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100 days ago

Their Eyes Were Watching God may not be as ground-breaking now as when it was published, but the message is still powerful and the story of a woman lost in the world and learning to find her own happiness and not to accept less is as relevant as it was then.

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100 days ago

The Joy Luck Club manages to be a story about the lives of women, of Chinese culture and its Americanization, and mothers and daughters. Mostly mothers and daughters. And it succeeds at all of those things. It's a touching story about the relationship between women and their daughters, told from the point of view of both and allowing both sympathy and frustration on both ends of every argument.

Amy Tan is an impressive author, and it shows in the way she handles this novel. The writing style is very simple and easy to read, but each individual voice of each of the women stands out and contains all the personality of each character. Each subject is handled tenderky by the author. The greatest of tragedies are handled in a frank and careful manner, but all of the urgency and the pain is evident.

The characters all feel like fully-rounded people and are all full of their own secrets and histories that are revealed slowly. Each of the women have a story and they all touch on each other in a way that is skillfully woven into the narrative.

There is a large, over-arcing plot, but the main focus is on the history and relationships of the women who are the central characters.

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175 days ago

"Sometimes it's good to judge a book by its cover"

This book is just amazing. I recommend it to the few people I know who haven't already read it!

I was lucky enough to pick this up for a holiday when it was first published many years ago, before I was aware that had even been shortlisted for any literary prizes. I'm so glad, as I had no expectations or knowledge of it. I savoured every page as a refreshing breath of fresh air. I rarely choose a book based on its beautiful cover illustration but perhaps I will do more often as this was such a great find!

Life of Pi deserves every accolade it has won and more. I don't want to ruin the surprise by giving away any of the plot but the young Pi is a very likeable character, and you want to fight for him all the way.

Everyone has their own take on this book and its surprising ending, but whatever your view I am sure that it will be a positive one.

This is a real favourite of mine, and is in my top 5 books of all time. It is completely unique in every way,

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197 days ago

If you want to experience something unique you surely haven't before that is beyond your imagination, these books are made precisely for you. One might say this is a very similar world to other fantasies like Lord of The Rings, but that is just scratching the surface.
This story brings us to a land of fantasy, where rules we know are working quite different.

Salvatore worked out a whole world for us, matriarchal societies, any kind of human species we can think of ( dwarves, humans, elves, dark elves, orcs, goblins just to mention a few).
The story follows the life of a dark elf named Drizzt Do'Urden from the moment he was born. Actually, even tells us the story of why he was able to stay alive at the very beginning and we can experience his childhood, and whatever he had to go through to survive in this harsh, cruel yet still exciting world. What choices he had to make and what inner struggles he had to go through.
But Salvatore does more than just showing us his life, he describes every person he interacts to the very last details including the whole city and his surroundings.
In later books he goes into such details about the empires living in this world that other writers are able to embed their works into this marvelous environment.

These books are for you if you want excitement, something new and very different from others in a world full of vivid and exciting creatures and stories.
I can only recommend this to anyone who remotely likes fantasy worlds!

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224 days ago

Definitely read the novel before watching the film. You will be confused. It gripped my attention, and I finished it not long after starting. Creepy stuff.

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245 days ago

What a beautiful film filled with lots of action and romance. I enjoyed every minute of this movie, it was fantastic!

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309 days ago

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320 days ago

You now some tims we need to get away from reality and fly with our imagination ....

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357 days ago

I didn't want to be "that guy", but I had to ask my room mate why there was a leather, crotchless thong in his bathroom.

"It's a belt." he said.

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362 days ago

I went watched the 1st movie (Lion, Witch...) in the theater.. and I fell asleep. This just isn't the type of movie that interests me. You are either a lover of fantasy movies, or you aren't. I, am not.

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