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1371 days ago

After a long wait my 2010 Protoy finally arrived today!
Out the box the board looks great my first impression was it hardly has a rocker and the dual concave is very slight but will leave any opinion until I have got it and myself strapped to a kite. The fin studs made light dents to the upper deck when attached as the studs are slightly longer than the recesses are deep, nothing excessive and results in a really snug fit I doubt it will cause any hassles.

I headed straight down to the beach once all was screwed up and tight...
On arrival things were a little mental, must have been blowing at least 25 knots none the less I pumped the nine and took the plunge.

Now considering I was well overpowered throughout the session I was impressed right from the start, the board made me feel in control of the power all the time with a surprisingly smooth ride considering the chop. It has a very good feel, loose on the water but with great control, the pop was impressive but then with the power I had its not hard to come off the water.
The foot beds are supper comfy not to hard but also not too soft I had a small issue with the top of my toes chafing but I suspect once the straps soften up this will go away.
I read a review where the guy spoke about slight face spray so I was a little worried, the only way I can explain the spray is to say that it is almost as though the board is trying to get away with spraying without you noticing it, almost like a naughty kid not wanting to get caught... it truly is very slight and hardly worth the mention.

Overall I am very happy I had both the 2009 North Jamie and the Mallory and this board compares if not even better.
Considering how well the Protoy treated me today it will be my friend for a while to come.


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