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168 days ago

OMG! I love this show! I have recently started watching, but have seen every episode. It is addicting and amazing. I love it when the acting and makeup make you forget it is just a TV show. I also love that no one is safe. Not to mention Daryl Dixon. He makes the show worth watching :) I find that I have no nails left by the end of the episode because it is intense. I hope it lasts forever!

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174 days ago

I have never seen a show as funny in years as the Big Bang Theory. I don't like using the term nerds so i will say geniuses. Its about time in my opinion that a show filled with geniuses get a sitcom. What makes this show funny is they have a beautiful blonde neighbor named Penny who most of the time doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. Penny also teaches them some things which makes for very funny comedy. Sheldon Cooper cracks me up on this because he just gets on everybody's nerves. He would be the kind of roommate if you had you would probably go insane or want to kill. Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon Cooper does a great job on this show. Raj cracks me up and I can relate to him because I had trouble myself talking to women. I like when Penny and Sheldon get together because they usually have comebacks at each other. I love the three time knock Sheldon does. Penny, Penny, Penny. The only thing I would change about The Big Bang Theory is cut back on the sex talk some. All in all though The Big Bang Theory is the best sitcom I've seen in years.

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185 days ago

An absolute great and awesome show. From comic book to tv this is a first I have seen in a long time that I have actually liked. I thought though it was only going to be a mini series until the season finale. Almost didn't watch it, i'm more of a vampire fan. But this show changed that I have become a zombie fan as well. I recommend this show to all zombie fans and anyone who loves the action, drama and light fear it brings.

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211 days ago

Can't say much more than just that I really like it. I can't wait for next season.

I had to try twice to get into it, the first few seasons of s1 didnt impress me too much. But after all the praises I heard, I decided the give it another shot. Since then I'm just enjoying the ride.

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212 days ago

Well, belatedly, I've taken up my friend Ridgewalker's suggestion (spurred on as well by the positive reviews I've read in the media), and I started watching "Breaking Bad." Generally speaking, I don't go to the movies anymore--- quality, adult-oriented drama comes almost exclusively from cable TV these days, and I, over time, end up ordering a variety of these series from Amazon. And "Breaking Bad" is another winner. It started off slow--- I was admittedly intrigued by the premise, but a bit hesitant to allow myself to become too deeply involved in the trajectory of the storyline. A high school science teacher with terminal cancer deciding to become a meth "cook" in order to leave something behind for his famliy. Without knowing Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show, I thought initially that it might be an aging Yuppie's conceit, a pretentiously "clever" and gimmicky black comedy in the same mold as "Six Feet Under." I was wrong. After watching just a few episodes, I was hooked, and I've watched all 4 seasons on DVD in a series of marathon sesssions. It's impossible to watch just one episode--- the anticipation to see what's going to happen is just too intense, and the manner in which the director, the writers, and the actors create and sustain that dramatic tension is simply brilliant. The series works both as a tragic "black comedy" and a darkly comedic tragedy.

Like Ridgewalker, I won't give it a 5. For him, a 5 is "Deadwood." For me, a 5 is "The Wire." But it comes close, in the same way "The Shield" sometimes came close. There's not a bad or unconvincing actor in the cast. Bryan Cranston as the doomed protagonist Walter White is superb. We see how someone of average sensibilities can deliberately...albeit with some reluctance...choose the path of this case, making and selling narcotic "poison" to addicts...for a noble purpose--- to make sure that his family is taken care of financially after his death. Cranston's Walter starts off as a basically decent guy, with deep-seated undercurrents of bitterness and frustration at what life has handed him; he feels that his job is beneath him and that he was cheated by a "friend" who prospered at his expense. The scene where the usually placid Walter suddenly and explosively unveils that frustration to his friend's wife is extremely powerful, and real. Still, none of that complexity diminishes Walter's basic decency-- who wouldn't do what he had to to ensure that his family would survive and continue on in a comfortable manner following his death? We relate to Walter, and that makes all that follows so effective, so potent in its emotional impact. Because, despite that noble purpose and Walter's best intentions, we see how one concession to that evil inevitably leads to another, and another, until that person of average sensibility, that decent school teacher attempting to make sure his family survives him, is no longer that, but instead a ruthless predator, a calculating monster, a personification of evil himself. A lesser actor wouldn't be able to make that transformation credible. Cranston does. Aaron Paul is also superb as his less intelligent but more moral sidekick, and Giancarlo Esposito is simply outstanding as Gustavo"Gus" Fring, their partner/nemesis in the dangerous world of high-level, extremely lucrative drug dealing. Charming and smooth one moment, sociopathically brutal the next, it's difficult to take your eyes off Esposito whenever he's on the screen. Also worthy of praise are Anna Gunn as Walter White's long suffering wife Skyler, and Dean Norris as his DEA brother-in-law.

