest price ($5.00/25)). But if I use premium target loads (1 1/8 oz or greater) then I never have any problems. When my gun was new it WOULD cycle light loads including 1 oz loads.

Edit 6-10-2011: Today I fired over 100 rounds of the lowest cost target shotshell from Walmart (Winchester, 1 1/8 oz, 7.5). All cycled the action and I experienced no problems. I kept the gun held very tightly against my shoulder (VERY IMPORTANT). It may be hard to believe, but I also fired successfuly a box of 1 oz loads.

Edit: 1-25-2012: Stoeger sent me a swivelsling screw for my standard buttstock (free, no charge).

I like the simplicity of the M2000. It's easy to disassemble and assemble and clean. Stoeger Company should sell parts for the M2000 directly from its web page. Barrels should be readily available. I have only two. But I may buy a M2000 Tactical gun (wanting an additional receiver tapped for a picatinny rail). I prefer only one 18 inch barrel (threaded for chokes for trap practice) and with a SIX round magazine. Large magazines can be too heavy.

I use both oil and gun grease. I oil the bolt but grease the bolt carrier and the locking lugs.

Some will say the M2000 is a Benelli "ripoff". I would say it's a Benelli clone (AT HALF THE PRICE).

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586 days ago



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591 days ago


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592 days ago

I grew up in Gulf Hammock, Florida hunting in the late Seventies and am now getting back into gun sports as a late middle aged man. I've taken up Trap shooting and bought a Beretta 3901 and a Stoeger 2000 because I could have both for the cost of one Benelli.

The truth is the Stoeger is a superior gun. I've just started out, but the Stoeger has operated without a misfire having fired about 250 shells and it is breaking in real nice. I'm thrilled to report that I broke 21 out of 25 pigeons in my second round of Trap after 30 years of inactivity. I actually think the red bar glowing plastic front sight helps a great deal.

The Stoeger is a sweet gun that feels right to me every time I throw it up to my shoulder. The quality of the craftsmanship is exceptional for the price. The inertia drive mechanism operates smoothly and the walnut stock is shining beautifully now that I've rubbed it down with teak oil a good ten time. The gun is also a breeze to clean.

I'm truly sorry to see some of the other posts deriding this gun because my experience has been wonderful, and I'd recommend this product without reservation. If this is representative of the kind of craftsmanship that is coming out of Turkey today, I'll be on the lookout for the Turkish label on future guns---perhaps a Stoeger 3500 is in the cards.

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592 days ago

My favorite peacemaker for dealing with those goddamn coyotes!!!!

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592 days ago

Not at all bad for blasting coyotes.

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