Actors (Current) topics feedThu, 12 Feb 2009 15:22:31 PSTen-usRateItAll.comStephen Colbert 4.55 performances are witty and intelligent. Probably best known for his role as Chuck Noblet on Comedy Central's underrated and underappreciated "Strangers with Candy", he is also a correspondent on Com Cen's "The Daily Show". You may also know him from the now defunct, "Exit 57" and the defuncter, "Dana Carvey Show". If you still don't know him-- What's the matter with you? I just listed the shows you can see him on... Hop to it...Paul Dinello 4.45 guy is the greatest actor in the history of human or non-human civilization on this or any planet since the beginning of time. Anyone who watches "Strangers With Candy" knows that his portrayal of Geoffery Jellyneck is incredible.Keanu Reeves 3.98 IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE!!!! A LOT OF PEOPLE JUST DON`T WANT TO SEE IT!Johnny Depp 3.92's the the best actor of are time any role he can make his ownWill Smith 3.87 Freeman 3.82 Knight one of my favourite movies he's brilliant in itTom Hanks 3.78's a class actor especially him in "big" very funnyChristopher Plummer 3.77 actor & like other comment, class act.  I'll never forget his performance in The Sound of Music.  Wonderful.  He's what's extremely rare these days-a real actor with talent & a great presence.Jack Nicholson 3.75 in his younger days not as good now a days<br/>Ian McKellen 3.74 is okay, he does great movies, but his acting is not the level of his co-workers.Al Pacino 3.74 has too many films to pick from there all good<br/>Denzel Washington 3.74 actor i just dont like him...Robert DeNiro 3.72 the parents what a movie<br/>Sam Elliott 3.69 guess he's good at playing cowboys, because he looks the part, but he's totally lacking in depth and range.  He's got that weird voice and semi-creepy look, which doesn't help much.  Isn't this guy long retired?  I can't remember him in anything going back to the 1980s.Forest Whitaker 3.69 Last King of Scotland was awesome, Ghost Dog was awesome and so are a bunch of other movies that Whitaker has been in. Great actor, great range, great intensity.<br />Paul Rudd 3.67 this guy is hilarious.Samuel L. Jackson 3.66 these movies were raw!!!Anthony Hopkins 3.66"silence of the lambs" probly his best but he wasnt too bad in <br/>"meet joe black"Brian Dennehy 3.65 good actor-I like him best playing a tough cop, but he's good in just about anything.Christopher Walken 3.63 never was a big fan of his work....John Hurt 3.62 fine actor. A bit off-putting is his loud nose-breathing when he speaks.Roy Scheider 3.62 know he is best known for "Jaws" but I love him for "Still of the Night" with Meryl Streep.Jack Palance 3.60 was great in Shane and Sudden Fear.Viggo Mortensen 3.60 Anyone who disses him will have to face me on the battlefield where I'll be the geek with fake elven ears holding a rapier...  Okay, I'm back to reality :: sigh ::Brad Pitt 3.59 on the role...good actor...not diverseGene Hackman 3.59!Michael Biehn 3.57<p>I'll never forget the first time I ever saw him-it was in The Terminator.  He was so good looking & a good actor too.  I've been a huge fan of his ever since.  I wish he was in more shows-I haven't seen him in anything in a long time. </p>Donald Sutherland 3.56<p>Never a 5 Star actor, but his longevity has made him somewhat a work horse in films. He's made 148 appearances, which says something. He's done leads and, as CS has stated, has been a reliable character actor. As rigor mortis sets in, the industry pays homage to him, as they do with all journeymen actors by relegating him to what I call "and roles". This is when they run the credits...stars first...then the rest of the cast...and the last credit is...<em>and</em>...Donald Sutherland, which means we're gonna, pretty much, see a sit-down role....usually some preachy, over-the-hill wise bird. I'm kinda hoping that Sutherland has one last shot of piss and vinegar in him...</p>Daniel Day Lewis 3.55 brilliant in Gangs of New York and In the Name of The Father.Kevin Kline 3.54 actor. Check out "I Love You to Death" with Tracy Ullman. I think William Hurt is in it too. Funny low-budget film.Richard Dreyfuss 3.54 done some good work over the years. A bit small in stature to be a leading man.Edward Norton 3.53 actorMatt Damon 3.53 forward to many more great movies from him.Gary Oldman 3.53 actor's actor. There is no signature role or character for him, he can do it all. He is often unrecogonizable behind his character.  I assume there was a lifetime of mortgage payments paid to him for his part in the recent Batman films.  I hope the payoff is freedom to give another performance like Immortal Beloved.Orlando Bloom 3.53 almost three. I will try and be nice. he is okay at best in acting. I sometimes wonder if he would have such a big career if he were not good looking. Christian Bale 3.53 A+ performance in The Machinist.  Definitely worth watching if you have a chance.  If I had not seen his name on the cover I doubt I would have realized it was him!  He lost so much weight for the role it was scary looking at him.  But I love him just the same!   Oh, & who could forget him in American Pyscho-perfect again.William H. Macy 3.53 character actor. Has picked the right films to participate in. Great in Fargo.Paul Newman 3.52 great actor and as a star he seemed like a holdover from the golden era of Hollywood.  Though he was outspoken and effective at keeping himself in the public eye, he was able to do so by at least contributing to society instead of stooping to cheap attention grabbing stunts in service of his celebrity.  As an actor he also had the grace to transition from leading man to character actor and age with dignity.  His later day roles were full bodied performances in parts that Hollywood would typically write as one dimensional charicatures.  One of my favourites of his late era parts (maybe his last part) was as the aging Irish gangster in Road to Perdition, especially when he says to Tom Hank's character near the end "None of us in this room is going to Heaven."  Paul is though.Dustin Hoffman 3.51 this man is really's difficult to put a comment on such an actor...if there's 6 or even 7 stars then, he's the one to get it..such a "gifted" actor..he's the best !Matthew McConaughey 3.51 potentiol keeps picking shitty rolesRobin Williams 3.50 can i ask as to the role played by robin williams in mrs. doubtfire as the "old maid".....i saw a classic 1944 movie wit ray milland and in it, appeared barbara everest as the "maid" and lord and behold....his fictitious character was almost as true to a real person as it can get.....check it out.....Clive Owen 3.50 em' up was amazing, i will see whatever he does from now on.Mel Gibson 3.49 short on both fronts, he's not a great actor and he's not current.  