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90 days ago

OK since there is no way to review Orphan Black on this site, I can at least review Tatiana Maslany who makes the show. I am glad she got nominated for an award, but honestly this woman should be nominated for every clone she plays on the show. To be able to watch a show where she plays so many different characters and to be able to forget this just shows her amazing acting. While the story line of Orphan Black is spectacular, I do not think I would enjoy it as much if there was any other actress.

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90 days ago

Matt Smith is an AMAZING actor! I love the quirkiness he brings to the Doctor. And he is gorgeous to boot!

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102 days ago

John Waters is one of the major influences on my life. I've watched all of his films, read all his books, got his one man show on DVD and seen countless interviews with him (you've got to see him on Real Time with Bill Maher).

Waters is an iconoclast if ever I seen one. He thinks for himself and follows his passions regardless of what others may think. This comes through like a charm in his films.

I urge anyone to take a look into his work and listen to his ideas. It may change your outlook on life.

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113 days ago

Kim Ki Duk makes great movies! Most of all I like his "3-Iron", very unusual and deep movie.

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183 days ago

I've always been a big fan-- he's always been one of my favorite actors, and the film "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" may be my personal favorite film of all time--- but he's always been nuts...perhaps clinically insane...and recently there have been disturbing allegations of incest. His daughter Pola has just written a book (2013) claiming that her father molested her for years. Why now, 20 plus years after his death? She is quoted as saying, ""I want everyone to know the truth about my father because I am sick and tired of people in Germany glorifying him. Everywhere I hear 'He was such a great actor' and 'I loved him in so-and-so movie'. The adulation only got worse after his death." Obviously, she's not as "forgiving" as Mackenzie Phillips has claimed to be, and that's certainly more than understandable. The thought of a parent forcing a child into committing incest (or manipulating a child into incest) is sickening, a crime for which there has to be zero tolerance. Half-sister Nastassia has said that he attempted incest with her, but was unsuccessful, or changed his mind, or was repulsed. She has also said, ""He was no father. Ninety nine percent of the time I was terrified of him. He was so unpredictable that the family lived in constant terror." When asked what she would say to him now if she had a chance, she replied, "I would do anything to put him behind bars for life. I am glad he is no longer alive." Strong stuff, coming from a daughter regarding her father. Stalin's daughter had better things to say about her father, than Kinski's daughters did about Kinski.

Undeniably, it's all extremely disturbing. For me, as a long term "fan," the issue is separating the "artist" from the individual, I guess. Which isn't always easy. Roman Polanski is a genius, but he drugged a young female and had sex with her (some would call it rape). It makes him a shitty human being, but it doesn't diminish his artistry, his genius. Elia Kazan was a rat, but he made classics that live on. Brando was a horrible father, but when he was on the top of his game (when he wanted to be), he was the best there is, the standard that most Cold War and post Cold War actors aspire to. And Klaus Kinski was an abusive lunatic (which was always known) and an incestuous rapist, if we're to believe his daughter...and why would she lie about such a thing at this point in time? To what end? But...when he wanted to be...he was one of the greatest actors of all time. There's no taking that away from him.

This doesn't mean I was ever enamored of Kinski as a human being, or thought he was fundamentally a "nice guy." His autobiography "All I Need Is Love" seemed designed to convince the reader that Kinski was one of Europe's biggest "studs" while degrading to women in particular and to every other human being in his life in general. Most found the book offensive; I found it pathetic and sad. He was vocal about his willingness to make cinematic crap for whatever money he could get, and turning down offers from people like Fellini because the money offered was not enough for him. He seemed proud of his greed, and I suppose he could get some kudos for honesty, but to me it was always comparable to Brando making a few great films and then walking through the rest for a big payoff (he got several million for 5 minutes in "Superman"-- what is that if not obscene?). Fuck the audience, fuck artistic integrity, fuck effort and achievement...where's my money? What's admirable about that, particularly when it's coming from the most gifted actors in the world? And, as a person, Kinski could be downright nasty (I strongly recommend the Werner Herzog documentary about his troubled relationship with Kinski entitled "My Best Friend"), even potentially homicidal. During the making of "Aguirre," he became disturbed by some extras playing cards in a hut, and fired 3 gunshots wildly at the hut. Luckily, no one was killed, but one extra had the tip of his finger blown off. There are other stories too numerous to recount here. Maybe Kinski was clinically insane. Or maybe he was just an egotistical jerkoff whose only regard was for himself. Certainly 2 of his children would subscribe, I think, to the latter view.

