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697 days ago

I smoke white ox tobacco & have fir 20 years & yes it's the best tobacco on the market, I do how ever have some concerns about the quality of the last few years. I do get upset when my tobacco is to dry & full of woody chunks ! could you guys have a look at improving your EXCERLENT product.
A almost very happy concumer.

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1175 days ago

Makes persons pyhcodic.

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1193 days ago

I smoke Port Royal - wine and rum blend, yep those namby pamby poofta rollies. There is no fucken way known on earth I will ever buy a pouch of that demon shag from Hades. I was given a rollie one-day by a mate about 20 years ago - he passed it on to me with one eyebrow raised. I lit-up without a moments thought, after the first drag I turned and looked at my mate in alarm as my head spun so severely I thought I would pass-out. I actually gave up smoking for the next 20 years, vowing never to go near tobacco again, but the weed's seductive voice has called again, and I am once again it's lover. I smoke about 3 rollies a day now - would never a touch a tailor or a filtered rollie for that matter, I just enjoy a smoke in solitude or outside a cafe with a latte. George Orwell - the writer of "Animal Farm and "1984" smoked White Ox or it's equivalent "strong dark shag tobacco".

Are you Mice or Men ?......pass the cheese.

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1221 days ago

What I don't like:

FSC or fire safe cigarette laws were passed state by state using deception and misinformation.

Why I don't like that:

FSC cigarettes greatly increase the health risks for smokers. Fires have actually increased for smokers in New York, the first state to pass the law.

I would explain more in my unique and personal voice, but this issue needs to be documented with facts, not the vague and unverified assertions that the laws were passed on.

For the truth behind FSC laws, see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rebecca-brooks/fire-safe-cigarette-laws_b_519867.html

And I would be try to be witty, but there's nothing amusing about this.

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1260 days ago

I bought a Gambler Tube Cut Cigarette Machine on 11/30/09. I sent in what I thought was warranty registration, complete with receipt & driver's license copy. After which they would send back $10.00 in coupons for their products. Being the rush of the holidays & what not, I mistakenly sent in the coupon form instead of warranty card (my error, very sorry!!). The thing was difficult to operate from the get-go! But lo & behold come February, wouldn't work at all. Certainly I called them. They will not honor a warranty since I didn't send in the right card, even though I can still send them an original receipt showing the date of purchase. The cigarettes it makes are only filled half full (from the lit end!), to 1/4" from the filter, and the machine is very hard to pull the handle. Their only offer was for me to send $25.00 & they'd send me a new machine. Then I could send in the 1 year warranty card for the new machine! The only "Then" I see is I'd have $50.00 wrapped up in this piece of junk! Could buy an electric for that much.
Have a friend who has the same type machine, only the "Top" Brand. He has had it over a year and makes cigarettes non stop with none of these problems.

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1319 days ago

Nice website, designed well and very user friendly. I likey!

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1381 days ago

I smoke 2 50 grams of this a week I absolutely love the taste, no other tobacco compares these days. And tailor (prerolled) cigis just taste wrong. after 2 years of smoking white ox I just cant imagine what it would be like if I had never discovered it..
Absolutely incredible tobacco.

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1493 days ago

The negatives outweigh the positives on this product. I personally believe that the introduction of fire-safe cigarettes is the government's way of getting people to quit smoking all together.

Inside the cigarette are two "speed bumps" that when the cherry reaches either of these two points and is not being smoked, the cigarette burns out. The "speed bumps" are extra layers of paper coated with ethylene vinyl acetate, a sticky solution used in carpet glue. Carpet glue is not meant to be smoked.

You may be thinking, "there are over 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, how is one more going to hurt"? Well, if each of the 4,000 chemicals were the size of a BB, this new chemical is the size of a soccer ball. The government should not assume that adding one more chemical won't hurt.

Not only are they not proven to reduce the amount of accidental fires caused by smoking, it can be argued that they cause more fires.

How is this product not fire-safe?
~heavier ashes that fall off of the cherry.
~known to have sparks shoot off the ends!
~Constantly having to relight.

The taste is also very bad and is similar to copper or some type of metal which makes smoking unpleasant.

Smokers are also experiencing sicknesses unheard of when smoking the fire-safe cigarette.

These are, but not limited to
~dry throat
~Terrible cough
~other flu-like symptoms
~smokers are having to smoke more, harder, to keep the cigarette from burning out, adding more tar to their bodies.

Here is a link where you can read about just how hazardous these Fire-safe cigarettes are


Here is a link where you can help by signing a petition to repeal these fire-safe cigarettes


Help bring back good tobacco!

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1512 days ago

Pretty good, taste just like a good ol' Camel Filter cig.

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1625 days ago

5 stars for the only tobacco know to man to blast the socks right off of your feet! Trust me, Ive never suffered constipation since smoking White Ox. Heck, even when I dont feel like going having one or two of these makes me want to go number 2! An amazing shag, full of flavour and dark goodness. Will kill you in half the time of standard tobacco but let me tell you this, ummm ... eerrr... yeah that is kinda bad. But this tobacco is amazing! I get headspins just typing about it -- there it goes right now ... blah belrgh i wodd dhat wudd my katz bref smels like kaht food.... anyway, give this stuff a hit. You will not be able to smoke another cigarette again. Ever. Plus, when someone bums one off of you and you watch them turn white, then green, then rush to the toilet to puke their guts up, you know they aint ever gonna ask you for squat ever again. Yeah, this stuff may be popular in prison but you dont have to do crime, nor the time, to enjoy something so fine. So, go grab a pack of this. Initially, you'll think you wasted 15 bucks on a 30g pack but you will grow to appreciate this fine full zwares' robust, deep, complex and mind-fvckingly potent nicotine and tar levels. Remember, it's all about evolution, and the last of us standing will be white ox smokers. If the dinosaurs had the occasional white ox roll your own, they would be here today. So would the dodo, tasmanian tiger, and other extinct floras and faunas. Try some today and rate it all right here!!!


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