He's a has-been posable action figure.Ed Harris 3.49 fine character actor. Can carry the lead too in certain films.Kevin Spacey 3.49's hard not to like any movie he does.Joaquin Phoenix 3.48 him as Johnny Cash. I hope to see more of him, however am basing my rating pretty much on having seen him as Johnny.Hugh Jackman 3.48 still my heart.  Hugh is truly the best actor to come along in a long time and he sings so well too.  Having been selected by People Magazine as the sexiest man in the world, I concur with their accessment.   I just saw the movie Australia and it was awesome.  Hugh is very versatile in his acting.  I love that he is a family man who loves his wife and kids.  I've been watching this actor for a few years and he is better than ever and we will hear lots more from him.Alan Rickman 3.48 Rickman is hands down the hottest actor I have ever seen! I take that back, he is the hottest person I have ever seen, ever! They way that he uses that silky voice of his draws you into his characters. He has played everything from an evil bad guy, to a double agent, to the romantic lead, to a fish. Alan might seem like a actor who plays mostly villains, but his range of characters and talent at any role he takes on outstands everyone! <br />~SevixMichael Caine 3.48 probably appeared prominately in more films than any living actor. When he has a good script to work with he is really good. "The Man Who Would Be King". "Get Carter", "Alfie",  and too many to name. Enjoy his work even in the clunkers he's worked in.Jake Gyllenhaal 3.48 actor...diverseChristian Bale 3.47 Bale is an extremely talented actor. I was blown away with his performance in Empire of the Sun. Even at such a young age he showed a wisdom and maturity well beyond is years, and has continued to impress me with his varied and somewhat challenging roles. <br />Apart from Empire of the Sun my favorite performances of his are The Machinist and the controversial American Psycho. <br />I also have to give him credit for his great ability to change accents so well. I only recently heard his real accent, and I didnt even recognize it. I hold him in even higher regard for that.Jeff Bridges 3.47 Dude. Need I say more ?James Woods 3.47 always admired the mans work. Not always easy to watch he demands your attention. A very intense guy.Willem Dafoe 3.47 you've seen him in something other than spiderman you would appreciate his acting.Robert Duvall 3.46"SilverFox" nails it. One of the best actors ever IMO.  He truly delivers the goods.Gary Sinise 3.46 I think has the potential for greatness if the right roles were presented. I hope he gets his shot at an appropriate role - I think he could be "better than the sum of his parts" in the right film. Steve Buscemi 3.46't get nearly enough credit.Taye Diggs 3.46 his early days in Boradway's RENT through his recent movie and television appearances, I've always enjoyed Taye's smooth confidence and quiet humor. He's well overdue for a big breakthrough role.Sean Connery 3.46 adds style and sophistication to roles which is often missing with these new fly by night actors popping up here and there.  I loved the movie Playing with Heart, great cast.. a departure from the 'action hero' role.Dennis Hopper 3.45 of the best actors of his generation.  Plays weirdos and troubled characters with the best.  Had a long and successful career in Hollywood, even when the roles coming to him were in fairly weak films, because he has depth.  He has his moments of excess, but that's just a function of the energy he brings to his roles.Sidney Poitier 3.45 best on screen and off. Defines the word "class".James Earl Jones 3.45 actor with one of the best voices ever. Always enjoy his work.Russell Crowe 3.44 performer.Tommy Lee Jones 3.44 reliable.Harrison Ford 3.43 was brilliantly cast as Indianna Jones and the first movie might be on my all time top ten (the following three were sad cash-ins).  But he has pretty much rode the blockbuster franchise system for all it was worth and failed to do much of anything intersting since the middle of the 1980's.  Some decent films include Witness, Frantic, Mosquioto Coast and Pressumed Innocent, although in that film he was blown off the screen by the great Raoul Julia.Clint Eastwood 3.43<p> </p>Bruce Willis 3.43 Willis is just great in pretty much every movie he's in.<br />Die Hard being my favorite and yes I was a Moonlighting fan.<br />Jeff Goldblum 3.42 guy is so bizarre, you have to love him! He's like your cool but weird 6th grade science teacher. Loved him in "The Fly" and "Juarrasic Park." <br />Ewan McGregor 3.42 can be described with one word<strong>....YUMMY!!!!!   </strong>F. Murray Abraham 3.42 wouldn't know who he was if it weren't for his vicious turn in the epic Amadeus.  He really rocked the house as Salieri, and it takes a lot for me to say that about an actor that isn't physically appealing.Haley Joel Osment 3.42 was a very good child actor. now 20 have not seen him for a few years. hope his career continues and he gets that chance for more roles. would be interested to see what roles he takes on entering his adult years. he was good in The Sixth Sense and Pay It Forward.Nicolas Cage 3.42 was in Face-off. Otherwise, he is just awful!Sean Astin 3.42 offense to this guy, but I couldn't give him as high a score as he probably deserves because he strikes me as one of those die hard WWF wrestling fans who would rather watch The Rock body slam some other sweaty dude then...anything else. I know that's extremely opinionated and unjustified, but it's just the impression I get. That being said...he's a good actor . There's no denything that. I guess I give this guy 3 and a half stars.Ralph Fiennes 3.42 very versatile actor. I have enjoyed his performances in every film I've seen thus far. Good looks don't hurt either.Laurence Fishburne 3.41 knows what he's doing when he chooses his roles. He fits every one of them perfectly. Jim Carrey 3.40 to the lowest common denominator, not at all funny unless you like brainless slapstick and potty humor.Liam Neeson 3.40 five spot for Michael Collins.Jason Isaacs 3.40<p>  One word that describes Issacs perfectly is hot! Not only is he extremely good looking, he also has talent, and that is a great pairing. Isaacs usually plays the villain, but there is much more to this man that just being the "bad guy." In the film Passionada he is the romantic lead, and I have rarly seen anyone more seductive. If you like an actor who know what he is doing, and is just plain badass, the check out ISaacs. </p>Ryan Gosling 3.40 him in Half Nelson!!!John Cusack 3.40 of Hollywood needs to keep their politics in the closet. They are no better informed than most Americans and to use their fame for personal political rants is sad IMO. That being said I like John Cusacks' work. Stick to acting John.Ray Liotta 3.39 actor. He was really good in "Something Wild" with Melanie Griffith where he played the psycho boyfriend. Liked his work in "Goodfellas" too.John Travolta 3.39 has had some good roles over the years. lIked him in Saturday night fever, Grease. and then over the years he made kind of a comeback . he was good in Primary colors. and Michael. He is a likable actor. He was good in Ladder 49 too.   