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511 days ago

Review Icon lahmeur06 reviewed Honda Recon in ATVS:
very good

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519 days ago

I'm 14 and I've had my 2005 manual shift Honda Recon 250 since 2007. It was old when i got it and kinda worn, but 3 Sundays later it was running like it was brand-new. I had a sportsman 90 for awhile, but i drove it through a puddle, it ran fine for the rest of the day, and now the damn thing won't start. Boy what a difference. I've been to hell and back with this thing. I've rolled it twice (rock climbing), almost drowned it (really big puddle), nosed it strait into the ground (jump gone bad), and driven it trough a wall (don't ask), and it still runs like day 1. I haven't had to replace a single part on it except for the initial repairs. Plus the speed cranks. The only downside, is that it's electric shift, so if your battery dies in the middle of the woods, you have to rely on the kick shift, which isn't the best (in fact i had to push it 5 miles back to my campsite, luckily all downhill). But overall, this is a great machine. I recommend this quad for anyone who likes a little quad with a whole lotto power.

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643 days ago

I bought a new 650h1 TBX in 2007, I only have 1500 easily driven miles on it, a bear hunt in canada and a deer hunt per year, I have done regular mantenace on it and the engine had to be rebuilt due to oil pump failure, if you go on the Arctic chat site you will see the 2007 650s had bad oil pumps, my oil pump gear looks like it was made from lead as there are no teeth and is totaly rounded, did AC recall it or want to help me out? NOOOOOOOOO, I try to buy American but I think the Japs have us on this stuff! It cost me $2100.00 Buyer beware!

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674 days ago

i have owned this quad for 4 years now and have had many many problems- it seems to get very hot after awhile of riding it- makes a pinging/knocking noise when i pull something- the cable to the 4x4 broke and it stays in 4x4 at all times-the plastic is very thin and cheap and breaks easily the back drum break has already locked up on me and had to take it apart and spray it with wd-40 to loosen it up- and just a week ago when i was riding down the road i heard a loud grinding sound and looked back and the whole left tire was out of place it had slid out of the spider gears- this quad has been well maintained too, i change the oil/filter, air filter regularly, change bearings and breaks every 2 years and also change the rear end oil every 3 years. i never drive this quad hard either i just use it on the farm herding cattle and hauling feed and hay. I wish i would have never bought this quad in the first place shouldve went with the yamaha kodiak 450. a couple of my buddys have kodiaks and i have never seen them put any work into them. they just sit back and laugh when i tell them my suzuki is broke down and they say should have listened to me, get a yamaha kodiak. i will never buy another suzuki again especially not an eiger. $6000 went to waste. i advice you to NOT buy a suzuki eiger. You definatly dont want to go through the trouble that i went through with this piece. this quad is also not very old either it is a 2004 suzuki eiger 400 4x4. there is nothing good about this atv except that it is fairly easy to fix but eats your money up keeping it running. i am not trying to offend nobody with this review... this is my story.

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709 days ago

I have owned 2 of these units since 2005. I love the machines, the ride far better than any other machines we have ridden. I am ordering 2 of the aftermarket regulators ( as BOTH of mine have now failed, and we are unable to ride the machines.

However even dealing with the bad regulator, I simply have to love these machines as they will pack 4 of us where most machines cant take 2.

After I change the regulators, and see how they are, I will reply back.

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746 days ago


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791 days ago

i don't have a polaris sportman but a polaris magnum 330 awd and it's a pretty good atv but the front brakes always seem to wear out fast.

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855 days ago

I got an 08 YFZ 450 and i love the thing!! It's completely stock with the exception of nerf bars and an aftermarket bumper. It runs great and has never given me any problems. It WILL stand up in any gear with a slight pull in 4th and 5th. I pulled the spark arrestor out of the pipe, and it still runs exceptionally well, but I can tell that I need to stick a new needle or main jet in it because it wants to miss sometimes if i really pin it. This is to be expected though because those quads are so finely tuned that any little tweak can throw it off.

The only real issue which really isn't even an issue is that my tail light doesn't always work. I'm guessing its just a loose wire somewhere and haven't gotten around to looking at it yet. Also, the sometimes I have to give the starter button housing a smack to get it to turn over. Once again, probably just a loose wire somewhere.

Overall, amazing quad!! I love it. It's extremely quick and extremely fast. It handles great and feels very solid in the turns. It lands jumps very smoothly and makes you want to hit bigger and bigger jumps.

I raced two of my buddies that both have 660 Raptors, they both lost miserably. The only person I've lost to so far is my buddy with a completely built LTR 450. He's got a high comp piston, hot rods crank, hot cams, dropped a tooth in the rear sproket, etc. When you put a stock quad up against a built quad, there's a good chance that they built quad is going to win.

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858 days ago

it good and great

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861 days ago

I rode an 07 grizzly 450 and was not impressed at all. They are to light in the front end making it hard to turn in 2wd in mud the front end just slides. The engine is noisy and sound like crap. I would not buy a 450 but I know a few guys with big bore grizzlys and they love them.

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