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606 days ago

Great machine for playing in chop as the hull design cuts right through. I own 2, a '97 &'99.

Speed: The 97 is the 110hp and hits about 56mph stock engine with me on it..200lbs. The '99 at 130hp hits about 58-60mph.

Ride: The ride plate on the '97 is much much better than the '99 and with aftermarket sponsons, this handles like it is on rails...almost impossible to spin out. The '99 has stock sponsons so it can spin out anytime I want it. A little less stable at speed than the '97. These are very easy machines to work on. Not great for very rough water given the short length. I use them on the ocean and lakes so I have a good knowledge of when to take them out. If you want wave jumping...not the machine to chose...look at a more flat bottom hull like the '96 XP. Never try to ride with 2 people on them...not made for it..you wont last more than a few minutes before you upset. Can out-carve any machine on the water and at any speed.
These machines are very tippy at slow speed. At idle you can easily tip over when you are new to riding these. You have to lean with them like a road bike. Once you get the hang of it though...fun fun fun.

Fuel economy: with a 14 gallon (approx 50 litre) fuel tank, it depends on how you ride them..if you are like me..wide open throttle every time..you are good for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. Easy 1/2 throttle riding maybe 4 hours. But if you are planning on riding easy.....dont buy an XP. Get some 3 seat slower machine.

Fuel Mixing vs. Oil Injected: These machines come stock with oil injection. They have a very substantial reservoir for oil. If you top up the oil, it will last a few tanks of running. Because the oil is variable injection depending on how much throttle, you don't burn much.
If you remove the oil injection (get mechanic to do it if you don't know how) you will burn much more oil per tank, have to pre-mix every fuel stop but never have to worry about seizing a motor due to lack of oil. This being said, the XP's have a very reliable system so no worries here. My '97 is not injected, previous owner removed it...I have bought new pump and am putting it back on like the '99. So much more convenient not to mix fuel and oil all the time. And a lot less smoke out the back of the seadoo with oil injection.

Accessories: Oh a must purchase for these are #1 sunglass goggles due to the amount of spray, and #2 Hydro Turf mats #3 Aftermarket sponsons for better carving.

Aftermarket Kits: Many available..but really not worth it. The cost for a stage 1 kit is about $600 and gets you maybe 3 mph more. Stage 2 kits are about $1,400 for 6mph. really not worth it. If you are looking for top end speed...spend more on initial purchase and get an RXP. I do recommend aftermarket impellers. Solas impellers is the way to go. 15/23 pitch.

Warning on Used Purchases: If it has been upgraded with many aftermarket parts, be careful..advise to stay away. Many parts are no longer available from manufacturer... BRP has discontinued many parts and you will be stuck with online used purchases. My 97 didn't have a front storage tray. This part is impossible to get...even used. And you really need it to carry your fire extinguisher and safety kit. It took me 1 month to find one online used and i paid a lot for it.

Price: I bought my '97 for $2,200 with single trailer (sold trailer for $450) Spent about $1,000 in repairs. Bought the '99 in mint condition with tandem trailer for $3,200 and have not spent a penny on it. So you figure it out. If you know a lot about these engines, and are willing to do the work, you can save money repairing. I use a Seadoo mechanic for all my work and there are a lot of little things the average home mechanic will not know about.

Pros: Great hole shot, great throttle at all speeds, fantastic carving, light weight, very fast, great lines and looks. Inexpensive parts. Easy maintenance. Simply a blast to ride.

Cons: Tippy at low speed, single rider only, not as fast as newer machines in the 215hp+ category, lack of good watertight storage. 97' MPEM (look it up if you don't know) located in bow of boat...easily gets wet. OEM parts tough to get. Lots of splash over the bow.

Maintenance Issues: Areas to look at common with the XP's are:
1. Bad fuel lines - The Seadoos have these Gray fuel lines that deteriorate over time and will plug up your fuel filters rendering your machine powerless and wimpy. Go buy automotive ones from any auto supply store 1/4" and 5/16" inner diameter fuel hose (2 sizes) About 12 feet of each should do it. So simple to replace. Remove old line..cut new line to same length, put on new ALL STAINLESS STEEL clamps...done. easy easy easy.
2. Fuel Baffle- always wear out and you will not get a fuel gauge reading, cheap to replace
3. Rotary Valve plate - this is the plate between the carbs and engine..needs to be machined from time to time due to wear.
4. Rave Valves- should be looked at on a regular basis..easy as they are right on top the engine. Check for bad valve springs and leaking exhaust, oil residue on engine.

For salt water users...FLUSH THE ENGINE AFTER EVERY USE!!! This is easy...attach a hose to the machine (rear by jet nozzle) turn on water...start machine and run for a few minutes. If you don't..well good luck on the life of the parts.

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760 days ago

My review is really on waverunners, jetski etc. What an annoying useless waste of money these overpriced toys are, try relaxing at the beach or fishing when they show up and basically run back and forth as fast as they can with no destination in mind just annoying the hell out of anyone enjoying the day at the beach. Do the people who own these know that they are annoying and they look rediculous riding to nowhere most of the time in small circles.