So...when all is said and Kinski still one of my favorite actors? Yes. Was he a great actor? Yes. As a human being, though, he was a piece of shit.

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202 days ago

Update: The last of his films that I enjoyed was Jackie Brown. I particularly liked its lack of artiface. He's inclined to say "Look at me!" when directing. In Jackie Brown he was more content to just tell the story - probably due to the quality of the source material, an Elmore Leonard novel, and the casting of a seasoned actors like Pam Grier, Robert Forster and Robert De Niro who don't need directorial pyrotechnics to make the screen come to life. Samuel L. Jackson, while compelling to watch in this film was simply reprising roles he has played before.

His recent films the Kill Bill sisters, Inglorious Basterds and his latest one amount to self parody of his film signature and are discounting his legacy.

Original 3/30/2006: He seems like a giddy teenager who snuck into a strip club with fake ID. The fact that he loves what he's doing shows on the screen. I hope he tries his hand a something a little different than Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown/Kill Bill next time out. Maybe a revival of an old MGM musical. I read that he wanted to go back and make James Bond films that were true to the Ian Flemming books. That would have been interesting.

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204 days ago

This rating is based on Quentin Tarantino's movie, "Django Unchained"

I knew that Quentin Tarantino movies had a reputation for being vulgar, violent and gritty. These kinds of movies are not my thing anymore so I was strongly opposed to seeing this movie even at the pleading of a good friend that it was worth seeing. When I read that Spike Lee criticized this movie and made comments against it, that was the moment when I knew I had to see it.

Typically Quentin Tarantino movies are a bit too much for me but I had to see what made Spike Lee critical of this film. Spike Lee is a African American movie producer who spent years writing and producing racially themed movies like "Jungle Fever" with a depiction of every race of people from whites, blacks, Asians, Latino's using racist words on one another and acting like they all came out of a southern plantation. How could Spike Lee of all people say a white guy's movie on racism was disrespectful? I had to see what all the fuss was about especially coming from Spike Lee. There are certain people who have a hard time understanding Tarantino's quirkiness.

Sure enough Tarintino was true to form. The movie had over the top scenes of extreme violence, and the use of the Ni---ger word to boot, even in places when it was not needed. With that said, I never felt Tarantino was being racist or glorying in those who are. I think he most likely wanted to make an over the top lasting impression on the horror, brutality and senselessness of racism and the slavery it produced in all it's gore, ugliness and violence.
Tarintino is a movie Shock Jock and anyone buying a ticket to see his movie should be aware of this before seeing his films then getting all worked up.

Rumor has it Will Smith turned this role down then Jamie Foxx ended with this lead role.

There is also a real funny scene on the sheet wearing KKK that scored a big laugh. The move in a nutshell is Django is an ex-slave who teams up with a German-born legitimate bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz to catch the evil, murderous band of slave torturing, white guys who are cast as relatives ( brothers). The lovely Kerry Washington plays Jaime's wife he is trying to find after she was sold in in the slave trade. Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the owner of "Candyland plantation. He played a convincing part as a brutal famous plantation owner that is Oscar worthy.

The movie bought out the worst in every character. Like Martin Luther King once said you can't keep a man down without getting down their with em. Everybody in this movie got down, dirty and ugly. I rated it great because it should be a reason to end the ugliness of all racial hatred if it leads to behavior as depicted in this movie. Leave Quentin be.. he made a noteworthy point in Django Unchained.

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231 days ago

Imagine David Abrams, David & Jerry Zucker,the three behind Airplane,Police Squad, Top Secret....but totally Tone Deaf,and full of the worst NYC/New Jersey style comedy,the kind that even most New Yorkers don't laugh at.

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236 days ago

I actually met him at Phoenix Comic Con where he was doing an autograph session with the AZ Ghostbusters (he was Peck for those that can't place him). I found him funny and likable. He even laughed when I greeted him with a joke about that parrot thing in Bio Dome and said that it was a fun movie to shoot. I got a couple sigs from him and look forward to him coming back at comic con.

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248 days ago

"The Luckiest Man on Earth"


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