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9 days ago

Great prices, many destinations available and convenient flight times make Southwest a great choice for domestic travel. The check-in procedure, however, leaves much to be desired in terms of convenience and anxiety. Waiting at the computer to check-in at exactly the right minute only to receive a seating number of B30 that will likely result in a middle seat by the bathroom for a 6 hour flight is frustrating. Anyone who has had the experience of waking up in a panic the night before realizing that you forgot to check-in knows the anxiety that this can create! But, once on board seats are roomy, snacks are great and flight attendants are helpful and friendly.

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57 days ago

wow. this is insane. i'm used to not being satisfied by even my husbands two fists, but this supplier really does the trick! when i'm done i'm absolutely gaping, which is perfect because i have problems with bowel movements and this loosens everything up so welL! i would reccomend this to anyone who can't get satisfaction from the normal sized dong! LOVE IT!

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57 days ago

They help in the best way to move--

I was looking for experienced Las Vegas movers for the movement I wanted to make of my residence. I had all the precious antique things to carry which I didn’t want to mess with. I never wanted to compromise on cost or other things for my valuable collections I had made since several years. I had done all my research since I am an online expert. I found the genuine reviews about Las Vegas movers, triple 7 movers online to refer. I went ahead to make an effort of connecting with them to understand their service. They were extremely polite and made me understand the exact service with the costing which I agreed upon. They were on time on the movement day. They immediately started with loading and also helped me in packing few left out things. They did superb job and so smoothly that I didn’t even feel that we moved from one place to another.

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58 days ago


Avoid at all costs

Dirty cars, overcharging, and they don't even reply to requests for details and copy of invoice.

For me, never again!


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61 days ago

Triple7 Movers Never Let Me Down

I have been moving all across the state since my job demands for the same almost every year. This time I wanted to be extra careful since last two times I suffered a lot due to wrong choice from the list of long distance moving companies. I, in fact needed somebody to take care of my movement urgently but it was for a short distance. I came across Triple7movers advertisement which I liked but still wanted to be cautious so asked my friend about them. He had used their services in past so he gave me very good reviews about them. They shared their past experiences with me and it was very good to know that atleast it was not new to my community. It is always easier to trust somebody you know directly or indirectly but atleast not new completely to you. Triple7 Movers never let me down and did the job with great perfection and excellence.

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74 days ago


My husband and I are very unhappy with the Scarsdale, NY Enterprise.
I rented the car for ten days as a replacement while my car was fixed. Seven of the days were paid by the car insurance and three were our responsibility.

When I went to rent the car the salesman was very unprofessional. He was very slow and did not seem to know what he was doing. It took awhile for him to get me my car.

When on May 8, 2013 I dropped the car off and asked for him, a new salesman said he was fired for stealing cars. This new salesman did not give me a receipt for car return, claiming first we shall figure out with the insurance who pays for how many days.

Two weeks later Enterprise charged us for two extra rental days, five days in total. When I called I spoke to the manager named Paul who also was new. I was later explained that the new salesman was replaced with the new-new salesman, total 3 salesmen/managers in 3 weeks.

I told Paul the insurance was paying for seven days and us for three. He checked with his co-workers and insisted that we rented the car for 12 days which is ridiculous. He refused even to discuss the matter with me and suggested we can go to court where Enterprise lawyers make millions.

I called the car insurance and insurance said we would call Enterprise together. The Enterprise manager (Paul) said he would not even talk with me on the line. The insurance man called him separately and then called me back. He said that Enterprise would only bill us for three days but we could never rent from an Enterprise again.

I found both Paul, the manager of the Scarsdale office and the employees at the satellite office the worst I have ever seen at a car rental
in my whole life.

When we rented from Enterprise ten years ago, back in 2001-2006, it was a pleasant experience. I guess after "Enterprise rent a car" was consolidated in 2007 with two other rental car merchants, (Alamo and National via Vanguard automotive?), both honesty and customer service left this company. More exactly, there is at least no more honesty in Yonkers and Scarsdale Enterprise locations.

I would recommend renting your car somewhere else.