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763 days ago

Have a 96 WR triple..Bull ride while its raining is my exact thought.Likes=Great torque for pulling & Motor and Hull is SOLID so should have no probs. unless you neglect it & BIG gas tank & Trim is ran threw cable not VTS so it a lot cheaper to fix. Dislikes= Baby box for storage & Hard to whip around or turn sharp and if u get a lucky whip it will throw u off skipping while the ski stops on a dime SCARY sometimes & Dont think u can hammer the gas and hold it on choppy water this ski is way off balance, far as jumping waves u will be all over the place & water splashes you in the face off the nose of ski can be a pain & Two people that exceed over 300 lbs "combined" ski is unstable at slow speeds because these skis rear are made to set in the water so less balance LAST but not least why would you make a POWER house Ski and not put ski rope LOOP on hull, so you have to hook rope to the hand bracket at back of seat holds firm though...All and All Great ski had no probs. And sure you could mod some of the dislikes to fix the prob. just giving a Factory stand point.Hope this helps people.

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834 days ago

Both the Polaris Virage and the Virage TX are amazing watercraft. My TX is a 2001 and my Virage is a 2002. The Virage has never had any issues other then some regular maintenance and the TX had some problems at first but this was due to idiotic mechanics and not the machines fault. One of the mechanics had somehow jammed one of the carbs wide open and it was causing it to flood out all the time. Then the exhaust wasn`t connected 100% properly and it was leaking carbon monoxide in to the engine bay. Once these problems were fixed I have never had any problems with them. Both of them are sitting around approximately the 150 hour mark. I found this interesting though. When I looked in the owners manual it says that the Virage with its Marine 700 is putting out the same horsepower as the TX with a Marine 1200. From what I understand, this is because the Virage in 2002 had a Big Mouth Jet on it and the TX is just a standard jet. Thinking that there was no way that this could be right, me and my buddy lined them up for a race. To my surprise the Virage and the Virage TX pull side by side until about 40 mph at which point the TX starts to take the lead. Thinking that maybe it was just my buddys driving skills we switched and had the exact same results. The extra torque of the 1200 is surely noticeable when pulling a water skier, a tube, or a wake-board though. Both machines supply more then adequate power to pull someone and the TX is faster then most things on the lake. I love both of these machines and other then regular maintenance (spark plugs, batteries, etc), they haven`t cost me a dime.

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855 days ago

Very fast have 95 model. They were only made 95 96 because they were to much for most consumers. Mine tops out around 70 but my is fully mod. Mine and my friends have had steering shaft mis welded at the post. Yamaha refused to accept responsibility. Otherwise a fun machine for experienced riders. 0-60 3.3 seconds.

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870 days ago

As someone that loves the water, i have had a boat and jet ski's my whole life. I practically grew up next to water. I have never had a problem with our Kawasaki jet ski and in my lifetime we have probably gone through 5 or 6 and that was because we wanted to upgrade every few years just to keep them up to date. I will always have a kawasaki, and i am loyal to them

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1081 days ago

Pretty cool little boat. We boat this baby to toss onto the back of my Dad's Bayliner when we go to our summer cottage. I would recommend it if you need something cheap to beat around and fish with.

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1090 days ago

I bought my Kawasaki 1100 STX jetski in 1999 new and the ammount of problemd I have had you could count on one finger. In 2003 it was running rough due to dirt in the fuel. Every year it gets a service before the season starts and one when I put it away for the winter. Apart from the usual bits that wear out on any piece of machinery (plugs, filters, a couple of exhausts and an impeller, etc and keep on top of any corrosion) It has averaged nearly 100 hours a year (about 1000 hours in total) without any problems. I think the trick is to warm it slowly and cool it down slowly and a detailed fresh water rince after each outing.

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1128 days ago

- Purchased a pair of 97 1100 STX jetski's in 2001 and never looked back
- Rode them every season throug 2010 and still no problems
- Mission Bay in San Diego all the way to Havasu in AZ, no issues
- Just replace plugs, keep it full of oil and make sure all connections are good.
- Tuned up only once in 2003
- replaced batteries x3 different times (my fault, no trickle chargers)
- Pulled dozen of my friends boats, skiers and tubes
- Just took them out of storage on 7/16/10
- Straight to Mission bay, rod'em all day
- Would definitely purchase the newest model today!
- Highly recommend this make and model.

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1140 days ago

I have a 2002 seadoo gtx rfi bought it new from a dealer. i had trouble with it on first day on the water. The dealer worked on it. Throttle position sensor was bad, dealer worked on it for two weeks before they got it fixed. We had put 90 hrs. on the motor when it blew up. I had it serviced 3 times from the dealer. Dealer went out of business. We went to a new dealer, had it rebuilt . Ran it that summer, it blew up the next summer. I carryed it to a local repair shop. Had it rebuilt, it is still running. The main problem with the motor was the oil pump, it had not been correctly set at the dealership where I purchased the Sea Doo. I have $2,500 in motor. I found out that rectifiers have a short life in gtx boats. Had to replace it. I like Seadoo but will not buy another. They do not stand behind their product when you buy a lemon, they leave it up to the dealership. Buy a Honda-Randy

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