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31 days ago

Three dogs are in the veterinary clinic waiting room. One dog asks another what he's in for.

"My master renovated the house and installed expensive new carpets and I keep soiling them instead of going outside, so I've been brought here to be put to sleep. What are you here for?"

The first dog replies, "I'm also being put to sleep, I’ve bit the mailman several times."

The two dogs then look over and ask the third dog what he's in for.

"The other day my master stepped out of the shower and she bent over. She looked good and I couldn't resist, so I jumped her from behind and took her like a wild animal!"

"So I guess you're gonna to be put to sleep too" says the first dog.

"No, I'm here for a shampoo and to get my nails done."

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88 days ago

This shot is horrible and I've only had it twice! I get headaches all day everyday. And no amount of pain killers have any effect. I can't remember a day in the last couple of months when I haven't had a migraine. Im nauseous everyday and sometimes I can't even eat without wanting to throw up. I've had my period for over 3 months. I'm always bloated and I have so much cramping from constipation. I get depressed and angry so easily. There are days when I'm so miserable I just want to lay in bed and cry, all because this shot fucked up my hormones. I'm due in July for another one, but I'm never getting this shot again. I didn't do much research on it cuz they gave me a packet at the clinic and I thought that would be all I needed to know. But that didn't even begin to scratch the surface. I've heard and read so many bad stories about this shot and I have yetto hear a good one. Do NOT get this shot. If you want birth control, try another method for sure. If I could rate it 0 stars I would but since I can't ill just give it 1, but it doesn't even deserve that.

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120 days ago

15 reviews, no dissenting opinions - quelle surprise!

A father is sitting in the den watching the late movie when his son comes in, walks to the liquor cabinet and quickly downs three whiskeys in a row.

His father says "What's the occasion?"

The son says "My first blowjob."

Proud Papa says "Well a celebration is in order, let me pour you a shot of my good stuff."

"No thanks Dad, if three shots won't wash the taste away I doubt a fourth will make any difference."

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120 days ago

tank kwe ye vru cocli in hors no,mm

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120 days ago

Life is short. If you're not going to have dirty, filthy, animal-like godless sex then what's the point?

Apart from matching sweaters and going on a multi-state crime spree there is nothing that will bring a straight couple closer together than anal sex. It's a revealing activity that allows you to understand instantly that you're both with total whores and isn't it awesome that you don't have to feel ashamed of it or keep it secret anymore. And isn't that what you're truly looking for in husband/wife?

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151 days ago

WHEW! this shot did me in! It all started after i got my 3rd shot. I started getting hot flashes, nausea every morning like clock work at 1030-noon time, bloated every single day, constipated, not able to sleep i keep waking up in the night, night sweats (i would sweat around my neck at times and wake up in the morning and would be sweating in between my thighs, no period (which i am not complaining about, but right now i would kill for a period LOL), spotting, i just do want to do anything anymore, I use to go out with my best friend all the time, and now i just don't even care to go anymore, would get really hungry at night, and mild mild stomach cramps....

I called planned parenthood like 500 times to ask about my symptoms and they would tell me everything that it is the hormones in this shot that is causing all this madness!

Whatever you ladies do... do not self-diagnose yourselves because it is not healthy at all. I did that. I goggled all my symptoms and it seem that every symptom i was having was under something like diabetes or cancer... It was crazy!! So do not do that. if you feel bad call where you got the shot from and they will tell straight up if those are symptoms of the shot or not.

Also, do NOT get this shot. Please research a lot about something that is getting injected into your body. i didn't and look at me now. I am suppose to go back in like 2 weeks for my 4th shot, but I am done. I cancelled my appt. I cannot keep feeling like this. I was so much better than this until i got the depo shot. I have completely changed.

Ladies, this shot is not something to play with, or just to get because you want to stop your cycles. I promise you it will change your life. I have heard maybe like 5 or 6 really good stories about this shot, and I have been doing some serious researching. That is not good at all. I mean, think about it... when you get off this shot you withdrawal from it! WOW! These are fake azz hormones getting injected into our bodies!

If you love how your life is going right now do get on the depo shot because you will straight up starting hating your life and everyone in it. I have met some really good women that have been on this or this is still on it. They tell me every day they wish they could just have their lives back. I want my life back too. There is a day when I think I do have my life back, and then BAM... here's some nausea or a hot flash or some kid of side effect ruining my FUKING day.

Yall have a great day.

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161 days ago

ive been bleeding for over month i had deppo shot in january what can i do to stop it

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167 days ago

Since when is the origin of life illegal? I thought the Puritans were a defunct society.

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177 days ago

I would never ever tell anyone to get this stupid shot!!!! After getting the shot about two weeks after I started bleeding and it hasn't stopped. That was three months ago. And the moods swings are horrible. I feel like I am going crazy on this thing. So far my fiancé has been very patient with me but wehave been arguing pretty bad. To the point that he doesn't want to get married anytime soon because I have been so different since starting the shot! I hope the side effects go away after I stop it otherwise I we'll have no fiancé anymore. Not even a boyfriend..... Don't tasks this shot

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185 days ago

My first time getting this method of birth control. I tried the pill but things got hectic at home with my parents, I decided to give Depo-Provera a shot because it's more personal and a lot easier to remember to re-up on it than The Pill. My first 2 days were horrifying nausea like crazy-couldn't eat for those two days but afterwards, I couldn't stop eating. I have been watching my diet now and exercising, but it seems that the nausea has toned down a bit but now the abdomen pain and head aches have gotten so much worse than before. I have had vaginal bleeding some heavy and other times light. If your willing to deal with the horrible headaches and nausea then by all means this is the method for you - by the way you gain weight like CRAZY! Don't chose this if you can go with condoms or the pill - meaning if you don't have frequent sex this is a bit too extreme for its side affects go on the pill, believe me save yourself the pain.

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