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14 days ago

Happiness is something that just happens. Searching for it just dulls the end result.

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58 days ago

I wish so much I did not care about being judged by others. wish I could say I don't give a hoot. but sometimes people can be so cruel and judgemental. why must they gossip and take such pleasure in that. I have some real jerks in my neighborhood. wish they would leave us the f*** alone. assholes.

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59 days ago

Burns me to the core. Doing the right thing is easy, but people can be callous, and unnecessarily so.

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184 days ago

I respectfully submit to my esteemed colleagues who espouse a low tolerance for rudeness - fuck off.

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195 days ago

It's not often the lie that's noteworthy: it's what they don't tell us.

Lately, I've been contemplating the reasons why some political mythologies and lies, despite being discredited, continue to be believed by the masses.

I think that people will believe a lie because they want to believe it's true, or because they are afraid it might be true. And we humans have an awful track record of being able to tell the difference between the truth and a lie. The "big lie" can be spread further and faster by modern communications, which has made it easier to connect with people who share your fears and beliefs, and to likewise ignore, miss, or spurn people who believe differently. This is being fueled by increased corporate consolidation among media entities.

This is all happening in conjunction with a carefully calibrated political strategy to take over state and local governments just after the census has allowed certain politicians to draw the boundaries to favor their own particular closed belief system. So now they don't even have to represent the populace as a whole, they only have to represent the majority of people in each skewed congressional district. So the same dysfunctional political discourse we see outside of government is perpetuated within it as well.

It would be ideal if districts were drawn impartially, or even better, if we can switch to a true proportional representative system, that will allow for a more wider base of opinion to be represented in elected bodies.

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197 days ago

Sure, whatever.

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248 days ago

I can't imagine that having Bi-Polar is a good mental illness that anyone is dying to have. Catherine Zeta Jones is one of those people. If you saw her in the street, you would never know. As for my own experience, I worked with an adult with Bi-polar and it was about as enjoyable as getting two of your wisdom teeth rip out:

-Sol G is angry at his neighbors. He would accused them of racism yet would called his African-Americans "APES" and shout that "he was from the planet of the APES." The funny thing is he was obsessed with my African American supervisor(That man had the patience of a saint).
-Wanted to get fights if someone bumps into him on the street.
-Put his hands on my supervisor
-Complained about the hospitals violating his civil rights.
-demand that overnight staff pay %100 attention even though there was a terminally ill patient in the room
-Wanted to kill me over shower curtains
-Got into physical fights with his roommates.

The list could go on and on. When they take their meds, the bi-polar are charming neighbors that you would like to invite over tea. That is obvious. But when they get into the homicidal rage, they feel that they are above the law when they put that knife into your back. I am glad that I got out when I did. I blamed my chrome dome boss. He knew what a nightmare the Bi-polar one was and set me up to fail from the beginning.

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351 days ago

Review Icon minkey reviewed Anger in Emotions:
I rarely get angry. I experience every other emotion but not often anger. Today however I kind of let loose on someone at work; it was an extremely frustrating situation for me, where I have been aggressively working for months to fill a position. I probably looked at 150 resumes, interviewed over 20 candidates in person, and had 2 finalists, both who were turned down by my superiors. This time, I had a 3rd finalist, who lives in LA and my position is in Northern CA. I had it all lined up for him, this would have worked out perfectly; my boss's boss was to meet him after work, but she bailed, thinking he did not take the proper steps when I made it very clear that he did. It felt good to let loose; I was just angry and did not hold back, as I always do from years of being corporate PC. I spent a lot of time doing some bag work right before I received the call with the news, which may be why I felt so free to open up, and as I said this was very frustrating; just uncharacterstic for me. But it felt good to vent and now write.

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450 days ago

At its worst, it can manifest itself by the sufferer sending the army to invade other countries.

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450 days ago

Grandma on Mom's side was bipolar like a motherfucker, from what Mom tells me... cleaning house at two in the morning some days and not even making it out of bed on others. Stigma surrounding mental illness and methods of treatment prevalent at the time made sure she went basically untreated, which led to an interesting childhood for Mom...

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