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363 days ago

I certainly read it daily, and there's plenty of fine work here, but the fact is that in recent years, it has been an active conduit for government disinformation and propaganda, most notably their hyping of WMD fears leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

They lost a good deal of credibility in my eyes after that.

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962 days ago

as long as you want liberal slanted news this paper is fine. What ever the issue, they slant the issue on the talking points of the American Liberal. You might just as well read the new on MoveOn or Huffington Post as it seems that is were the Times gets approval for their news stories. If you believe the Liberal slant then they will confirm you belief.

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1155 days ago

My family used to get this newspaper. The New York Post is pretty much a tabloid newspaper. It's more known for it's stupid headlines and page six than anything else. The sports section is okay, especially if you like NY/NJ metro sports, but everything else is severely lacking.

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1155 days ago

If I read the newspaper, I tend to pick up a USA Today. I don't really care for local papers w/their obviously bias reporting/editorials. While it's true that the USA Today is thin and generalized, it gets the job done.

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1155 days ago

The New York Times is certainly one of the most well-circulated papers. The paper has a bit of a pretentious feel to it, which I think is one reason they use little font. It's okay but nothing special.

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1155 days ago

For the main reason that they're the only paper in town. If you want to use the paper to line the bird cage or wrap a fish then their paper is great.

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1155 days ago

The Kansas City Star has a new building that is truly magnificent to behold, yet their reporting is on par with my hometown's suburban townie rag save for one or two sections.

They often tout their higher-than-average-based-on-population subscribership as a sign of success, but it's simply an indication that the death of print hasn't quite hit the midwest yet. As with most things in Kansas City...give it 10 years.

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1155 days ago

The Kansas City star's moderate success in journalism comes from it being one of the only major newspapers in the midwest, not necessarily from it's reporters and staff. The sports page had one great writer - Joe Posnaski who left for Sports Illustrated. The rest of the sports writers are frankly, well - not insightful and not very interesting. Editorialist Jason Whitlock is a shock/jock equivalent at best, and likes to play the race card has often as he can to get readers for his stories. (Whether it's defending African Americans or criticizing them). His real talent is covering NCAA basketball and maybe a few Chiefs stories (although he got way to close to some of the players and this clouded his writing, not a good move for an independent journalist).

The Star has enjoyed a monopoly in the midwest area for almost it's entire existence, charging exhtortonist prices for advertising. Don't get me wrong, I like the Star and it's a good paper, but it's also not like I have a choice for local news.

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1274 days ago

My unpostable reply to the so called Christian Science Monitor or is that Regulator? On their article about the Godly Angelic Arial Drone defense money maker. mwpphu-container

I’m being blocked from posting my opinion. I’m not republican, democrat, independent, or Joe’s toe worshiper I’m just American which has become a dirty word in the world. Mainly because we follow the feed bucket! Think for a minute about that feed bucket mindless cattle to the slaughter?

I think the politicians all sold us down river. And will kiss any a++ to cover it up. I believe in God and I love America. I was born here but my opinion doesn’t count because I have one. I guess God’s truth dose not apply here.

My response as follows:

I’m all in favor of sending a machine to die instead of a human being “IF” it must be done. The problem is where do you draw your political line? One blissful day the skies will be peppered with WWW. operated drones. You think I’m being sarcastic.

I can build one of these model planes in my back yard. Not as sophisticated of course because I’m not familiar with common remote controlled planes. The camera well its all in how much you want to spend.

We won’t let the general public in on it, unless they pay a small fee of course. Then you can stalk any one any where. That pesky mate who’s cheating on you at cheaters dot com. Or maybe the voyeurs delight at hack your neighbor’s back yard dot net. Then our every move can be monitored.

What a wonderful world we live in. How about the idiots who armed the Hussein’s of the world be held accountable instead of electing them president? Dose any one else remember the US arming Afghanistan in the eighties? I know Europe dose!

You are what you eat and as an American I’m tired of eating congresses extruded crow. The worst part is I feel all alone. Am I going to be seeking asylum in a country that has common since just because I do?

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1370 days ago

A good source for news.

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