UPDATE: I have always liked John Travolta and right now my heart goes out to him .Kelly Preston and family.. on january 2.while vacationing in the Bahama's their 16yr.old son Jett died suddenly from what is believed a siezure and maybe hitting his head on a bathtub. Maybe I should not be reporting this on Rateitall. but just saw it all over the news and I feel terrible for the family. losing a child is one of the worst things that can happen to a person.Jude Law 3.39 and unoriginal. The vast majority of his films and roles merely serve to irritate.Colin Firth 3.39 talent runs circles around most of the rest of Hollywood.  His preformance in "Pride and Prejudice" is the best.John Malkovich 3.38 the most talented actor of all time. If you don't believe he has power or range, you should watch his masterful performance as Lenny in Of Mice and Men...David Duchovny 3.38's ok as the grungy dude you want to punch in the face character like on Californication. And I do so want to punch him in the jaw to align his annoying overbite. Dont really care for anything he's been in. Doesnt he have a huge winky? Seems like he was flaunting his junk around in earlier stuff... maybe thats when I became annoyed by him. Joe Pesci 3.38<p>  Uhhh...this pic you got posted is NOT Joe Pesci,  hes about 30 yrs older and Italian lol.</p> <p>I loved him in the under-rated comedy Jimmy Hollywood!  Hillarious movie!!</p>Harvey Keitel 3.37 some decent acting chops, but his movie "bad Lieutenant" (1992) is easily one of the worst and most disgusting movies ive ever seen...i lost alot of respect for him after watching itKevin Bacon 3.37 Bacon is amazing, he is another one like Kevin Spacey who  disappears into his roles.  And I love the fact that his ego doesn't demand he be the "star" of a movie, he is content to have a great supporting role that steals the movie rather than be the star sometimes.  Always a great performance, count on it!  Some of his stand out roles were Murder in the First, Apollo 13, Mystic River, Woodsmen, and for a funny, off the wall role, Tremors--too funny, it still is one of my favorite 'guilty pleasures' movie to watch.  He had a great supporting role in JFK.  He just has had a good variety of roles in his career, and that must be rather satisfying.Matt Dillon 3.37 could fall in love with him in the outsiders. but i could fall in love with any character from that movie.Kiefer Sutherland 3.37's just hot! Elijah Wood 3.36 is my favorite actor, i thought he was okay in LotR, but in everything else he was perfect!Robert Downey Jr. 3.36 wonderfully talented actor. I can't believe he is still alive after all the chaos of his personal life. I figured he'd end up like Belushi, Chris Farley, and many other talented people who let drugs rule their lives.James Garner 3.36 of my favorite "television" actors. His big screen work has been a bit of a letdown. Don't get me wrong he does fine in movies there just have been few that were great movies. "The Great Escape" comes to mind as a good one.Michael Douglas 3.36 he did a great job in 'Romancing the Stone'. Other stuff... not really.Cuba Gooding Jr. 3.35, he's above average.Robert Redford 3.35 is great. He did so wel in THe Sting and in Butch Cassidy and THe SUndance Kid. He's an amzing acotr and Director. He is terific.David Boreanaz 3.35 like this guy something Heath Ledger 3.35 was a gifted actor. If he had lived, he would only have gotten better. He chose roles ranging from a gay cowboy to comic-book villain. He would have won at least one Oscar, and might have gone into directing in his later years.Vincent D'Onofrio 3.35 of the best actors of all time. Starred in Full Metal Jacket, Ed Wood, The Cell, and a ton of other good movies. The best actor of any Law and Order series by far. They are lucky to have an actor of his quality starring on television. His characters are unique, intense, and portrayed with brilliance.<br />Albert Finney 3.35 acclaimed and respected actor, director, and producer of stage and screen. Born Salford, England May 9, 1936. Five Academy award nominations. Recipient of many other nominations and awards, including BAFTA, Emmy, Golden Globe, various critics' awards and more. For complete list see After huge success in 1963 as title character in the award winning movie Tom Jones, he was touted to become a Hollywood leading man and sex symbol. He avoided this route, choosing to be a serious actor. Though he went on to play other leading men, he honed his skills mostly in character roles and on the stage, where in the 1970s he starred as Hamlet and Tamburlaine in London West End productions. He continued appearing in films throughout the 1980s, 90s, and in the 2000s, recently reuniting with director, Sidney Lumet, to appear with the ensemble cast in the critically acclaimed "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead." Finney previously worked with Lumet in the 1974 Murder on the Orient Express, for which he received a best actor academy award nomination. Other best actor nominations were for Tom Jones, The Dresser, and Under the Volcano. He also was nominated for best supporting actor for his portrayal of Ed Masry in Erin Brockovich.<div><br /></div>Tim Curry 3.35 I can say is wow!Kirk Douglas 3.35'm Spartacus!Steve Martin 3.34's go back to the days of The Jerk. 