2481 CENTRAL PARK AVE,YONKERS, NY 10710;Tel.: (914) 725-3100- office with Paul;*** ;
151 SUMMERFIELD STREET,SCARSDALE,NY 10583 - satellite office

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77 days ago

They say they have a "best fare guarantee". In my opinion that is a big lie. Just a way to get you to think they are acting as they care about you. However while booking a flight the other day, I had a Delta website price that was about $160.00 higher then the price on Orbitz. Same flight numbers, same dates, same booking of "economy fare". So I called Delta and asked about a price guarantee(trying to book it direct from their site, they say it is better). The first rep states they do have a Best fare guarantee, but she did not know how to guide me on the internet to get it. She then transfers me to another rep.(very hard to understand her). She says they do not have one. Then she changes to they do not match the price on the web. Then she says well the do have a best price guarantee but you have to pay full price and then apply for the guarantee. BS,BS,BS. Mislead, misdirect, bait you to pay and then of course they say NO. It had different a different class rating they said. HMMMMMM same flights, same dates, same "economy class". Their Best Fare is just a lie. Requested a call. They would not even do that. Terrible service

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126 days ago

So, I got a response from dollar about the Insurance hustle they pull. While checking in at Ft. Myers airport (see my earlier post). The girl at the counter asks if you want this or that as extras. I said yes to the add'l driver and yes to the fuel issue,. All else I said no to. Now, as you are standing there she asks you to "hit accept" on everything on the key pad thats on the counter. I assumed that it was correctly stating all the correct answers to her earlier questions. Wanting to get going, as each line came up in the display I hit ACCEPT. I now discover that I "accepted" the insurance and "you signed for it" so now I have to pay for it. As you read a few of these complaints you will see that its part of the plan to screw people. She asked me if I wanted the insurance and I said NO because my personal carrier covered my car rentals. She left it as a yes and took advantage that I would assume that I was accepting a "no, I didnt want ins," instead I accepted a yes I wanted insurance. A real con job. Now that they have your "signature" on the accept line you are screwed. Terrible way to do business. Remember, my original estimate of charges was
Pick-Up Date/Time: Saturday, March 16, 7:00 PM
Drop-Off Date/Time: Sunday, March 24, 1:00 PM

Vehicle Type: Special Special

Features: Automatic, Air Conditioning, Unlimited Mileage

1 Week @ $186.44/week
1 Extra Day @ $25.99/day = $212.43
Estimated Taxes and Fees: $73.45

and my bill at check in was;


3/24/2013 1:03:43 PM
Rental Agreement #:

Date/Time Out:
3/16/2013 7:12:27 PM
Date/Time In:
3/24/2013 1:03:43 PM
Time $212.43
Mile $0.00
Add'l Driver $88.00
Loss Damage Waiver $231.92 This is the big one where I got screwed !!
Prepaid Fuel $69.34
Facltyusefee $8.00
Confeerecchg $67.80 The “confeerecchg” is a concession fee charged by the local airport authority
Veh Lic Fee $4.96
Florida Surcharge $16.16
State Tax $28.22
Energy Recovery Fee $3.60
Actual amount charged at check in !!!! Total Charges: $730.43

This is a $444.55 dollar difference as to what I was expecting. What the ---- !!!

Yesterday I bought $1000.00 worth of Preparation H and I am going to stand at the check in line at Dollar Rent a Car and sell them to all the unsuspecting victims of Dollars under handed ways of doing things. for you are going to need it.
Learn a lesson here folks and do not take things for granted, Read everything and rent from Budget, Hertz or Avis. DOLLAR IS A CROOK>!!!!!

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146 days ago

Delta is one of the worst airlines... My family booked a flight to china that was right on Spring break (for nyc schools). The time was perfect and us students wouldn't miss a day of school. BUT, the flight was delayed until the next morning making us miss a day of school and my mom a day of work. Above all, we had to transfer airports and the time between the transfer was 30mins. We barely had enough time to get our next plane. We were the last ones to board that crowded plane. If that wasn't bad enough, my aunt put her iPad through scanning and while we were rushing she forgot it in one of the crates. The security officer delibaretly put the iPad under everything making it easy to unnotice. We got back to New York and tried to call the Detroit airport were we left the iPad and they said they didn't want to waste their time going through all the lost items.... If our plane wasn't delayed we wouldn't have all this chaos. Deta airlines is untrustworthy and shouldn't be taken.
P.S. The crew was supposedly working over time.... We submitted a report about our iPad and they never sent an email back...
Warning: Don't take Delta Airlines

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150 days ago

What a bunch of crap. I rented a car. went to pick it up. Didn't have a copy of the insurance card. I got a copy went back. The insurance card is in a company name, credit card had company name and my name. That wasn't good enough. My personal name had to be on the insurance card. Company insurance only lists the company name. They wanted me to spend an extre $50 a day for there insurance. I left, no car, got someone to pick me up.

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