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331 days ago

Aspartame I heard was a very bad ingredient to drink.. For what I have heard Aspartame is linked to Cancer.. It some how stimulates our cancer cells to the point that it can even give you cancer in the future. especially if cancer runs in your family...

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525 days ago

I've had trouble finding the right stuff. I first tried Stevia in liquid form from a trusted company called 'NOW'. It had no sweetness at all. In fact, it was unusable. I tasted a drop of it and the after-taste lasted for hours. Then I read that it is best used as a powder, so I tried a few different sample packs and was convinced that the claim of being 300x sweeter than sugar was flat-out untrue. The bitterness over-took any of the sweetness very quickly. Then I tried "Stevia in the Raw'. It was sweet, but use of it as a sugar substitute calls for a 3-1 ratio (Sugar to Stevia), still a far cry from the claims. This one was noticeably sweet, however. I used it in the 40-second chocolate muffin recipe that I posted yesterday (2 parts sugar/one part Stevia). If you're looking for that kick, it'll fall short and I'd recommend upping the sweeteners, or perhaps, adding some chocolate chips. However, that after-taste was still there, so I'd go with more sugar, not more Stevia.

For anyone looking at an alternative to carb based sweeteners, Stevia is ideal: Zero carbs, zero gluten, zero calories and a Glycemic Index of zero. Here's what this means: The gold standard for the Glycemic Index is Glucose, which has a GI of 100 and is the substance that all other foods are measured against. The higher the GI, the faster the food is absorbed and turned into glucose, which spikes the blood sugar. The higher the GI, the worse it is for your insulin receptors and usually leads to Diabetes, if abused, as the receptors shut down and won't allow insulin to escort the glucose into the cells. This is bad. The reason that Stevia has a Glycemic Index of zero, is that the the sweetening agents in Stevia (stevioside, steviolbioside, rebaudioside, rebiana, and dulcoside) are indigestible and pass through your system without being absorbed. There are, however, trace elements in Stevia that do get absorbed and are well-known for controlling blood sugar levels (chromium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, zinc and niacin).

In the end, it's a question of balance. Coffee and tea are good examples. It is easy to adjust to tea without any sweeteners. For me it's desirable. Coffee is a tougher proposition, especially if you are still using instant, or pre-ground coffee (Folgers, for example) because they need a lot of help to make them palatable. But, if you've learned the pleasure of grinding your own, you can learn to control the strength, or even find flavors that stand up well on their own...as in drinking it "black". Took a while, but I finally got there. When it comes to baked goods, the question of balance is even more delicate. Sugar adds more than sweetness, it creates texture and 'mouth feel', which Stevia does not do. And while sugar may trigger an appetite, when you consume Stevia you know that there will be that "chemical" after-taste waiting for you down the road. If you absolutely, positively should be avoiding carbs, then you either need to adjust to a blander choice of foods (which, ironically, will open up a whole new world of taste), or find ways to smother the after-taste of Stevia. I'll keep working with it. Like most other changes, it involves a process.

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722 days ago

800 times more bitter than saccarin

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771 days ago

I'm sure the sugar industry (Dixie Crystals, et. al.) had something to do with keeping Stevia off the market. Not only is it non-caloric, it doesn't mess with your glucose levels. Yeah, it has an aftertaste, but so does metformin.

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771 days ago

The taste of Stevia takes some getting used to, but it is better for you than other artificial sweeteners. You can experiment with it in tea and coffee, but I find it has an aftertaste. I do, however use it on occasion.

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997 days ago

Very good pancake syrup! I love it better than maple!

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1082 days ago

I can't tolerate this stuff, it's poison to me. I get headaches and itch from it and saw what it did to rats! Google it and find out the horrors of aspartame.

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1288 days ago

I find it amazing that the FDA did not allow this to be sold as a health food and only as a dietary aid for years in this country when it is from a plant and has no harmful effects on our health. It is in fact, good for us as it has been used for centuries in Paraguay as a medicine and sweetener. Japan started harvesting it in the 1950s and it is now 50% of their sweetener industry, why are they always smarter about food than us Americans?

It is known for it's ability to reduce blood pressure levels, stabilize diabetic's blood sugar levels, aid the digestive system of gas and acidity, reduce candida, energize and stimulate alertness in people.

Another excellent attribute is that Stevia can reduce bacteria in the mouth and gums and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It also is an amazing healer for several skin conditions when applied directly to the skin and makes a great face mask!

And for the obese? It helps one to lose weight so how can I not give this all natural herb a 5 when I myself have used it for years? High 5 Stevia!

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1314 days ago

It has a strange after taste to me that seems to upset my stomach. I don't use it much (in 2 cups of coffee) but from reading, I have found that Stevia is one of the safest sweeteners out there. I doubt I will buy it again, though.

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1424 days ago

There's no way I'm going to play lab rat with any of these substances.

I used to use honey as an occasional 'sugar substitute', but now that we know honey's often not honey (thanks to our bestest friends, the Chinese), maple syrup's the only 'sugar substitute' you'll find in my house.

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