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690 days ago

What a visionary. It's a pretty basic statement, but the guy invented the personal computer for god's sake.....not to mention having a great hand in the I-Pod, I-Pad, and I-Phone. Didn't seem nearly as nice or jovial as Steve Wozniak, but he seemed like a decent man. On a side note, I really hate Apple products :)

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695 days ago

The major news outlets are reporting that Steve Jobs has passed away after a long bout with cancer.

He was one of the best marketing strategists out there. That's ultimately what made him and Apple so successful. Not a particularly great CEO, but his creativity more than made up for that.

May he rest in peace.

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726 days ago

Ebay is the greediest worst site around!! I sold online for a number of years with them, their customer support sucks, they suspend people for no reason, pay a ton in fees for items not selling, paypal fees, now fees for shipping!! Come on already!
Everyone that is disappointed should check out Yardsellr. They are the new Ebay. They are Yardsellr and you can find them on Facebook. They also just started style.ly a great new hip site for womens new and slightly used clothing and accessories. They're the best site around to sell online, no fees for sellers, and the staff is the best!! There is a disgruntled ex-seller on the Review boards on Yardsellr connected through Facebook, but she was suspended for poor business practices and a terrible attitude. You can find Yardsellr on Facebook. Free $5 sign up bonus if you're new to the site!!

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779 days ago

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947 days ago

Hi there!

My name is Kirstie Filosa I work for DISH Network Executive Office and yes you are correct we generally try to have Charlie Chat at least once a month.

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970 days ago

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how he looks like that Wally character from the Classic Old time popular Leave it to Beaver TV show? Most definitely smarter and more nerdy but I wonder if he is an ass nevertheless? I can say this much for him, if he is an ass and if he may be called an asshole by his critics and ex-friends, he is one hell of a super-rich asshole!

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970 days ago

Billionaire in 5 years.

If that's not entrepreneurial spirit, I don't know what is.

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970 days ago

On Facebook you can Create Produce, Star in your very own make believe Reality Show and few will be the wiser. He tapped into the needs of millions of dysfunctional obsessive-compulsive, bored meglomaniacs that spend too much of their time lying, over exaggerating, bragging and glamorizing their otherwise dull and mundane activities. I can't hate him for making such a brilliant idea a reality! The sad reality is the people labeled friends/fans on the majority of those Facebooks are not real friends by any stretch of the imagination when they range into the thousands. Come on, you don't really know all of those people on a personal level like that! Fans do not qualify as real friends.

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1197 days ago

So much wisdom to share. I've personally put Warren Buffett's strategies into effect and had great results. The metaphor of "Mr Market", which he got from Benjamin Graham is a great way to think about your calls. In my opinion anyone wanting to expand their investment knowledge has to read Warren Buffett related books. Of course he is not perfect but he has so much knowledge to impart.

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1519 days ago

What a bunch of losers you all are. Here's a guy who has sucessfully represented thousands of non-celebrities. Why don't you just cop to it, your just pissed you can't afford him. If you were in trouble, you'd be all over him like white on rice...Grow up.

And by the way, I read he got $900,000 for the tiger case. More proof you don't know what you are talking about.

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