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282 days ago

I had a chance to view all the reviews which were written here about Keller. some bad and some good. I came to a final points that those people writing negative here, are the one which don't have a goals in their life and don't know why they went to school. Why you selected Keller at the first place. Why didn't you search around during internet age and find out more before you applied. This will tell that you wrote negative due to having no clue in life or directions and you need to grow up more may be in 50 years from now. I am have mechanical degree in engineering and also have certificate of project managements from Keller, it is a great one and has more respect then my engineering degree which I got from MI. If you guys in search of purchasing a degree, then go to another country. DOn't use your money to obtain a degree only to have it and show it to others. Go for goals and have point in your life.

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447 days ago

I worked at UOP for over 2 years. I took advantage of the tuition assistance and earned my MBA. The MBA program was time consuming but not challenging. The work environment at UOP is dysfunctional and the management is completely incompetent. The attrition rate is very high. Over a year ago following awful press releases, UOP transitioned from a sales environment to a customer service business model. No one talks about number of enrollments anymore but there is still an underlying force to produce. I hear comments about my degree not being accepted or recognized. I'm not sure if the rumors are true but it's very pervasive. UOP may have more MBA students enrolled than any other university and the numbers aren't even close but it doesn't mean it's a best school. I still depend on my bachelor degree from another university and my work experience to get me through. Going back to school is a big decision and it takes a lot of time and money. Choose wisely and buyer beware of UOP.

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476 days ago

I am a busy software professional and wanted a management degree. I did MBA from UOP while working for a start up in Bay Area. I think the program is designed for busy professionals. I had
a mix of good and bad professors. The program was OK and introduced me some management and business concepts. Overall, I would suggest this program for any busy professionals. But If you are full time student, you can look for other places.

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482 days ago

Just a tip when reading these reviews... notice how the people who sound uneducated within the reviews are always the ones who are unhappy with the product? Some people just aren't meant to have a Masters degree, and I'm sure you're grades reflect the same product. Learn how to read and write first. Also, the price of $30,000 is less than most state schools with the same accreditation as Devry. Do yourself a service: check out the program costs of top ranked business schools and then compare.
I've been very satisfied with my experience so far. Keller School of Business does not carry the same name recognition as many other schools, but again, it's about what you get out of the school. A friend of mine is paying $60,000 for an MBA at a university in my area and we are covering the same subjects. On individual topics, we have a better understanding in different areas but the same knowledge and experience. I know people who went to the same state school I did for my Bachelors degree and had equal grades, but have not experienced the same success as I have. It's what you take out of the program and how you apply that (along with your work ethic) that will determine your success.
Good luck to you all.

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576 days ago

I worked for a company -- Lucid -- that employed 20 world-class software developers. The founder fired people who were merely above average. We had just won the PC Magazine award for Best Application Of The Year (1989) for Lucid 3D, a spreadsheet. We had written the good applications shipped with the Casio BOSS and Sharp Wizard PDAs. Each of the 20 would be the star in a normal computer shop.

One day the conversation turned to computer science degrees. I and another guy went around asking each developer about his degree. We learned 25% were high school dropouts (like me), 25% were high school graduates or college dropouts, and not one of the 50% college grads had a computer science degree. When I asked who was best, assuming each would nominate himself, they all pointed to a Mormon kid who looked like Ken Jennings and worked part-time while attending high school. I was skeptical based on his lack of experience. They said, "look at his code." They were right. The kid was an artistic genius. He won every coding shootout.

[fade out, fade in] Ten years later I embarked on a career as contractor to F-100 companies, who all specified computer science degree as a requirement. It was required to get past the screener, not to do the job. I bought one. It got me into 16 gigs paying over $100K. What more do you want?

Companies require a degree because they don't want a Wal-Mart mentality in a high-tech environment. They want you to have a problem solving and dispute handling style oriented to facts and logic rather than emotion, sweeping generalization, and fuzzy thinking. It has nothing to do with knowledge acquired in college. You can cultivate that style on your own. Conversely, there are college grads whose style is no more sophisticated than truck drivers'. The internet is full of them.

In short, education is a class distinction, not a body of knowledge.

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576 days ago

In most countries the term 'fake degrees' refers to the Farenheit scale.

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576 days ago

My degree might as well be fake. It hasn't done anything for me at all. Viva communication major.

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576 days ago

If you want a degree, kids, go to a REAL university, on campus, study with students live, and interact and learn from real teachers. And most importantly, get some on-the-field experience in your profession of choice. There are no shortcuts to success, contrary to what some fly-by-night hustle like BudgetDiploma would have you believe.

But then again, if you're foolish enough to buy a degree from these guys, then perhaps you do deserve to be parted from your cash. Never trust multi-level marketing schemes which promise quick and easy wealth.

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576 days ago

Any bets on Danny buying one?

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673 days ago

I've been enrolled in Keller from since 2009 and based on my experience, the school is decent enough. I learned right away that the school does not hand good grades to you on a platter-you have to earn it. What I liked most about the school is the curriculum they teach. You receive projects, have discussions with students and the classes actually make you think outside the box. I am currently about to graduate with my MBA and I have no regrets going there.

What I didn't like about the school is mostly the staff and some of the teachers. I feel Keller should improve in those areas. Other than that, I really didn't have problems with financial aid or had stops in my classes or anything like that. I'm sorry to hear that some people had these problems but it probably depends on where you are.

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