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443 days ago

Being a member for over a year and having prescriptions at reasonable price and comparable to identical from other HMOs I was just charged 3x as much for the same medicine.

The explanation I was given was that they made a mistake 2 times in the past already and they did not know that the prescription was good for 3 months and not for one month only.
It simply means that if the KP pharmacy had known or noticed that the prescription covered 3 months they would have charged me 3x from the start. Also that would be 3x as much as other health insurance providers charged.
I like it! (sarcastically)

The other issue was my wife's sharp pain in her knee. The doctor prescribed ... Benadryl !
That's good too!

That's fun to go to KP doctor or KP Pharmacy and know that they are also having fun for screwing you up. The problem is that somebody someday dies and it is not KP.

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605 days ago

DON'T GET KAISER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a nightmare getting refereals. We just switched to Kaiser and can't switch back till next open enrollment, regret it. It's a bit cheaper, but it's totally not worth it. (It looks like we are not the only few that have complaints about kaiser, I want to rate it "0" STAR)

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737 days ago

You'd think that when a bank buys a smaller bank the CD rates would be locked in just as the maturity date is locked it. My CD rate was lowered to .35% when Bank of America purchased Countrywide. When I inquired about the early withdrawal penalty, I discovered it was 4 times more than most banks. Where most banks charge between 1 and 3 months interest, B of A charges 3 months interest PLUS 3% of the principle. When my CD matures, B of A will never see me again. No wonder their customers and stockholders are SO dissatisfied. I'll take my business elsewhere. No one buys a CD to lose $ !!

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852 days ago

This is a copy of a letter I sent to Kaiser and the office where I received the service.

To Whom it may concern.

I would like to express how upset I am at my first and last (to date) visit to the clinic in Evergreen, CO. I came in Friday 4-29-2011 with a sore throat. I was seen in a timely manor. Being a new patient the nurse advised me that I needed to set up an appointment and choose a Primary Care Physician. I was informed that they could take care of that right away. I made it abundantly clear that I did not want to do it at that time. I was hesitant to do it at all not seeing the need. While being examined she was insistent on the fact that I needed it done. I conceded that maybe I should but that now was not a good time and I could come back later in the day or set an appointment for next week. As the examination went on she repeated how important it was for me to see a Primary Care Physician. The Primary Care Physician could explain the lab work that was in my file.Work that I had gotten done for my Dermatologist. Again I repeted now was not a good time I had somewhere to be. She took a swab of my throat and said she would be right back. Some 20 min later she stuck her head in and told me that the doctor would be in in a few min. My thought was why am I seeing a doctor for a nurse visit? When the Doctor came in she started to go over the tests I had in my file.Tests had nothing to do with why I was there at the time. I explained that I was now short on time and had hoped this was to be over soon. She then started to examine me. As she did she joked that "bet it feels like you are being forced to see a doctor." I told her YES it did. She told me that the nurse was concerned for me. After the examination the doctor told me the short test had concluded I did not have Strep and my throat was sore. She did not give me a prescription for anything, nor did she tell me that they do not give out antibiotics for this. She in fact did not give me any advice at all! Just sent me on my way after almost 2 hours in your office.

Your nurse, while thinking she was acting in my best behalf was NOT! I DO NOT need a another mother. She WASTED my time! The doctor that I did not need to see did nothing for me and again wasted my time! I am furious that I spent almost 2 hours in your clinic and only got hassled, nothing productive happened! MY TIME WAS WASTED! What am I paying for? I was assessed a Co-Pay, I will not pay it! I would like your help to have it removed from my file.

I have been a new patient for almost 5 months this is the second doctor I have seen. So far I have had a problem at every turn when I have dealt with your company. When I set up my online access, when I set the appointment for my dermatologist, when I faxed records to your records department, when I faxed records directly to my doctor, having the first of 2 prescriptions filled, Still having problems with the second prescription and now this. You have lost this customer, You have bought bad word of mouth. We have a choice at my company of providers, I will be steering people away from your company. This letter will be sent to my Union my Company as well as published on the internet.

