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863 days ago

Wear SOMETHING if these things are about.

I've been bloodied up by these things, some of them are damn strong. I know a guy who let his (special) friend shoot him in the penis with one and before he could scream and hop around, he got hit again.

I took the opportunity to shoot his wife in the bunion. Yes, in the bunion. I had a laser sight.

God, I'm a hillbilly.

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956 days ago

Perfect to fit on black ak47.

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961 days ago

This is an ENTRY-level gun, and a gun built for CQB (close-quarter fights). I've seen it selling for anywhere from $30-$50, depending upon where you go. That being said, buyers shouldn't expect it to be a TM (Tokyo Marui) AEG (All Electric Gun).

Quality: 3/5
Expectations: 4/5 (It was what I expected)
Compared to All Other AEGs: 1.5/5
AVG from Above: approx 3/5 (the overall rating)

Yes, the ROF (Rate of Fire) is slow, but if ppl are ticked at that, then they weren't reading the specs that are listed ON THE BOX and anywhere it is being sold - online and in-store. If ppl are disappointed in that, then it's their own fault - it's not an expensive gun, duh!

The gravity feed is definitely the biggest issue I find with it, which is easily fixed by buying a mid-cap magazine or two - I've found $20 mid-caps that old 170 bbs. Not a terrible price to fix that problem. Other than that, the gun will work fine. I have played pretty rough with mine (I only replaced the magazine to make sure bbs are feeding) and it's been fine. I would recommend getting a better gun to be the primary, but this one's fine for entry-level shooters who just wanna get out and play; It's pretty good for CQB as well. I plan on purchasing a higher voltage batt to increase ROF, and to be sure the motor doesn't burn up, just crack the case open and check the motor for max voltage requirements - it's easy. Then you won't burn it up. Just be warned that the plastic gears inside aren't high quality (again, it's entry-level), so they may not hold up well to the added stress.

Keep these things in mind, and you can upgrade it easily. If you don't wanna do that, then chock up more money and buy a more expensive gun. I give it a 3/5

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973 days ago

I have been playing airsoft for about a year now and I have an aeg with 386 fps and over 850 rounds per second and it was only $25 on ebay. This gun sucks. oh and by the way im eleven

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1121 days ago

this gun is great. it has high velocity and extreme range for airsoft and best of all its upgrade potential is off the charts. When i got this rifle it shot around 480 then i gave it a utg performance upgrade kit and a 6.01mm tightbore barrel and this rifle turned into the airsoft hand of god for long range combat. sure the 4x scope is good in general but all i used it for was to learn how to use the mildots to estimate range then i switched to a 1.5-6x40mm illuminated mildot scope. for those of you that are sticklers for realism this rifle is almost perfect (meaning not tokyo marui but very close) this rifle also weighs just 4 pounds less than the real thing which weighs 14 pounds.
so the pros and cons

comfortable hand grip
really easy to pull the bolt back
very very accurate
very good shot consistency
high upgrade potential
very durable
very nice mag release system(spring loaded for easy removal)

heavy (for some)
is bolt action (bad for you good for enemies)
magazine sometimes doesnt load properly or the spring jams inside of it fix with silicon oil
hop up is a royal pain in the ass to adjust mid battle
the tri rail mont system moves too much to be very useful except for a bipod

any ways very good rifle for the price any better and it would be up there with tokyo marui and ares airsoft brands

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1184 days ago

i like everything about it. i give it 5 stars because its fun. light or heavy, 6mm bbs, shoots faster than some pistols, and is easy to aim. it never curved when i used it too! no matter what the wind is. BEST GUN EVER!

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1196 days ago

k heres how it is. when you first get it give it a really good cleaning of the barrel and a little oil on the bolt never hurts. also if you upgrade the spring also upgrade the spring guide otherwise with an m170 spring for vsr10 you will only get about five shots before it twists the spring guide so much that it snaps. however with my version it only shot around 270 untill i upgraded it now it shoots around 380-400. i strongly reccomend the full metal vsr10 spring guide as it fits perfectly and prevents any recurring spring guide problems. also on mine the barrel is crap my walmart brand ar17 has a better stock barrel and with my versionyou cant even swap barrels. the hop up is nearly non existant and is not adjustable. you can mount a scope and a bipod but you have to buy the mounting rails try thats where i got mine once you zero the scope you can shoot way better but try upgrading the fps to make up for the lack of a hopup and as i said give the barrel a reeeaaaalllly good cleaning then just learn how you need to offset your aim at different distances and it should do you good up to about 130 feet.thats my in depth review on my stealth9 v2.

ps cant wait to get my tsd mk96 and see what i can do to it.

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1198 days ago


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1198 days ago

its a nice gun i like it. Sent from my iPod

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