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431 days ago

I got visited by one of these "water quality testing" guys yesterday but I wanted to check things out first before buying. Then I found this CBC Marketplace episode on this company. It is on YouTube: ure=related

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804 days ago

Love them, and use them everyday. I couldn't survive without them.

TIP: Be careful if you store very strong foods in them, such as homemade salsa or garlic. The lids will take on the smell of strong goods, and you must soak them in bleach to get the smell out.

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841 days ago

If it taste good, and smells good then it is probably good. Love my in Maytag refrigerator indoor water dispenser that i bought at

Just remember to change it about every 6 months of the smelly water could return!

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858 days ago

The Simple H20 system I have bought a year and a half ago! This works very well in fact. I purchased this unit from Pure Sense Corp. in London. The sales rep educated me more about my water quality in fact, my old system was a 4 stage with a uv light! And I paid $3800 at that time for that unit which I had for 4 years! Now I was a little skeptical at first, but still was curious if my old system was still good. In fact my filters were costing me more, because my TDS was higher. My old system was great but the Simple H20 7 stage tasted way better. Does not mean my old one was no good it just didn't have all that added protection. Where I live the water quality was horrible, I always had high blood pressure. Now I purchased both the 7 Stage and the conditioner and my family and myself noticed a huge difference. And I now no longer have high blood pressure the doctor said what did you do! I said nothing all that was changed was I installed the simple h20 system. The simple H20 system was more money but it does not use electricity and I save even more money because the last stage replaces what the uv light does anyways. This system does not use electricty. Yes it was a little noisy but I don't care the water quality is better. My old system I found out that all it did was remove everything but not put back in the minerals I am supposed to have. The simple h20 takes all the bad and puts the good back in! Needless to say it is well worth the money and everyone I know has purchased one! Yes there are cheaper ones but cheaper does not mean you get quality. I wish I knew that before!! Don't judge!! They have awesome 25 year warranty and 25 year service warranty which are transferible. Just listen, to the sales rep you will be shocked at the results of the water. Buy the system or at least condition the water with the unit or just the water station. Your call really, it is your health and you cannot put a price on health!! I bought both and very pleased with the system!! Enjoy!

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865 days ago

This little gadget is amazing! I live in a one bedroom apartment and now have the luxury of smoking meats, fish and poultry INDOORS:) The food comes out of the smoker moist, delicious, and infused with flavor. I never have to add oils to the food, making it a healthy option turn to often. The smoker is well built so only a minimal amount of smoke is released that is absorbed by the vent. YUMMY!

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869 days ago

Bought a 7 stage R/O water system last April from Global AirCare in Hamilton, and are generally happy with the unit. Installer did a pro job but nobody told us that is noisy when it refills the tank, otherwise I may have put it downstairs instead of under the kitchen sink...trying to get sevice from GAC has been brutal, I've contacted them beginning in Feb (by email and by actually speaking with a rep) to schedule an appt to change the filters if required...we are now into April and no response even though they said they've tried to contact us...we have an answering machine

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895 days ago

I purchased an R/O from Simple H2o for my diner about 3 months ago. I had a couple problems with the machine not producing enough water however I called the sales rep that sold me the machine, they came out and upgraded my tank for no extra charge. I was extremely pleased to see them working for me this hard.

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903 days ago

The best water filter system and the best water conditioner ever!!!!! Its worth way more than what they ask for!! I had a huge skin problem and now i dont anymore! All my food that i cook with the water now tastes better than ever, especially with my drinks!! Noticed huge amounts of savings in my pocket from having conditioned water......

I strongly, strongly recommend it especially from Simply Pure Technologies..... Amazing service!!

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935 days ago

I absolutely love my Simple H2o! I've been shopping for a water softener for a while now but didn't really feel like renting one for the rest of my life. The ones I saw at sears were just garbage so the natural choice was to find a high end unit. I found a couple other units on the market that were fairly comparable in price but didn't have some of the same features. It's nice having the digital read out, makes it quite a bit easier to understand. It has a really nice design to it, not like traditional softeners with the tank separate, this is one complete unit.

I highly recommend you check out simple's products if you're in the market for a new conditioner.

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944 days ago

We had an employee from this company at our place last month and the sales person was really polite. We did not buy anything that night but found out that my sister had them come oever as well and purchased a water softner that gets wrid of smells in the water from them. She was so excited about the special feeling in the shower and begged me to try it. My husband did not want us to buy it but now that we did anyways. He cant get enough of it. We had a regular softner in the past but did not feel like this one. The main reason we dicided to buy from Simple was because we were impressed with the sales person. The instalation was also great. I hope I will have years of pleasure with this new product and I would recomend it to anyone.

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