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366 days ago

Took the Catalina-Ensenada cruise. Check in was a breeze. There were lots of activities for everyone, kids and adults alike. Lots of food. Personable and helpful staff. We had the upper deck room which was supposed to be the high end suite but the room was very small. There were bargain shopping for everyone , from jewelry to art since U.S. taxes did not apply once the ship is out of customs jurisdiction. The stores and gallery open shortly after that. Over all , it ws good and did not have to pay too mcuh.

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588 days ago

"For a cruise you will never forget!"
You got that right.

UPDATE: Looks like they have taken the "For a cruise you will never forget!" off of their website.
Also, seems like they've already taken one of the ships off their list. I could be wrong, but I think it is the Costa Concordia...

Oh, wait! Our satellite pics have found it!

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730 days ago

all friends went this time….fantastic vacation time enjoyed the carnival’s celebrations…..dazzling clean and exotic. Absolutely amazing; breathtaking! It made us crazy….barely unbelievable, ……ample food options ……A great place to be!

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730 days ago

It is the best cruise line out there…very friendly staff. The food is fantastic with a huge variety of food to enjoy. High quality services make this cruise breathtaking! The activity programs that were going on when we were were there was the reason to have super fun. My family enjoyed it a lot. It’s indeed a mix of recreation and amusing activities. Incredible restaurants on board…
This cruiseline is best for families and couples alike. highly recommend it for anybody

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965 days ago

Carnival Cruise Lines are amazing!!!!! I love them. I went on a cruise in febuary 2009 and it was amazing!!!!!! I went on Carnival Triumph...great ship by the way. We had amazing room service. And we had to go to dinners at this amazing place food was great. You get free ice cream and free food. they have amazing pools on the ship and they also have amazing places for your kids to go to...called Circle C. And trust me the cruise is really fun i suggest that you go on a Carnival Crusie Line....I am going on another one in Febuary this year. I will tell you about it when I get back.

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1021 days ago

I've always wondered about taking a cruise, but lately the news has all been about boatloads of passengers getting Montezuma's Revenge or having the ship break down in the middle of the frickin' ocean. I'm beginning to think there are better ways of visiting tropical islands than riding on the Carnival Cruise Ship Titanic, and I sure don't want to hear Kathie Lee Gifford sing.

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1083 days ago

Just got back over labor day weekend from a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas,for what I paid I got what I expected. Only thing I did not like was being dumped off coco cay where all the crack heads were. Other than that it was fine.

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1162 days ago

Alaska has always been one of my favorite cruise destinations. The natural beauty is absolutely stunning and the viewing of everything from sea life to mountains and glaciers is second to none. If warm weather and beaches are your thing, this probably isn't the cruise for you but if you are into nature, photography, wildlife, and serenity; this is a tough one to beat. I suggest going with a combination land and sea package that will allow you to experience what each one has to offer. The whale watching tours are a blast and are worth every penny, some of the fishing side trips can be an experience of a lifetime, and taking a trip to see Denali should not be missed. There are several major cruise lines that offer great travel packages in several different lengths so finding something to meet your budget and schedule should not be very difficult. I've done 4 of these trips over the course of the last several years and have yet to be let down. Do a little research before you go and try to avoid the rainy months to get the most out of your trip! Don't forget to sample a little of the fresh local seafood while you're on the ship or in one of the local ports, it doesn't get any fresher. Amazing travel destination and one that everybody should experience at least once!

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1198 days ago

Care To Share With Friends?
Holland America Line Inc
300 Elliott Ave W Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 281-3535

I hate to do this... but It needs to be said.

I am an avid cruise fan with over 50 cruises to my name. I have cruised with several well respected cruise lines in my days.

I have also travelled with Holland America on several cruises.

For the most part I am a satisfied customer.

I went to Alaska in Sept 09' I usually spend quite a bit of money, Liquor, Art, and so forth.

On this cruise, I purchased a diamond ID bracelet for myself and a diamond ring for my wife. Upon debarkation, we noticed that there were several stones that were very loose on the bracelet. We have always bought with confidence on our cruises, as their return policies have always made making a purchase easy and stress free... Well, not this time.

We pursued a refund, due to defective merchandise... and Hollland America showed it's true colors. Their customer support division was obnoxious. The woman that handled my call appeared to be trying to be insensitive. I felt very much like I had given them my money, my cruise was over, so go jump in a lake!

This is unacceptable behavior. We are all in this very challenging economic time...every penny counts now more than ever. As a party that has discretionary income to spend, we have a lot of choices out there. This is a time when businesses that cater to people should be offering greater value and service to insure that they will survive with a good reputation. Not the case with Holland America.

My advice would be to think twice before booking with Holland America, and if you decide to cruise with careful on your onboard purchases, as Holland America fails to support their clients post debarkation.

Enjoy your you wallet.

I will never set foot on another cruise with Holland America. I will continue to cruise... but never again with Holland America.

Be aware... You have a choice...spend your money where you will be appreciated and served with respect.

Thanks for reading this feedback... hope it helps someone else from being taken advantage of at sea.

Jason S.
Seattle, WA.

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1206 days ago

Cruises are expensive, with that in mind; you want your cruise to be worth every penny. After taking Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruise line - I have a good perspective on what I expect from a cruise. My review of Celebrity?

Celebrity was mediocre. The food was really good and delicious. Desserts were decent, could be better. Their Baked Alaska was disappointing, at best. But, their entrees were magnificent! The whole dining experience was the best the cruise line had to offer.
Their two tiny pools and 5 hot tubs were very small and only open until 8PM, which felt like Vegas (at least Vegas has an excuse for closing their pools at 7 or 8PM, they want you out there gambling)! Their children activities were boring and poorly planned. Because their activities for teenagers were incredibly lacking, the pool and especially hot tubs were constantly mobbed with 14-18 year olds. Both of my children would rather spend time in their stateroom watching television or playing with their handheld video games than with the activities that were planned, which is saying a lot because they loved the activities on the other cruise lines. My son, who is 13 and daughter who is almost 10 - tried their activities and frequently left them due to boredom.

The dining room staff was excellent, polite, and very attending to your needs; however, the rest of the staff left something to be desired. The bartenders were rude, REALLY watered down the drinks, and did not know how to communicate effectively. One bartender argued with my husband when he asked for a little more alcohol in his incredibly weak drink. I mean, you are paying $8-12 for a drink, you expect to have a little alcohol in it!

Overall, Celebrity has plenty of improvements to fulfill before I ever go on another cruise. Although their dinners were superb, their desserts were bland and disappointing. I’m a baker, so my standards are high with desserts and baked goods. I will stick with Princess Cruises, since they have 4-star service all-round with a fantastic staff!

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