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757 days ago

Sorry we bought them!!!

My husband and I each purchased Diamond Back bikes in June 2009. These are only used occasionally for lesiure rides. About 9 months ago we were away for the week-end and he had 2 spokes break and needed the wheel replaced. Now we brought both bikes in for tune-up and are told the other 3 wheels need replacing ($300). This is a local bike shop that has been in business for 10 years. He told us there had been a problem with some of the wheels and they ended up with wheel cancer which is what is wrong with ours. We now have to travel much further to bring the bikes to Dick's to be checked by their less than educated service personnel. We wanted to use the bikes next week on a trip but since Dick's experts only come in once or twice a week it doesn't look like we'll have them back any time soon. So sorry we did not by from a bike shop that is closer to home and really knows what they sell. We made a very costly mistake from buying what we did and from where we purchased.

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1010 days ago

4 stars

The sorrento is a good lightweight durable bike and handles bumps and falls well. I'd say the main weakness is the wheels easily bend just enough to mess up the brake adjustment. As long as you don't mind paying for a brake and gear tune up every couple months this is a great bike to ride.

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1096 days ago

had a v500 back in 97 just bought a 2001 v800 in viper red(back then it was like owning something aliens left behind)now every one has full sus bikes and it still turns heads.this is the first head shock i've owned & they are sharp beyond belief,brake as hard as you like and they still absorb and steer like no other fork.the rear arm is not as stiff as the early one but looks more MX.
comparing bike from that era with now is pointless as the are the same thing,the v's got the pivot point smack on & kona got multi link sorted & marin picked up the well specced high pivot good climber market.don't believe me ? just take a look at all the multi linkers then check kona manomano or stab,check xc high shock bikes like specialized latest then check marin eastpeak's the shock technology that has changed,the bike achieved perfection back then.but the v is the best allrounder,

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1168 days ago

Receive greeting fron Flashlab in Venezuela, we want to buy bicycle Trek 5000 of 52". Please send us price and pay form.

Thank you

Alvaro Sandoval

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1351 days ago

I migrated from a Bianchi San Jose, which I owned for three years, to the Giant Bowery about six weeks ago. My Bianchi was great, but the Bowery is simply a better road bike. Granted, the Bianchi was a little better at gripping the wet streets with its wider tires, but the Bowery handles and feels much better. The best aspect is being able to switch between fixed gear and freewheel (not on the fly, just flip the back tire to change)... genius. Riding in downtown San Francisco on a daily basis, this road bike has handled everything with class. The dimensions also allow for better climbing as compared to the San Jose. And another bonus: it looks great. It is pure black with silver and orange trim, kind of the opposite of the famed Bianchi candy striping, but equally as impressive visually in my opinion. I will update with durability notes, but so far it has passed with flying colors.

PS I also tested the Bianchi Pista (another fixed gear road bike) against the Bowery before purchase and the Pista wasn't even close. I like Bianchi, but I couldn't deny the superiority of the Bowery to the Pista and San Jose.

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1375 days ago

i ride it in the rain and it doesn't mess up

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1393 days ago

I have owned this bike since late 2006 and have never had any problems. It has performed beautifully in Seattle and San Francisco, and even though I ride daily I have never had to do more than the occasional tuneup. It is lightweight (~27 lbs) so moving around is a breeze. The brakes are great, the tires rarely need to be pumped up, and after three years of pounding the city streets the spokes are as straight as ever. I will definitely be purchasing another Bianchi in the coming years.

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1443 days ago

The 50 dollar price tag attracted me to these shoes, and I was not dissapointed 46 size fit my 11.5 wide foot perfectly very comfortable and we will see how they hold up. The only reason the shoes don't warrant a 5 is the tongue is thin without any padding.Shoes shipped quickly.A good buy at a good price.

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1453 days ago

We received this overnight, and we are always pleased with Amazon's service. The bike however was a total diappointment. It was also defective/broken. The back wheel was totally bent and would not allow the bike to move forward. Good thing Amazon has an awesome return policy for Prime Members!

I should have listened to the reviews that said:

1) The bike is very heavy and hard to push along. Its a good bike for an older 5 or 6 year old, but not a great idea for a 4 year old. Our son is big and rides well, and its STILL very heavy and hard to maneuver.

2) Its not worth the extra $50 or so that I spent on it. It looks cool, but is not of very high quality.

Also, we received it damaged.

Bummer. Best to go to a store and find a bike that fits your youngster!

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1455 days ago

I read about this bike on several websites while shopping for a birthday gift for our 6 yr old grandson. Most sites mentioned the problem with the packaging. I tried to get the bike locally with no success and decided to order through Amazon, a trusted name, assuming they would be dealing with a reputable supplier and handle any issues promptly. WELL.. the bike arrived in a broken box, scratched up and with parts missing. It was delivered on a Saturday, his birthday, but BabyAge, the supplier is closed Sat and Sunday. Amazon said I had to deal with them and only after they would not help us would Amazon help us. I emailed BabyAge and Amazon and I and my son talked to them first thing on Monday morning. Baby Age promised to follow up. My son waited a day or more and got no follow up. The woman at BabyAge would not speak to him. I had already emailed Schwinn directly to tell them of their packaging problem (I am sure I am not the first person to do this). Baby Age finally told my son they could do nothing until they heard from Schwinn and that might take 2 days or so. My son called Schwinn directly and they were GREAT. The bad bike was picked up the following day and a new one arrived the day after. BabyAge still had not returned my son's call. By the way the second bike was also in a broken box but all the parts were there and there were no scratches.

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