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786 days ago

Bought a Troy Bilt front propelled mower back in Mar 07. The belt kept falling off. The grass would get thrown up through a hole, knocking off the belt. I'd take the mower back and they would give me another belt. After the 3rd time, I wanted to return the mower. But the supervisor reassured me that if the mower had problems, they would take care of it. I removed the cover to the belt area so the grass had somewhere to go and not clump up that would kick the belt off. By Sept 07, I made the discovery that the mower should have came with a shroud or baffle that prevents the grass from accumulating around the belt. You could see the lightbulbs popping on above these small engine mechanics, "yeah sure, we got those, we'll order one and put it on for you". And of course, they did, for free plus a $25 Farm & Fleet gift certificate. Well, that solved the problem until the Spring of 2011, the $50 warranty expired, when the baffle dislodged, was chewed up by the mower blade and pinched the belt above the main pulley. Took it back for repaired and explained the history of the belt problems, how I made the discovery of the missing baffle, how I wanted to return the mower but was talked out of doing so and told that I would be taken care of if there was ever a problem. The last repair took 3 weeks so I gave them 3 weeks, called and they tell me the parts (the new baffle just came in. They had it on that afternoon and they did all the work and part for free. Get it home to a job site, that's right, I mow for a few yards and the front self propelling does not work. It was damaged when the baffle fell off and they never tested to mower to see if everything was working. I also notice a part missing from the transmission assembly (TA) which will cost $100 to replace but it's the 4th of July 4th so I'll need to wait to take it back. There's something in the TA that's not engaging. I removed a wheel to see it's gear which is attached to the wheel shaft which runs through the TA. I can see why it's $100 part. What a mess! Without the front wheel propelling the mower is not easy to push around. It's a heavy mower. Will report back on what they will do. If they don't fix it then I'll have to junk it but they said they would take care of me or it.....

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872 days ago

I bought a second hand Troy-Bilt Pedal Drive riding lawn mower (Model U609H) last year when the automatic transaxle of our Craftsman riding mower broke (axle came out attached to rear tire and rolled away - it was an old mower and well over its useful life). The Troy-Bilt mower was only a couple of years old, looked clean and well taken care of except that the blades looked very worn. I order a new set of blades (around $29 from an Internet outlet including shipping while the Troy-Bilt store wanted $79 before adding shipping) and when I went to change the blades, I saw that the spline ridges on the spindle shaft of the center blade were badly worn. I had to clean this area up with a small rotary file tool before I could put on a new blade. I then decided to order another set of blades and a new spindle and shaft to replace the worn part for the center blade (only needed the shaft but did not exactly what I had to order at that time).
The day before yesterday, I noticed that the center blade did not seem to be doing much cutting so I drove the front of the mower up on a mound so that I could look under the tray. What I saw was the center blade essentially freely rotating around, apparently not being controlled by its associated spindle drive assembly except being kept on it by the nut that not yet fallen off. Yesterday I removed the tray and examined what was happening and was flabbergasted! The center blade rotates in the opposite direction from the other two blades and all three are held onto their drive spindles with right hand threaded nuts. So, the two outer blades are attached with nuts that tend to tighten as the blades work while the inner blade rotates in the direction so as to loosen the confining nut. And in fact that is what had happened, the nut loosened as the drive spindle shaft was rotating in the direction it was supposed to for cutting (this also explains the damage I observed that had happened to this fixture before I bought it – someone had observed this problem and did not try to fix the spindle shaft so that it would properly grasp the blade). Anyone, even my grandmother, would know that you do not attach any cutting device with a screw type device, nut or bolt, that would come loose from the intended rotation in the direction that would loosen the nut or bolt (I guess I should add that my grandmother would probably have noticed this problem the first time I observed it but I didn’t)! The inner blade should have been attached with a left hand threaded nut or made to rotate in the other direction as the other blades and that problem would never have occurred. I used lock washer hoping that it would keep the blade in place until I can get another mower.
Aside from that stupid piece of engineering, the mechanical design of the user interface (so called ergonomics nowadays) is down right AWFUL! I wear a man’s size 9.5 shoes and it is almost impossible to press on the brake pedal without some part of my foot also hitting the drive pedal. The brakes are essentially lousy and the drive pedal wins out all the time. Also, I got a mulching plug with the mower and it is a bear to install as one has to get the screw that holds it in place into the small hole way up in the tray without being able to get any hand or finger to guide it into place (someone suggested to me to use a string to get that done and that works quite well). Also, the mulching boot assembly sticks out so far that one can not mow any where close to a border on that side of the mower – one can only cut close on the other side which requires a lot of maneuvering to get a close cut. Finally, the gearshift mechanism is terrible. It takes an act of congress to get it into forward gear and should one get into a bind by having the mower stuck against some sort of object (like a large oak tree), it takes an act of God to get it out of forward so as to get it into reverse to get out of that dilemma.
I have concluded that the engineering (if one could actually call it that) that went into designing that unit must have been done by 4th graders in the slums of New York City or Bombay). We have ordered a new Craftsman mower and I will never again purchase any type of Troy-Bilt machine (the name is an insult to the ancient Greeks)

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889 days ago

I did learn how to operate a crane when I was a teenager. It was a 1957 Unit brand track crane that was pretty worn out. If you tried to turn too quick the drive track would fall off. I was able to loose both tracks at once and I never heard the end of it.