'Nuff said.Tobey Maguire 3.34 big Fan of spiderman lolAdrien Brody 3.33 just finished watching him in Hollywoodland...what a great actor. I've seen several of his movies and even though some are not considered 'classics' he never wavers and is so convincing in his roles one can look past his rather odd features. I look forward to his next movie.Alan Arkin 3.33 DeVito 3.33 bad!R. Lee Ermey 3.33 convincing in military roles. Enjoy his schtick on Mail Call also.Bill Murray 3.33 loved Ghostbusters. That might be the last movie he made that I did care for.John Goodman 3.32's a funny fella. I've really enjoyed the last few movies I've seen him in, like Oh! Brother Where Art Thou.James Spader 3.32 good actor. I haven't seen him in awhileGeoffrey Rush 3.32 the greatest character actor of his generation. Bill Paxton 3.32's a good actor, he did a good job on "Alien"Jamie Foxx 3.30 actor. pretty good impression of  Ray Charles. But then again i seen robin williams do a good impression of Ray charles. He is driven to be great but no basis on which to actually be great.Mark Wahlberg 3.30 does great with his roles. He totally deserved the oscar nomination for supporting actor for The Departed. He also plays kickass roles. And he is also one of my favorite actors.Matthew Broderick 3.30, he was good in you-know-what, but he's a Broadway actor at heart, and it shows. It's in his persona. Broadway actors aren't my type. I give him 4 stars for FB's D O, and 3 stars for his performance in the only other movie I've seen him in: "The Cable Guy", so 3 and a half overall. Mike Myers 3.30 Myers is one of the greatest comedians of our time. All of his movies have been great especially the Austin Powers sereis. Rob Lowe 3.30"By the Way.....your mom called......the dog died."River Phoenix 3.29 like to think that if we still had River Phoenix, he'd have earned an Oscar by now. His brother's done fairly well, at least.Alan Alda 3.29 had a huge crush on him as a kid, when he was in MASH. He's probably around 70 now,  and I still think he's a handsome fella. He's making a splash playing bad guys these days, and who'd thunk it--this nice guy is great playing nasty!Don Cheadle 3.29"Hotel rwanda" he was fantastic in it<br/>Val Kilmer 3.29, no doubt, but I could go either way on most of his movies. There are a few good ones, but most are... well, not the greatest.Pierce Brosnan 3.29 guy can try to be as charming as he wants, he still doesn't have a lot of range. He seems like a too-rich-for-his-own-good, holier than thou type of person who walks in front of a camera and plays himself. He does have a little talent, though. 2 and a half stars.William Hurt 3.29<p> </p>Dennis Quaid 3.28 is simply amazing. Don't post any negative comments and if you don't think he's talented then you probably didn't watch any/enough of his movies. And any huge fan of Dennis Quaid is likely to hate/dislike Russel Crowe.Eddie Murphy 3.27 Murphy is one of the most underrated actors of our time. He's totally gifted, hilarious and totally neglected b/c he does comedy. Coming to America is one of the funniest movies ever, there are so many jokes that are missed and it is so well written. His characters are a trip - gotta love the barber shop.Leonardo DiCaprio 3.27's really good, but i've seen him in too many similar roles, he should switch it up.Harry Dean Stanton 3.27<p>  <img src="" /></p> <p>Stanton steals the spotlight from the main star, Bill Paxton on HBO's BIG LOVE.   I hope he sticks around for Season three.  </p>Judge Reinhold 3.27 Nelson 3.27 Berenger 3.26 Rhapsody - 1985: Definitely a humorous play on the Old Time Westerns with some great actors. Tom Berrenger as the good guy played his roll well and the supporting cast fell into the character of this spoof on that era of film-making. G.W. Bailey added to the fun as he played Rex's sidekick adding to the humor. If you want some clean laughs then rent the Video, get some GOOD popcorn, and snicker the night away.Andy Garcia 3.26 as hell in looks and has a slight accent that is very appealing. He drips sensualityColin Farrell 3.26 lot of people dislike him, but he is one of my favorites.Benicio Del Toro 3.26 bomb, ad wierdly handsomeChow Yun-Fat 3.25've seen some of his early work and he's a good actor with versatility Cliff Robertson 3.25 the studios and lost. Oscar for "Charlie".Jonah Hill 3.25 character are all pretty irritating except in forgetting sarah marshall. hilarious. and he didn't yell as much.Michael Clarke Duncan 3.24 how good performances in all his movie all the way to the last one I saw roscoe jennings. He is underated.Sean Penn 3.24 of the bestRandy Quaid 3.24 is a excellent actor, just hasnt had too many famous roles.Crispin Glover 3.23 of the most underrated actors of our time...or ever.Charlton Heston 3.23 actor, too much of a gun freak for meDavid Morse 3.23 fine multi-purpose actor that has been around a long time. Does a really great villain.Eric Stoltz 3.23 wahat he did in the mask gives him a 5 alone. and he was so youngKurt Russell 3.23 long career in Hollywood. Started as a child actor, went through the Disney phase and has ended up as an action hero. Not bad.Nicholas Brendon 3.23 loved the show buffy but I never cared for Xander. He was annoying and just an average character, that did not show that much depth as a Willow or Spike. Nicholas Brendon had problems in his private life (alcohol) and I don't think he is the best role model in the world. But still, he was on one of my favorite shows, I have to give him propts for that.Ryan Phillippe 3.23 too agree he is underated he will soon show everyone thoughJeremy Northam 3.22 all five on looks alone.Bob Hoskins 3.22 versatile character actor who always delivers the goods.Tim Roth 3.22 actor, he made a good Van Gogh in Vincent and Theo, Four Room was hilarious, and of course Pulp Fiction and Resevoir Dogs.Seann William Scott 3.22 i've seen him in has been great!Kevin Costner 3.22 Can't watch a movie with him. He sprays his ego all over the screen. And "art is the absence of ego"....something like that.Kenneth Branagh 3.22 actor and filmmaker. His Shakespearian films hit just the right balance between entertainment and fidelity to the source material. And the times he breaks away from Shakespearian roles - like in Conspiracy and Shackleton - he's equally powerful.Steve Carell 3.22 he's ok...Gabriel Byrne 3.21 good, understated actor. His performances in Miller's Crossing and the Usual Suspects are close to brilliance. Unfortunately the rest of his work lags behind them.Noah Wyle 3.21 think were going to be seeing more of this actor. hes been a regular on er and ive seen him in a few rolesSam Shepard 3.20 Vaughn 3.20 Dufus with no screen presence nor acting ability.Billy Bob Thornton 3.19<p>One of my favorite actors... just love him!