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426 days ago

I believe that Weber offers the most reliable, well built and pleasant grills out there. I purchased a Silver A years ago and over the time spent with it I made some conclusions about it's practicality right up to 2012 as we are in now. You do have to replace parts which is common for gas grills but I must admit that sometimes the instructions I received over the phone from the company has caused me some measured grief. There were times when I was shipped incorrect parts to the dismay of my hot dog loving brood. Now I am being told that my only options are to discard the unit or purchase at a significant cost to me another manifold part which in addition as layman sounds complicated to me for an install. I have already purchased a new regulator from Weber at their prompting which is lying in state at a loss in my back room. My questions remain, why did this happen. I do not agree that a half inch bolt for any credible reason should cause me to now go on the market in bad times and purchase another grill for maybe $500 or more. That kind of happenstance should have been visible upon production. The catch 22 is that I probably will buy a cheaper Weber as a replacement. You do not throw the baby out with bath water.Jay Adler Comment

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722 days ago

So, I think it's very interesting device. I don't use it. I can't say more. I' realy hope that appear in my country and I can try one. You can see the video here http://kofevarka.odessa.ua/articles/il_Tiro

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1216 days ago

The best out there, for normal consumers (i.e. if you have an unlimited budget, you can get something better). I have a Weber gas grill, and I have zero complaints. It has a great reputation for reliability, though I haven't had mine long enough to comment first hand.

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1424 days ago

I bought this grill as a replacement for the Char-Griller Super Pro Model #2121 that I had and ultimately donated to my church after a "cook-off" as my church did not have a grill. There was nothing wrong with the Super Pro and I enjoyed it very much, but I wanted a little bigger cooking area as the spare ribs I often cook take up the entire cooking area on the Super Pro.

I found the Outlaw to meet my expectations in terms of size and the solid metal bottom rack is an added benefit. When I received the box from UPS, it was in a mess, with rips and gouge marks in the box, which was of a big concern, since if I had to return it I would have to pay the shipping. Once I opened the box, I found that everything was intact and no visible damage to the grill and parts expect that the side and front shelves were damaged. I called Amazon and my choices were to return the grill for a refund, an exchange of the grill or they would give me a partial refund because of the shelves. I took the partial refund. I am not very partial to the plastic wheels that come with the grill but these can easily be replaced with rubber ones. The tips of the included tool holder did not have a pointed tip on them that makes screwing them in to the side wood more difficult, but nothing a pilot hole will not take care of. After putting the grill together, I found that the cooking grates so not seem to be long enough; if you do not put them on precisely they will/could fall into the grill easily. I am going to compare the grates of the Super Pro and the Outlaw and see if there is a difference. My understanding of the difference between the Super Pro and the Outlaw is the Outlaw has an extra cast iron grate (total of 5) which increases the cooking area and it has a metal lower shelf while the Super Pro has a wire lower shelf and only 4 iron grates.

I did install the optional side fire box, that I had purchased for the Super Pro but never did attach it, which gives you an additional capability when using either grill. I am currently waiting to receive the cover from Amazon (currently out of stock). In spite of the little problems above I do recommend this grill to anyone that enjoys outdoor cooking and takes pride in their BBQ. The grill does everything you want it to do from direct heat to indirect heat grilling to smoking and you can purchase the optional Grill Rotisserie as well. The capabilities of the grill and the satisfaction I received from Amazon customer service make this 4 stars in my opinion.

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1426 days ago

I just heard about this smoker about 2 months ago, even though it's been around for years. I purchased one about a month ago, and have since done pork ribs twice, and once each for chicken, pork shoulder, and beef briskit. All came out better than I had ever been able to do before. I did an overnight smoke of a 10 pound beef briskit. I went to bed with the smoker going, and got up 7 hours later to find that the temperature was the same as when I went to bed. It held temperature for approximately 14 hours before I had to add a little more fuel. The only negative I found was that the built-in thermometer reads about 25 degrees cooler than actual. I use a candy thermometer in one of the vent holes in the lid now.
When I did my first batch of ribs, they were overdone because the thermometer was reading 225, when it was actually running about 250. Even though the meat was falling off the bones too much, the ribs were still very good.
This is an excellent product, and it is almost foolproof!

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1427 days ago

I was looking for a smoker and after reading reviews on a number of sites, this seemed to be the easy choice. I had high expectations for this product and it has exceeded in every way.

I have used it 4 times in the first 2 months have done pulled pork (boston butt) 3 racks of ribs, and a pork tenderloin. It has been a huge hit every time. It is easy to start with a weber chimney starter and easy to maintain the internal temperature to get a great low temp slow cook.

It is easy to assemble (my 10 year old basically did it for me), and well built.

The only mistake I made was not buying apple chunks (NOT CHIPS!!!) and cherry chunks from amazon when i ordered the cooker. It is easy to find hickory and mesquite, but the apple is harder to find. Go ahead and order it when you order the smoker. Use Kingsford regular charcoal and you are ready to go.


