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825 days ago

We tried the Deluxe Bed and it was too firm, felt like I was going to fall off the bed and dimples every where. The adjustable bottom didn't work when they delivered. One week with the Cloud Luxe and I am still not a rock. You would think the would have rollers at the factory to help open up the air pockets and bring it to show room quality. I am wondering if I made a big mistake. I miss my old bed with the foam topper. It was like heaven. Grrr...My salesman said give it a chance, but it is torture. Is it worth trying to break it in?

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863 days ago

"My husband and I purchased a Miralux Rapture mattress for our guest room in our home March of 2010. We have a lot of family who frequently visit. We were looking for a mattress with semi firm feel, just like the saying goes, “ not too hard and not too soft. Everyone that has stayed with us remarked and how good of a nights rest they had. We were so impressed that we went back to Sleepy’s and purchased one of the Miralux brands for our bedroom. Great products, and good price." Terry B. Rochester, NY

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963 days ago

I have had a tempur pedic for 15 years now.....but not the same one! The comapany has replaced the matress (cal king) three times in the first ten years!!!!
They are incredibly comfortable for awhile...then they lose their pressure reliveing qualities, and become like sleeping on concrete...something happens to the foam, either from age or being layed/slept on, whatever it is they become unbearable after awhile.
Mine was replaced again 3 years ago and now once again it is shot...but now that I am past the ten year mark on my warranty they want 50% of the original purchase price to replace my mattress!
Well...Im done.
My suggestion to ANYONE is buy a mattress topper, regardless of if you get the mattress or topper it will need to be replaced approximatly every 3 to 4 it makes sense to buy the topper, it is SO much cheaper and just as comfortable.
That is what I will be doing from now on, I dont know about anyone else but I cant afford a new bed every 3 or 4 years.
ps. is the best place with the best service for foam beds and toppers I have found.

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1019 days ago

If you are thinking of buying a Sobakawa pillow, DON'T BUY IT FROM THE COMPANY directly ! I ordered mine 3 months ago and still haven't received it. They have given me every conceivable excuse. They finally charged my bank card YESTERDAY, overdrawing my account. Sobakawa pillow company sold my information to a 3rd party marketing company which actually held up shipping of my order to call me probably a dozen times before I finally answered the call from a number I didn't recognize. They tried to sell me a program in which I would receive $100 in "Free" gas coupons. These people had my address, phone number, and the last 4 digits of my credit card! It was when they tried to get me to read them the rest of the card number that I knew for sure they were trying to rip me off. I refused to give it to them and they had the nerve to ask me for a different card ! Sobakawa pillow company is dishonest in their business practices. I can't even tell you about the quality of the product, as I have never received it - they told me it would be 6-10 weeks shipping several times. It's now November 13th, 2010. I'll update you next year.

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1039 days ago

I like supportive beds rather than soft beds or water beds. When I moved to my last apartment I needed a new bed and I didn't want to pay to much. Although you can end up spending a lot on a Sleep Number, I bought mine for just over a thousand.

I didn't buy it for back pain or anything in particular. I just needed a new bed and wanted something a bit more modern than the usual spring mattress. I'd heard that purely foam mattresses can get really hot and eventually get dips from the foam not bouncing back to its original shape. Therefore, I looked into Select Comfort beds instead. I went to a store and tried it out there. You can't really take a nap at the store, so it doesn't really give you a good feel as to what the bed can do.

The bed can help with back pain in that it doesn't cause any. I've woken up with major back aches with water beds and some minor aches occasionally with a spring mattress. This isn't the case with my Sleep Number. I've a lower end, Queen size Sleep Number. My number is typically 70. 70 is high enough to support me well, but low enough to form to my back. Due to the chamber design, the bed will support your lumbar, which is crucial.

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1072 days ago

We have celebrity king size mattress. We love it... it just like sleeping on the cloud 9. After the surgery on my huband back, the Doctor recommend this bed to us. We start to on Tempur neck pillow and 3 years ago up grade to the mattress. No more back pain or wake up with stif neck.

We hooked on tempur pedic ... we make sure that we have the pillow in all our house. Intend to get tempur for all our vacation house.
6 things that I must have in my life -Love, Money, Happiness, Health , Miele coffee system and Tempur pedic mattress... thank GOD for giving me a wonderful life and countless blessing from HIM.

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1077 days ago

The bed canopy is made of high quality material It attains a charming home furnishing quality via a special technology. Both beautiful and functional, the bed canopy will bring you high quality life. It’s the best choice for your home.

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1148 days ago

I had own a Tempurpedic Mattress back in the 90s and it was wonderful, I had the mattress till 2010 when we decided to get an adjustable bed along with two Rhapsody Mattress. This was the worst mistake we have ever made this mattress has given my husband some serious back problem and it has caused me to have a terrible night sleep. I do not know what the problem is but in my opinion you sink into it too deeply which cause your spine to be curved and uneven. I wish I could get rid of it but I paid close to 10,000 for both of our beds and they kept telling us that we just had to get use to it. I am not saying that Tempurpedic is a bad company or that their products are bad this is what happened to us, Like I have said in the beginning our first Temp was the best it was a Classic and we got it in the 90s. What ever TEMP changed in their mattress mad it worst, I wish they go back to the Original because they were the best.

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1150 days ago

I have had the PacDown 9" mattress for about 10 months now and my wife and I would never go back to a traditional spring mattress. I ran track in college and always suffered from low back and hip pain. Now I'm a young guy (23) so I just assumed that it was from all of the hard workouts we were doing. But after graduation I was still having pains after dropping back considerably in the volume and intensity of my workouts. It never occurred to me that all of my pain was caused by the horrible spring mattresses that I had slept on for my entire life. All I can say is that since I have had my PacDown mattress I have had very little to no back pain in the mornings and there are at least 4 or 5 mornings a week where I wake up in the exact same position that I went to sleep in. So if you are on the fence about getting one of these things,I can honestly say it is well worth the money.

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1278 days ago

We bought our Tempur-pedic King size mattress in Reading MA from Jordan's. The staff and service at Jordan's has always been fantastic over the years when we purchased furniture and various items - this experience was no different. About a year and a half into the bed, both my wife and I developed back problems and realized it was due to a dip in the mattress.

We were able to get the mattress returned and exchanged and Jordan's customer service and treatment was excellent to us. Unfortunately we are still experiencing issues now with the new mattress set. Having another newly purchased latex bed (which we bought a few months after the Tempurpedic) in our guest bedroom we figured we should try sleeping on that -- sure enough we woke up feeling refreshed and well rested.

From our own experiences Tempur-pedic seems to either be having a quality issue or we just happened to get 2 bad beds in a row. Looking at results online there seem to be a lot of unhappy consumers who dont care for their beds. Ideally I would appreciate it if Tempurpedic can help by offering a way to remediate the problem - if not I will not be reconsidering a future purchase of their line up and will be looking tomorrow for competitor's offerings.

Frustrated client who paid $2300 for his Tempur-pedic and is looking for help to get his problem resolved from the manufacturer.

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