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852 days ago

I own a business and recently switched to Kaiser for me and my employees' medical insurance. These are a few of the things that happened in the first one month that had me regret my decision to move to Kaiser:

1. Kaiser did not send any information about how to access account to the members. I, the group admin, had to send multiple emails to get the membership id information. However, when it came to billing, the first month premium was immediately charged to my account. The members were not able to avail any healthcare services for one month because they did not have any clue about how to take an appointment with the doctors.

2. There is no way to contact them outside business hours, not even to make payments! There is just one phone number for customer support and that too has very restrictive hours which makes it hard for someone with a full-time job.

3. I did not get any information about how to set up account for online access. Neither did I get information about how and where to send payments.

4. The notification of the first bill came on two days after the bill was due! How is anyone supposed to know that the bill is already due if the notification comes later than the due date?

5. There is no way to reset password online for group administrators. You can't even check for email responses without logging in! This is too much restriction in the name of security. This is so ironic because when I called an operator reset my password and told me the password over phone! What kind of security is this when you can't reset my password online and a live person can just speak out the password over the phone!

6. The website is really very difficult to use. The navigation controls are tedious and non-intuitive. It is very slow and does not provide information about how to pay bills.

I hope this review helps you make decision on choosing the right medical insurance plan.

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1013 days ago

Born in Kaiser and been a part of Kaiser almost the rest of my life. Physicians that I have had are great with the exception of one my wife was treated by one year before her fall. This is where the negative story starts. I am writing this now because we just decided to give up righting the wrongs.

My wife fell and was in pain. Made appointment with her physician. Eventually had an xray and a ct scan. The wait caused us to be there after hours to have the results read by a radiologist - fractured pelvis. We got out of there at midnight. Prior to be sent after hours her physician advised us that we would not be charged for admission to ER. Well in a sense she was right...we did not pay going in but they required payment on departure. Denied refund after 5 months of trying to weave through the hazy maze required to report issues.

One more thing, a report indicated my wife was sent a letter advising her that her bone density was low and needed to start on medicine right away to halt the bone loss. Med is waiting in the pharmacy. We receive our messages and prescription info online. Not a word until 12 months later when my wife fell.

Refund denied and advised we are wrong since their records indicate the message was sent out to us. If it was sent out why no follow up, why no record online?


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1016 days ago

Kaiser Permanente will not cancel your insurance policy, no matter what. If you choose to join Kaiser, expect to be associated with the organization for life. The customer service department is a joke. They continually make promises to complete simple tasks, but drop the ball on every occasion.

I've been in the process of canceling my policy for three months. The major problem is the inept organization continues to bill me. I owe them over five hundred dollars now, which is absurd considering I no longer live in an area where Kaiser offers their services. I've made countless phone calls, written letters that somehow never reach their destination, and sent faxes that are never received. All of this is very convenient considering the company will not accept any of the letters and faxes that I've written as proof of canceling my existing policy. How this company treats its costumers is probably illegal.

I'm in the process of writing my congressman and other elected officials regarding Kaiser Permanente's treatment of policy holders. Hopefully, I can receive some positive outcome. I highly recommend that you save yourself the trouble, go with another health care provider. It's not worth the headaches.

I can't even imagine dealing with Kaiser if I were actually sick. If this is how they treat their healthy costumers, I'm sure their shady practices are much worse with policy holders who actually need this organization to perform its duties.