I haven't watched the 5th season yet (I've ordered it as a pre-order DVD on Amazon) but I can't imagine how it could surpass the 4 seasons I've just watched. And yet, given how gripping and entertaining (as well as depressing and thought provoking) the series has been so far, I have every hope that it just might. An excellent series that really defines what a drama ought to be. It's a shame that movies have given up the ghost pretty much and are catering to a 14-year old audience, but cable TV has provided a light at the end of the tunnel for all those who despair of finding "entertainment" aimed at thoughtful, intelligent adults. "Breaking Bad" is one of the better examples currently out there of that "light."

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242 days ago

I've watch all the episode's more then once and loved every moment even the off ending that shouldn't of happen. I hated that it ended but they ended it in a nice fashion where your not left with no answer and to many questions.

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254 days ago

Among the cesspool of reality television is 'American Pickers.' A fat, short and bald hairy man who liked to 'bundle things' and his weirdo friend. I just don't think television can get worse, but it always does.

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276 days ago

iCarly was way past its prime and it was a good idea to stop making it. There were few good episodes in the last 2 seasons. I thought iGoodbye was one of the best episodes of iCarly in well over a year. iCarly was great in the first few years, and theres no disputing that. I especially liked the episode where Spencer is Pranking. I also liked the episode where Nora kidnaps them the 2nd time and Gibby gets stuck in the Chimney. I'm excited to see what show will replace it.

Go easy on the weasy

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287 days ago

Bizarre cartoon that nonetheless had a certain quirky appeal.

Here is the theme song, combined with that from Johny Quest, and performed by the Reverend Horton Heat.

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291 days ago

I resisted watching this for a long time, as...quite frankly...the "zombie" or "walking dead" genre has become as dull and moribund as the genre of existentially tortured, weepy-eyed, romantically-motivated vampires (which, in fairness, was never a genre I was particularly interested in anyway--- give me again the days of sophisticated but feral Robert Quarry or Chris Lee with his blazing red contact lenses or even poor ol' Bela Lugosi with his opera cape and the marbles in his mouth...but I digress...). A friend finally induced me to watch a few episodes of the 1st season at random, and I was intrigued--- intrigued enough to order the entire 1st season on DVD, and then the 2nd. And now I'm on the point of watching each episode in real time as it premieres on the TV itself.

I don't think it's the best series ever, and the acting is sometimes a little too feverish and over the top for my tastes (although, in fairness, ordinary people might very well begin acting feverish and over the top when faced with an army of flesh eating zombies...but I digress...), but I appreciate the imaginative twists the creators of this show have been able to come up with so far. They've been very successful in investing a very tired premise with sparkling new life. I love seeing great ol' character actors like Scott Wilson and Michael Rooker on the screen again, even if it's only the TV screen. The special effects are suitably gruesome and realistic. And some of this stuff...without the gore and very disturbing. The image from last night's episode, where the father is brushing the hair of his dead zombie daughter, was disturbing, touching, and haunting.

I've come to the series reluctantly, and it'll never be "The Wire" (few if any shows will), but I'm a fan. Maybe in time I'll even be a big fan. We'll see. But I do recommend the show highly. For those who are sensitive, though, this is very, very graphic--- sometimes even more so than the old Lucio Fulci, Andrea Bianchi, or George Romero movies. So be warned.

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