</p>Wesley Snipes 3.19 underated actor. Anthony Edwards 3.19 had his first starring role in the 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds as Gilbert Lowell, though he had a tiny part in the 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, credited as "stoner Bud". It was his role as Lt. (j.g.) Nick "Goose" Bradshaw alongside Tom Cruise in the 1986 film Top Gun that brought his first widespread public acknowledgement and as a terminally ill patient in Hawks alongside Timothy Dalton. His best known role to date is as Dr. Mark Greene on the long-running TV series ER. He reportedly earned $35,000,000 for three of his eight seasons on ER. His ER paycheck made him one of the highest paid television actors of all time. Anthony Edwards and his former co-star George Clooney, were the ones who suggested doing an episode of ER live[2]. The fourth season premiere, "Ambush" was performed live twice with an East Coast and West Coast version. <br /> <br />In 2007, Edwards appeared in David Fincher's Zodiac, about the Zodiac Killer, the notorious serial killer who terrorized San Francisco in the 1960s and 1970s.Jensen Ackles 3.19 supernatural is awesomeGiovanni Ribisi 3.19 good actor. Hopefully he wont get swept under the rug by better looking actorsMax Von Sydow 3.18 Rhames 3.18 actor he showed he can be diverse when he did holiday heartGuy Pearce 3.17 allergic to this actor who stars in otherwise great filmsDavid Strathairn 3.17 has bounced around between television and film. He just got his big break as Edward R. Murrow in "Good Night and Good Luck." Because of the content, the leftos will be drooling all over him, and his career may curve upwards. (This is the attack on Joe McCarthy.)Barry Pepper 3.16,m with Candy. He was Roger!Jon Voight 3.16 in the late 60's and early 70's, made a lot of classics: then mysteriously disappeared from the radar in the late 70's/ early 80's for a long, long time before reappearing about 5 or 6 years ago. It seems like he lost some of his acting chops in the interim, and since the late 70's, he has been merely okay at best.Kyle MacLachlan 3.16 think he is better than some of the vehicles in which he appeared.  Think of the horrible <em>Dune</em> and <em>Showgirls</em>.  <em>Blue Velvet</em> showed that he could do something.  He must be more careful of his roles, but of course, money is money.Joshua Jackson 3.16 HIM!!!!James Franco 3.16 lolElliot Gould 3.15 started off with a bang in the early seventies and even made the cover of Time. He was in M*A*S*H and that was his big early role. He even got divorced from Barbra Streisand and things were looking up. Then he became involved in a long series of turkeys in the mid to late 1970's and his career went into the tank. He has made a comeback, however, and he co-starred in "Ocean's Eleven" and "Ocean's Twelve," recently. A hidden treasure if you can find it is "The Silent Partner" (1968) with Christopher Plummer, Susannah York and even a young John Candy.Danny Aiello 3.15 Tucci 3.15 looks like he is having a great time every time I see him on the screen. He's often the best part of athe movie even when he's in a supporting role.Mark Ruffalo 3.15's a great actor. He also is very natural looking which is so rare for actors. He's very attractive indeed!!!!Liev Schreiber 3.15 shines in indie films. Loved him in "Walking and Talking" and "Spring Forward." Need to get my hands on "Daytrippers."Brendan Fraser 3.15 seems to do well in the action/adventure films.James Cromwell 3.14 Howard 3.14 seen him in The Brave One and thought he was great!Tim Robbins 3.14 like him... Kevin Pollak 3.13 a long time this actor has had bit parts and a great stand up act. But to realy understandmy rating see the movie Avalon.Ian Holm 3.13 He was very good not only as Bilbo Baggins in the LOTR trilogy, but was also superb as George the Third's doctor in the fine "Madness of King George." He was even decent in that stupid recent Dennis Quaid film about the deep freeze that covers the earth. Solid, likeable actor.Billy Crystal 3.13 AZ FUNNY AZ HE IZ HYPED UP 2 BRichard Gere 3.13 really is a poor actor. The statement "Gere is also known for his faith and support of Buddhism and his relationship with the Dalai Lama." is admirable.  Maybe he should consider giving-up on trying to become an actor.  I repeat, Richard Gere is generally just a casting error!Philip Seymour Hoffman 3.12 enough actor. especially good at playing the S.O.B.. Scott Bakula 3.12 don't think you can classify him as an actor.Nick Nolte 3.12 great actor who hopefully will be able to overcome whatever difficulties there are in his personal life and continue putting out quality work for years to come. Anyone who doubts his talents should catch Affliction. Not to denigrate Coburn's work, but this was Nolte's picture all the way.Jackie Chan 3.12 respect the fact that he does his own stunts. Otherwise...Ben Stiller 3.11 goofy for me.Adam Sandler 3.11 my opinion he's funny, but if you disagree check out the movie reign over me. i was never more impressed with adam sandler.  i thought he was just more for comedy, but he was absolutely amazing in that movie.Greg Kinnear 3.11 class. Better looking than Tom Cruise. Less ego than Mel Gibson. Younger than Harrison Ford. Amazing instincts as an actor. Would cast him in anything. Working on it as we speak.Sean Hayes 3.11 Hayes has made "Jack" from Will and Grace his own. <br /> <br />He plays the part brilliantly. One wonders of course, whether he would have success playing a different type of part, but I'm sure it's not keeping him awake at night!Rutger Hauer 3.11 a promising career. Could have played bad guys and parlayed it into some great roles. For some reason he hasnt panned out. Has done some B-movies, but that's about it. Was great in The Hitcher.Ted Danson 3.11, he was funny as Sam Malone. . .but he is average or below-average in movies. What was with his hair in Saving Private Ryan?Jon Heder 3.10 course he,s good. What do ya think! Gawsh!!!Hugh Grant 3.10 Everett 3.09 Gallagher 3.08 CAN'T REMEMBER WHO HE IS!George Clooney 3.08, pompous ass & is extremely rude to people whose politics he doesn't agree with.  He is also a smartass who is rarely serious in the interviews I've seen him in-and he's not nearly as funny as he thinks he is.  I really can't stand this guy.  He's not all that great as an actor & his looks are fading fast. He thinks it's ok to make fun of people if they're conservative, even if they're sick.  He is really lacking any kind of moral compass in my opinion.  Women should avoid him at all costs since he appears to be a big user.  