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691 days ago

How this idiot manages to host a nightly radio show is BEYONE ME. He has single handedly destroyed Coast to Coast. He is the Chauncey Gardner of Radio. Like Chancey, George's knowledge is derived entirely from what he's seen on television. But unlike Chancey, who was humble George now has an ego bigger than his idiocy. Shameless HACK!!

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709 days ago

Having read all of these reviews, I think ya'll is a bunch of Peckerwoods that need to handle yo' on life and get on good with the next's one.
Tom Martinoez has been a good friendly folk to me, my wife, my sister, my Aunt and all the rest of my kin. He was a knowin' when the "Traveller's" come to town, we did good work on pavin' sidewalks, roufin' and such. Just cause we took off a bit, or stole a bit, or saw a bit of jewelry and made off it with it, it was a "Martino" thing. Takin' money for sayin' somethin's good AIN"T no CRIME in the here US of A! In point of fact, when we made money from someone that weren't right, like a retard of handicapped or blind or Mongoloidish, we called it "Doing Martino", haha!
But i regress. Tom Martino done does us a favor for when we swindle, lie and cheat, we only do it for our families, just like'm, causin we paid his referral service and they sent us a business... shoo we, it was hoffen' so many people! Now we only buy lots of drug houses to turn into high rise apartments and let dope fiens live in 'em, and die outside 'em, just like him.
Tom Martino never done us wrong. We love him like a bro, cause is he is just like us.

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747 days ago

Phil Hendrie is a complete dumb ass !!! He thinks he knows everything-just like Barry O.-Phil is slowly going crazy because he knows his days are numbered...I talked to his ex-wife and she just could'nt put-up with his "mean" attitude,all the time...that is what he will be known for-being dumb and being very mean..Adios,your time is slob...fat,ugly slobMaybe,in retirement you will find peace-I doubt a goof like you never will. GET OFF THE AIR AND WORK ON BEING A "GOOD" PERSON...LOL

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762 days ago

Great show. Funny, real, likeable personality.

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762 days ago

Scarier hate-mongering than Limbaugh.

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762 days ago

George Noory is simply the dumbest radio personality I have ever heard. Worse than Edgar Bergen's Mortimer Snerd. It is pretty much impossible to listen to him. Absolutely one hundred percent inconceivable he could have this job. The only possible explanation is that his right-wing political agenda was prioritized over any actual qualifications. Every word out of fhis guy's mouth makes me wince.

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807 days ago

I have listened to Tom Martino for most of the years he has a program either on radio or TV. I always appreciated the effort he made to help consumers with real-life problems. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years he has sold out to the very businesses he once fought against. He is now promoting "ambulance-chasers", encouraging people to ignore tickets resulting from photo-monitoring or hiring an attorney to get out of DUI/criminal activity. Many years back he advised people to only agree to pay personal injury attorneys only for the amount they could recover over what they could get on their own. His show has almost become one big infommercial with advertisers prominent guests on his radio show. His TV show is nothing but an infommercial that just recycles the same people & topics. On top of that, his show now spends more time seeking opinions on topics that have nothing to do with consumer issues. In fact, he has spent as much as 45 minutes getting responses to one of his personal topics & then has the gall to apologize to a consumer for waiting all that time to get consumer help because he has run out of time. If he would just get back to what the show is supposed to be about he might be in the comfort zone he should be in.

I don't know what he does to stay informed but, I'm afraid that he relies far too much on inane opinions or internet research that his less than intelligent sidekick Mike provides. I was absolutely shocked that in the last month he was totally suprised to hear about teens getting high on canned air or by strangling themselves. This has been common knowledge for years but, that assumes he either reads a newspaper or watches newcasts.

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849 days ago

please, please get rid of Noory!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is exhausting reading all the critiques and has been even more exhausting listening to him on C2C. We love talk radio but have had it with this total idiot. he is beseeching, pandering, groveling and just plain stupid, e.g., heard him read a commercial for HYUNDAI and KIA cars--------------he called them HEE-UN-DOOs aand KI-A-UHHHH. How absolutely assinine is that?. His topics suck, after the Japan earthquake he has two Astrologists on analyizing the science??? of it all. "Ya knowI think there's somethin'funny goin on"
With over 500 stations , C2C" that would be Norry, is doing a scary serious disservice by pandering to some of the lunatic fringe whose suseptible minds want to believe anything bizzare. Enough second rate guests,prophets of doom and conspiracy. GIVE us an intelligent, purposeful C2C-----it is a clear channel station (KfI). Thank God for the weekend!!!!!! Again, PLEASE dump this man, get someone else for $8.00 Hr!
How much longer can we take it??????? Dump this imbecile, one in so many ways!
Give him a chance to go back to grammer school and learn the English language!.


3-27-11---Show Sunday nite----UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Ian Punnett- the straight man, talking about ZOMBIES maybe with a straight face??.
Suspect Noory was in the studio trying to bust the door down so he could host this ludicrous show!
Come on!!!---Old and new ZOMBIES, you die if they bite you? Why haven't we read about this in a major newspaper or on TV.? Oh, another conspiracy!!! Get Richard Hoagland NOW!!!!

So sad,. What we really have to worry about are the lsiteners who actually believe in this nonsense.!

So --why do we listen? I have learned that rather than get offended to just smile and let SNOORY and the others put me to sleep.
Good Grief!

5-2-11 Last night Mondaty), Snoory comparing the death of bin Laden to Jesus Christ re the possibilty of continuing terrorism said;
"Just because they crucified Jesus christ, it didn't mean the end of Christianity"
What an anaogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

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887 days ago

Love the DAN PATRICK SHOW on radio and DirecTV! He is knowledgeable, a great interviewer- - and Dan has so many contacts in sports and show business. What makes this radio (and TV) show stand out from the rest is the by-play between Dan and the Danettes. It's like you're sitting at a bar with these guys eavesdropping as they talk sports and a little music, TV and movies. Oh! And they usually make me laugh.

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889 days ago

George Noory has ruined C2C. He pretends to be a "nice guy," but has a really political agenda he wants to cram down the throats of gullible listeners who are looking for someone to point them in the "right" direction.

George seems to be reading comic books or googling or anything but listening to guests unless they are propagating his politics or his voodoo non-medical advice. He shamelessly pushes buying gold and e-foods because "the world will end soon." What anyone will do with either if the world does end, I have no idea.

His employers obviously like what he's doing or he would be long gone.

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