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1431 days ago

I took it out of the box yesterday and used it. It was easy to assemble. I tried a less expensive smoker a year or two ago and it was a miserable failure. This one was easy. I smoked two 3.5 pound chickens and they were so good! I had friends over and they devoured them. The temperature was steady during the entire smoke time after a small adjustment with the lower vents. This is a wonderful product. I highly recommend it.

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1433 days ago

excellent smoker grill. Entry level, well made, easy to use. However, this grill can be purchased at Lowes for $59.

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1434 days ago

Though the shipping box was nearly destroyed during transit, the grill displayed no damage. A few discrepancies exist with the directions and the pictures. A visit to the Char-Griller website will show you a current picture of the grill which will be helpful.

The directions are incorrect in some parts and leaves out information in others:

The instruction states:

"Insert all four corners of the BOTTOM WIRE SHELF in to the four holes located near the bottom inside of the four LEGS. See Fig. C. Next, rotate the LEGS upward until vertical. Important: Make sure the two Long Legs are on the same end."

No bottom wire shelf exists; it's a solid metal shelf. You must also attach and finger tighten four bolts and nuts through the holes at the conclusion of this step.

WARNING....No instruction exists in the Outlaw manual for preparing you to place an external firebox on the Outlaw. If you completely assemble this grill, you will need to partially disassemble much of the grill to remove the cutout for the external firebox!! This cutout proved difficult to remove.

Recommendations on assembly:

Purchase four (4) three-inch bolts and nuts to place through the legs into the bottom shelf. The bolts supplied barely are long enough to catch the nuts.

This grill will weather, so I purchased all stainless steel bolts and nuts to replace the factory cheap bolts. It cost about $20, but in the event of eventual repairs if the Outlaw needs to be partially disassembled removing the bolts will prove much easier.

One person can assemble this grill, but it won't be a particularly easy assembly if you add the external firebox.

Seasoning the grill:

I "seasoned" the grill as the instructions indicated and let it warm properly and seasoned the grates. It's best to coat the grates with vegetable oil before every use and clean the grates after every use and again coat them with vegetable oil. Coating the grates with vegetable oil after use and while warm causes the grates to "absorb" the oil. Doing this makes the grates function fairly much as non-stick.

Using the Grill:

After seasoning the grill, it works great. It's large enough to keep one area warm and the cooking area much hotter simply by adjusting where you place the food on the grill and the amount of coals you use.

If you place the coals in the middle of the cooking area, you can utilize the sides as the warming area. It comes with a thin metal rack for warming, but I find that thin rack bends under little weight and gets in the way when smoking meat.

The Outlaw works much better and feels substantially better than other charcoal/wood grills I have owned. It's sufficient enough to forgive being placed outside in one area, as long as you cover it. It takes little time to heat coals if you use a chimney.

Good to know:

The grill does have an ability to lose some paint, but any big box store carries paint specially manufactured to repaint effected areas.

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1437 days ago

I bought this smoker several months back and waited to give it a review until I got a chance to use it for a while. This smoker has its pros and cons, overall I am happy with the purchase, but with a few caveats.

First, the positive aspects.

- This is definitely a much easier cooking process than the traditional two barrel BBQ unit. Load the meat, load the chips and let the magic happen. In most cases, getting started early in the morning gives you enough time for a tasty dinner. Ribs and chicken came out perfect, turkey and Boston butt were great too, but with some additional work (as explained below)

- Customer service is exceptional. A live person answered the phone every time during the official calling time. I had to replace some parts and they were shipped FedEx the next day with Saturday delivery. Moreover, I had trouble with the cooking temperature and they have people on the phone who are experienced cooks and had some recommendations for the cooking process.

Now, not so good aspects.

- In my opinion (which is shared by some folks on the Bradley forums), the unit is underpowered to be a true BBQ machine. Small loads (one chicken, one or two racks of ribs) worked great. A large load (two boston butts, 15lb total) or a medium size turkey (12-15lb) will bring the temperature down of a pre-heated smoker to less than 150F and it would take over two hours to get it back to 210F. And it would never go above 220F. Bradley support recommended trying opening the vent, but it did not help much. Pretty much every time I made large quantities of pulled pork, I had to finish it in the oven. The same with turkey, although when it was cut up in pieces instead of whole, it worked better.

- The overall quality did not live up to my expectations. I may just had a bad unit. Within one month of purchase, the plastic box housing the temperature control cracked. A few months later, the door started to crack and the rubber seal on it corroded. Bradley is fast to replace the parts while the smoker is within one year warranty. But I wonder how long the unit will last after the warranty expires.

So, overall a good product. I would recommend it, especially to a novice BBQ cook. If the next models up the wattage on the heating element and addresses the overall quality, it would be a superb unit.

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