He's really despicable.Josh Hartnett 3.08 GOOD ACTOR... SEXY TOOBill Pullman 3.08 think he is a great actor but unfortunately he is not that famousDanny Glover 3.07 find Danny Glover a contradiction. In most of his movies, Glover portrays common sense individuals who have a high sense of values. This was never more the case than when he portrayed Murtaugh in the 'Lethal Weapon' series to Mel Gibson's unstable Riggs. Glover's Murtaugh is an LAPD detective who constantly balances the responsibilities of fatherhood, with his job, simultaneously. And with his good acting, he actually is a believable father who is protective of his family (against terrorist, thugs and creeps). Warm and cuddly as any actor of real ability might possibly portray, the reality is that he is anything but what he portrays. Notwithstanding his deplorable coddling and shameful endorsement of the thug-bastard (and self-important creep), Hugo Chavez's contemptious reign of totalitarianism (and human rights violations), Danny Glover continues to run his mouth about how evil America is. Danny Glover has to understand that VERY FEW PEOPLE give a crap about what he thinks- they only care about his acting ability. And yet, as severely misguided as his action are, Glover is still an accomplished actor of noted ability. And he is due credit STRICTLY to that end.Christian Slater 3.06 liked his scripts better in the earlier years, but he's a good actor.Ben Affleck 3.06 almost four. he has been in some bad movies that seem to give him unfair vibes on his acting ability. not great but can be a good enough actor. liked his writing in Good Will Hunting. and he directed a good movie called Gone Baby gone. Ethan Hawke 3.06 did he break up with UMA THurmon. But he is a good actorWes Bentley 3.06 Bentley's rise from American Beauty to date is told in a new documentary titled My Big Break. A must see!! Here is a link to the trailer and the official site. www.mybigbreakmovie.comOwen Wilson 3.06's incredibly charismatic onscreen despite the flawed vehicles he chooses. Notable exceptions: the Wes Anderson films.Javier Bardem 3.05 seu paper de psicòpata pels Cohen va ser brutal. És així a la vida real?Michael Madsen 3.05 good-Should get more lead roles.Dennis Franz 3.04 turns in a dependable, excellent performance. Will miss him when Blue closes shop in March.Arnold Schwarzenegger 3.02 Caviezel 3.01 love love him..good actorEdward Burns 3.01 burns is a good actor.Martin Lawrence 3.00 as hell...horrible actorAlex Buescu 3.00 Corbin 3.00 is one of my favorite character actors. Remember him as <strong>Maurice</strong> in <em>Northern Exposure</em> and <strong>Roscoe</strong> in <em>Lonesome Dove</em>?Jonathan Pryce 3.00 but at his best when not portraying obviously sinister characters (as in 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' or 'Tomorrow Never Dies'). Notable in 'Carrington' and as James Garner's adversary in 'Barbarians at the Gate' about the Nabisco company takeover of the 1980s. The only redeeming merit as President Juan Domingo Peron in Alan Parker's (Madonna's) 'Evita'.Tom Hulce 3.00 first saw him in "Animal House" and then the unforgettable "Amadeus." He basically has dropped out of sight, and I wonder what happened to him.Rufus Sewell 3.00 stiff. Matthew Goode 3.00 Levine 3.00 think he is a great actor. i just couldn't give him a 5 because I never seen him do a drama role and i think to get a 5 you need to be able to play every part and make it good.Robert Carlisle 3.00 intense and acomplished character actor. Totally believable as a violent and mentally unstable character.Jared Leto 2.99 LOOKING, KINDA CREEPYBilly Crudup 2.99 Patinkin 2.98's a multi-talented man, I love himDylan McDermott 2.97 Mc Dermott is a good actor.Cole Hauser 2.97 a rising star. This guy is movin' on up the star charts. Was great in Hart's War and Tears of the Sun. Was the lead in Paparazzi and has been in some other movies as well. He can play good guy or bad guy and has the right look to play a range to roles. Joseph Fiennes 2.97 farted?Jack Black 2.97 is the best actor ever !!! and the best rocker Luke Wilson 2.96 HOT! HE WAS SO HOT IN THE ROYAL TANNENBAUMES (i don't think i spelled that right)Antonio Banderas 2.96!Peter Falk 2.95 columbo, he just looks like he reeks of cigar smoke.Tony Curtis 2.93 an actor who initially made it based on his looks and sex appeal, but he was very, very good in some dramatic roles...Sweet Smell of Success and Boston Strangler are just 2 I could mention...and also had a definite flair for comedy...obviously Some Like It Hot.John Leguizamo 2.93 another one of my favorites! he is an awesome actorEric Bana 2.93 watching him in Munich, it was painful to see him so medicated in "The other Boleyn girl."Martin Sheen 2.92<p>I think it's time for some people to open their minds and gain a little perspective. While I do find some of Martin Sheen's political views objectionable, I do not think that should be taken into account in rating his acting abilities, which are, as far as I am concerned, superb. In film after film he exhibits rare talent. His best film performances remain, in my view, "Apocalypse Now" and "The War at Home," the latter being quite underrated but still incredibly powerful. And, as others have noted, he is remarkably convincing each time he has played an American president (particularly as Jed Bartlet in "The West Wing"). As for his political views, he is a deeply passionate pacifist and an ardent defender of the dignity of every life (including his often ignored pro-life stance on abortion). One may disagree with his views, but Martin Sheen is rarely disagreeable. He is not a malicious or mean-spirited person and those who hold him in contempt for speaking out about his views are ignorant. His acting abilities are unquestionable. His political views are irrelevent and do not detract from this. </p>Mickey Rourke 2.92<em> Anyone</em> who had the guts to rightfully blame Spike Lee,John Singleton and rappers for instigating the 1992 L.A./Rodney king riots( And he WAS the only one, the rest of the Industry being typical preachy, Leftist COWARDS ), is great with me, and the acting's actually gotten better with age.Jet Li 2.92't have near the charisma, personality, or acting abilities of...say Jackie Chan or even Bruce Lee. But in terms of getting straight to the point and as simply a gung fu expert he's very adept in action. Stephen Dorff 2.92 wish I could rate Stephen Dorff higher because I loved his performance in The Power of One. He could have done really well if he had pushed himself a bit harder. I have seen nearly all his films and for the most part been disappointed by his performances. Occasionally he has a good movie but it still only makes