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1030 days ago

1 star

I work in retail, so I know what it means to give good customer service to paying customers. Last year I had pulled a muscle in my neck while I was sleeping. Hurt like a b****!! I couldn’t even lift my neck to get out of bed. Luckily I had two days off in a row so I thought that it would go away. But it didn’t . . . I went to urgency care the morning I woke up from pulling it. They decided to give me a shot for the night and a few muscle relaxants. Obviously the shot wore off in the morning, so I decided to call the advice nurse and ask her if I could get some pain killers so that I could go to work the next day. I didn’t want to pay another co-pay so I thought that the advice nurse was the best way to go. I was very very wrong. At first she told me to take ibuprofen with the muscle relaxants and that it would go away in a few days. I told her that I didn’t have a few days and that I had to go to work the next morning. Then she said, and I quote: “Well, ugh, we don’t have a magic wand to fix it.” I was so shocked. I felt like I was being treated like some druggie that wanted drugs when in fact that was the first time that I have been to urgency care. I am a responsible 20 year old that has bills to pay and I pay for their F****** benefits every week. They are supposed to take care of me when I don’t feel good or if I can’t lift my head in the morning to go to the rest room or what not. I complained and had a prescription waiting for me the next day. They took FOREVER though and I had to come into work 5 hours late!! Thanks a lot Kaiser I could have had a big sale and made commission to pay for your crappy benefits and your crappy service.

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1061 days ago

went to kaiser saturday morning with an ear infection, apparently it was all for nothing... the ear infection hurt like heck... I'm a big dude so i can sustain pain, but this pain was horrible... i wouldnt wish it upon anyone... i went to urgent care and to my surprise my personal doctor was in on a saturday... she treated me and gave my some advil and some anti-biotic ear drops... i asked her for a doctor's note to miss work on Monday, she said it wasn't necessary. i said fine. the next day i wake up with a fever, a head ache, and an even worst pain then the day before... i said to myself to just wait it out.... my girlfriend came over later on and she said that i looked bad, that i had a fever, so we ended up going to the emergency room at 9pm... i didn't want to go because i was going to miss my shows, american dad and family guy... the service was quick... the doctor looked over me and so did the male nurse... i then explained my situation to the male nurse and he was sympathetic about it.... i told him about my visit the day before and he was appaled. he asked me why my personal doctor perscribed anti-biotic ear drops when it was clear that my ear was so swollen that nothing could get into it... i couldn't figure that out either. At the end the new doctor treating me realized that the medication given to me the day before did me no good, so he perscribed a new set of meds for me... so far it's been ok.... i didnt have problems with the nurses or the receptionist... but the doctors at kaiser are just horrible... if you get lucky you may find one good one, but i think i have a better chance of winning the mega million before i find a good doctor at kaise... years before i had gone to kaiser to treat a rash under my eye and the doctor perscribed me some dermal medication... my rash got worst, kaiser sent me a complaint letter, and the doctor personally called my house to apologize... i still have a minor rash under my eye and it's been three years... my sister went in once because she had a lump on one of her breast, kaiser decided not to test it and told her it was nothing.... she got upset, changed her insurance provider, and got better help at the UCLA hospital.... i've been to clinics and hospitals in third world countries and even to free clinics and i never seen such horrible service, by a doctor, like at kaiser... i had 2 employees pass away with cancer because kaiser did a horrible job diagnosing them... one of these employees was actually the grand dad of one of my co-workers.... they diagnosed him very late with stomach cancer, eventhough he had regular check ups... i'm not making any of this things up...i'm being honest here.... i didn't exagerate one bit... i'm just giving the audience a heads up... thanks for your time.

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1105 days ago

Kaiser Permanente is an absolute nightmare. Today, I went in to get some shots and the receptionist was plain right stuck up and had a very bad attitude, she basically told us to f*** off. There was a 1-2 hour wait queue, after waiting 20 minutes, we had to leave. Then we came back AFTER LUNCH, but then we had to wait another 30-60 minutes, its an absolute nightmare. They are understaffed in that department and the same person that was the nurse was the receptionist for about 30 minutes, since the receptionist was late out at lunch. We ended up waiting over 2 hours there to no avail, and never got the shots. Stay away from Kaiser unless you want to be waiting at least 5 hours to get what you need done, and if you want receptionists with a very bad attitude. Do not touch Kaiser with a 10 foot poll.

I wouldn't even rate Kaiser one star, I would rather much rate it negative 5 out of 10.

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