It had a half ton magnet and to pick up items you swung the turrent to get a pendulum action. My second time running it I swung it all right. The magnet flew way out and then it was flying at me in the cab. At the last second I remembered to release the foot pedal and drop it. The magnet was sitting against the track a couple of feet in front of me. That was a shorts changing moment for me.

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889 days ago

I kinda need to know how to drive them in order to fix them. With all the different types and manufacturers I've had to learn pretty quick how to drive some models.

The only one that gave me a hard time was a huge Royal forklift. It was being used to move radioactive "casks" at a nuclear cleanup site. The three sides of the cab were protected by thick plate steel and there were cameras mounted at each corner with a video display. I'm still amazed I didn't run over anything or my spotters that were directing me.

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949 days ago

We don't have this model but we've got a Toro CCR 2000,we've had it for 21 winters now and still going strong. I'm wondering if it's ever going to die. Toro make one of the best snowthrower out there.

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1175 days ago

They are your best bet for offroading. I own one and havedriven the shit out of it and it still runs. I've even ramped it at 45mph at a dirtbike track. It was funny they were calling me stupid and said it wouldnt survive. But i told them to fuck off and i ramped and got some air and landed hard enough to burst a tire. And i drove it home and am still driving it.

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1180 days ago

Troy Bilt 160 cc Honda self propelled front drive mower
Item #: 317766 | Model #: 12AVA29Q711

I absolutely love this mower design,Honda motors are awesome.
Unfortunately I tried two from Lowe's, both leaked fluid from black
gearbox on front axel, after only a few minutes,what a bummer...
I knew the rest of this story so,

Lowes in Medford,Oregon was awesome, they took them both back
no questions.

I then bought a Craftsman Model # 917.376543 same Honda Motor
So far so good.No leaks.

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1186 days ago

It can be a smooth running machine if you can find one that's been cared for. I wouldn't work dirt with it hard and often. They're just too old. However, I would rake hay to the tune of its smooth throaty motor all day long.

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1230 days ago

Troy Bilt TB250

Nice Features, Poor Quality

This was my first self-propelled mower and I was very satisfied overall with the mower until it broke.

The Good:
I was very impressed with the Honda 160cc engine. It was very quiet and seemed to have more than enough power to propel the mower and take care of the yard. The variable speed control was easy to use and worked well. A lever placed next to the starter handle made controlling the speeds easy. Basically, squeeze harder to go faster. It was a little awkward in tight spots, though. I liked the front wheel drive because it made pivoting on the back wheels a breeze without having to be in neutral (the mower has to be in neutral when pushing or pulling without the self propel (this is as easy as letting go of the lever)). I never got around to using the bag or mulching, but the side discharge worked great. The ability to attach a water hose to the deck for cleaning was great. It made cleaning a breeze, and I will probably never buy another mower without one. The system started with great ease using the auto choke. You simply slide the choke lever over and pull the starter string. I was actually just pulling on the string to test the resistance and it started! That is how easy it was to start the engine.

The Bad:
Unfortunately, after two mows the mower began leaking an oily fluid out of a little black box between the two front wheels. I assume it was some sort of transmission fluid. It seemed the mower then started having trouble going into neutral (the wheels seemed locked). I did not want to take the mower back as I really liked it and it was less than a month old; so I called Troy Bilt for advice. The wait time was about ten minutes when I called at about 4:00 P.M. EST. The service representative was courteous. He took my information and directed me to a repair shop in my area, and advised the repair would be covered under warranty. After calling the repair shop I was told the turn around time for mower repair would be one month. I could not be without a mower for a month so I returned it to the store from where I bought it (Lowes). It was too bad because I really liked everything else about the mower. I would recommend it if I could be assured of the quality but it scared me away from trading it in for another one. If it had broken a week later I would not have been able to return it (because of the store’s return policy) and I would have been stuck waiting a month.

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1240 days ago

I've had a Poulan 10530ES since 2005, and it is a great machine overall. I travel a lot and even my wife can use it to blow whatever snow arrives. Only problem in all this time occurred at end of 2009 when the outside welds on both augers broke, which ended up bending one of the augers when it rotated outside of the chute. Upon careful inspection the outside welds were much shorter (about half) than the inside welds on the augers. An auger weld should never break if done properly, and my old snow blower survived over 25 years with no breaks. I notified Poulan of a quality issue in their augers they should review, but never heard back from them so far. I now have to get a new set of augers before the next winter and they aren't cheap. Other than that I can heartily recommend this unit if you need to move a lot of snow. I've moved more than 20 inches of snow without problem. It starts easy, has been very reliable up until the auger problem, and I expect many years of good service once I get the auger replaced. Disassembles easy. Anyone can do it (read the manual).

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