him mediocre at best. Such potential, such a waste.Billy Zane 2.92 good-looking actor of talent (a rare combination, I think; most times it seems actors (and actresses) are either/or...talented like William Macy or good-looking like Brad Pitt). He was the only worthwhile thing about "Titanic", which was a monumentally over-rated, monumentally lucrative movie.David Spade 2.91 give him 4 stars for comedic timing, mainly.Paul Walker 2.90, Paul Walker's acting is as believable as <em>2 Fast 2 Furious</em> is a movie worthy of an Oscar nomination for Best Picture (can anyone explain how a Yenko Camaro and a Hemi Challenger can possibly lose to two suped-up import cars in a race which ought to have taken only a few seconds- yet lasted 5+ minutes?). Walker has simply not been believable in any role he has played thus far.Roberto Benigni 2.90 person who says life is beautiful is not a master-piece can go to hell. It is undoubtedly one of the most moving movies after citizen kane and schindler's list and it haunted me for days to come. Life is beautiful frankly sets all it's american rival films into dust. A heart warming classic that I could watch every day of the year. And Yeah, Benigni might not be par with some one like Al Pacino or Tom Hanks but he is a Goddamn genious all the same. Just a fabulous movie!!Nick Stahl 2.89 First seen as Mel Gibson's protege in 'Man Without a Face' and has had a number of good roles since then. Gave a brilliant performance as the title character murdered by his friends in 'Bully' and does a very good job as the gifted drifter/healer in 'Carnavale.'James Marsden 2.89 yet to hit his peak, but hey, we all have got to start somewhere! He really impressed me in "Disturbing Behavior" with his performance, and also as the conniving college kid in "Gossip". He is on the way up. Olivier Martinez 2.87 role in Horseman on the Roof (french film) and Chambermaid on the Titanic (also a french film) shows me he's got some range that Hollywood hasn't yet taken advantage of. So far Hollywood has noticed he's pretty. Let's hope they give him more of a challenge!Topher Grace 2.87 never liked him to much, but last year he did great in spider-man 3Gerard Depardieu 2.86,can do anything.Christopher Eccleston 2.86 many ways to describe Mr. Eccleston’s acting - real, intense, a great sense of comic timing, and an angulary- handsome face. He has wonderfully varied body of work and I look forward to seeing how he grows even more in the future. Vin Diesel 2.86's simply the best.James Remar 2.86 owe him this much for The Warriors.Giancarlo Giannini 2.86 Italian actor who was a staple in the controversial Lina Wertmuller films of the 1970's such as "Swept Away" (the original, of course, not the Madonna atrocity) and "Love and Anarchy". His best role, to me, was in the alternately hilarious and terrifying World War II film "Seven Beauties." Giannini is simply superb. I'm happy to see that he's been able to continue his career in the U.S., although the majority of films he's appeared in here are far inferior to what he was doing in Italy. Then again, most films being made here today are.Ruben Blades 2.86 is a very good Latin character actor. See him as the sheriff in "Milagro Beanfield War," or "Two Jakes," "Once Upon a Time in Mexico," "Assassination Tango."Sylvester Stallone 2.86 starred in quite a few cheesy films, and isn't that good an actor - but his films have the fun factor.Beau Bridges 2.85 is just terrific. I love his work, and I loved his father and brother too. This is a very talented family.Patrick Swayze 2.84've come to appriciate Patrick a little more, and I think he's a decent actor.Benjamin Bratt 2.84 Bratt is a very attractive man and can do some sound acting. I loved him in "Miss Congeniality" with Sandra Bullock. I was disappointed when he married so quickly after breaking up with Julia Roberts, but his family is lovely and I can't like him less for that. I can't wait 'til his movie with Mark Consuelos comes out. . .two cuties in one flick might just be too much for me. . . Chris O'Donnell 2.84 Brimley 2.83 hate to give this old actor 2 stars.  He had a decent career in the 80s-90s but, hes in his golden years now.  All he does is diabetese commercials these days.Wes Studi 2.82 American actor, he was great in a small role in "The Last of the Mohicans," which also starred Daniel Day-Lewis, etc. Had a role in "Heat," and frequently plays Native American heroes such as Geronimo. Talented, underrated actor.Woody Harrelson 2.82 doesn't get as much credit as he should for being a good actor. Very versatile range.Freddie Prinze Jr. 2.80 Prinze jnr...what can i say....he isn`t exactly the greatest actor is he? I think his best film is "she`s all that" but apart from that he does`nt do anything for meRock 2.76 NOW. OMG SO FREAKING SEXY AND SINGLE NOW LOLJonathan Jackson 2.76 Jackson is one the best young actors of today. At the age of 18, he already has a varried body of work to be proud of and many acting awards. Jonathan has worked in daytime, primetime television, feature films, television movies , independent movies and has written and directed a short film. Many people recognize Jonathan from "General Hospital" where he recieved immense critical aclaim for his portrayl of Lucky Spencer. JJ won 3 Daytime Emmys and 6 nomintations in his 5 and 1/2 year run on the show, many times beating out actors half his age. Industry magazines have said that Jonathan created the "greatest teen ever to grace daytime." While he is no longer with GH, fans have yet to forget his contribution to the show. Jonathan also starred in "The Deep End of the Ocean" with Michelle Phiffer and Treat Williams. The movie failed at the box office, but critical aclaim once again found Jonathan. His performance was widely regarded as one of the few shining points of the film. Jonathan will be seen later this summer in Jim Sheridan's feature film "On The Edge" and will guest star in an eppisode of Fox's upcomming "Night Visons." JJ is presently at work on Al Pacino's new film "Insomnia" and has landed the lead role in Disney's feature "Tuck Everlasting" with Sissy Spacek and William Hurt. Jonathan Jackson is definately one young actor to watch! Warren Beatty 2.75 of stiff, and not the most likeable guy, but had his moments.Powers Boothe 2.75 Reynolds 2.73 has the same problem as a lot of actors have and that is picking the right roles. It has been a lot of hit and miss like Striptease and The End. You can't win them all but Burt seems to go for really bad rolesJean Paul Belmondo 2.71 is a French actor who has been big in France for decades. I have seen a few of his works. I recommend his portrayal of <strong>Jean Valjean</strong> in <em>Les Miserables</em>. Many of his works have been dubbed and released in the USA under English titles.Philippe Noiret 2.71 is a French cinema actor born in 1930 who has many films under his belt. He won the French Best Actor Award most recently in 1990 for "La Vie et rien d'autre." Ethan Embry 2.71 is so sweet looking. I loved him in Dutch. I looked him up to see a full list of his filmography and he use to be credited as Ethan RandallDavid Arquette 2.69 most talented Arquette was Charlie Weaver.Tom Cruise 2.69 Garcia Bernal 2.68 most handsome actor there is upon the wide world. I love his voice and the fact that he speaks Spanish, English and French. And, of course, he is from MEXICO!!! <3William Shatner 2.68, Captain Kirk! Funny as hell on Boston Legal. Have always liked his work.Brad Dourif 2.67, criminally underrated actor!Charlie Sheen 2.67 is a no talent actor that I have no idea how he got where he is.  Less than average looks, a drunk, huge drug addict & whoremonger who bragged about all the hookers he's had & how much money he spent on them.  He's also a big bully & abuser when it comes to women.  I really feel sorry for his new wife & any woman who has anything to do with this pig.Ice Cube 2.65 loved his 2 movies Are We There Yet? & XXX:State of Union (Xzibit Was Good Too)Bernard Hill 2.60 underated actor. Best known for the Lord of The Rings Trilogy and Titanic, but is also excellent in his other roles such as "The Boys and Girl from County Clare" "A Very Social Secretary. His best performance in my opinion is an amazing portrayal of Yosser Hughes in 80's mini-series "The Boys From the Blackstuff" Where he plays a desperate unemployed man on the brink of sanity. Displays great range as an actor, and can do it all from comedy to action to drama.David Paymer 2.60 Furlong 2.59 fairness to him, I've only seen his performances in a picture or 2; occasionally you come across an actor so mesmerizing that you're compelled to seek out their other work...Furlong ain't that actor. Given what I've seen, he's adequate. I thought "Terminator 2" was a fun, lightweight film of dazzling special effects (something I normally don't pay attention to, but they worked here), and within that context, Furlong was competent enough. Then again, he was appearing alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, so how magnificent did he need to be? A few years later, he was in "Little Odessa", an uneven film about the Russian Mafia in Brooklyn that featured Tim Roth, Vanessa Redgrave, Maximilian Schell, and Furlong. In that distinguished and accomplished company, his inadequacies as an actor were much more glaringly evident, although he seemed to be trying to keep up. I've seen him in nothing else since then. A friend saw him in John Waters' "Pecker" and said he was actually pretty good. Maybe so (although given that Waters' regular group of actors consists of people like Divine, Mink Stole, Edith Massey, and Traci Lords, what does "pretty good" actually mean?). Sometimes actors do need time to develop...I don't think Paul Newman started off as a great actor, but he became one in time, and maybe that'll be the case with Furlong. Then again, he's just as likely to become an obscure item on page 17 of The National Enquirer.Patrick Fugit 2.58 guy is great. He's so likeable even when he's playing someone who's a big loser and failure (as in the movie Spun.) He's always got charisma and is always playing a different role.Chris Rock 2.56 actor while cast in rolls that would be best given to an actor with other than high pitch squeels of profanity has one film that hows how deep his moronic carrier has been. THE FIFTH ELIMENT. rush hour should have been cast for Edie Murphy or Cuba Gooding Jr.Jean Louis Trintignant 2.56  I suppose the anonymous 8 ratings of 1-2 stars here were based solely on the fact that this guy has a French name.  Actually, he was a pretty good actor, though unfortunately he starred mostly in boring, pretentious art movies.  With one exception: brilliant performance in<em> The Conformist, </em>an excellent film.Alec Baldwin 2.54 talent hack.  I feel sorry for Kim & his daughter for all the hell he's put them through.  He should be ashamed of himself but he obviously has no shame whatsoever.  Any woman who has anything to do with this chauvinistic pig should have her head examined.  He's mean & nasty & will turn on you too if you have anything to do with him.  He used to be somewhat attractive, but he's just plain fat & ugly now, not to mention a fat pig in addition to being a male chauvinist pig.Brandon Routh 2.50's no Christopher Reeve. He did an ok job as Clark Kent, but as Superman, he looks like he's 17 years old. Poorly cast for 'Superman Returns' (a terrible film, btw)Doug Bradley 2.50 guy is such a pinhead!William Zabka 2.50 Allen 2.50't get any creepier if he was actually trying!  The whole ugly tree fell on him too.Jason Biggs 2.49 Biggs is gayer than a french horn.Jason Statham 2.44 isn't much of an actor, but he was awesome in The Transporter. For a white guy he is baad!Daniel Auteuil 2.41 is a well known French actor whose work gets dubbed and released in the USA from time to time. I did watch his opus, "Jean de Florette." That flick got him the attention of the critics.Andrew McCarthy 2.40 was part of the Brat Pack of the 1980's and then dropped out of sight in the 1990's. He probably shall not be missed.Justin Long 2.33 think he did well in jeepers creepers but he hasnt done enough even to be on this listMichelle Monaghan 2.33 gave her a 1 because she is a actress not a actorBilly Baldwin 2.32 LOVE the Baldwin brothers ! They're so handsome, hot and damn good-looking ! All the four actors are great and brilliant actors ! Steve Guttenberg 2.30 80's are over and so is Steve Guttenberg!!Jason Banks 2.26 Sabato Jr. 2.26 to modeling.Jason Ritter 2.25 only seen him in a couple of things.mostly in Joan of Arcadia. he is okay. from what i have seen. son of John Ritter and even looks a lot like him.Steven Seagal 2.11 did he get in the actors category? Is this a joke?!?!Michel Serrault 2.00 know him so i gave him a 2Riley Smith 1.92 not saying he is awfull but he has a long way to go to be a 5Nick Cannon 1.92'm happy that Nick Cannon's career seems to have slown down lately. He is just an extremely annoying personality, and not nearly as funny as he thinks he is. The fact that Mariah Carey married this guy just further proves how crazy she is. Amy Sedaris 0.00