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1384 days ago

I have listened to Tom Martino for most of the years he has a program either on radio or TV. I always appreciated the effort he made to help consumers with real-life problems. Unfortunately, over the last couple of years he has sold out to the very businesses he once fought against. He is now promoting "ambulance-chasers", encouraging people to ignore tickets resulting from photo-monitoring or hiring an attorney to get out of DUI/criminal activity. Many years back he advised people to only agree to pay personal injury attorneys only for the amount they could recover over what they could get on their own. His show has almost become one big infommercial with advertisers prominent guests on his radio show. His TV show is nothing but an infommercial that just recycles the same people & topics. On top of that, his show now spends more time seeking opinions on topics that have nothing to do with consumer issues. In fact, he has spent as much as 45 minutes getting responses to one of his personal topics & then has the gall to apologize to a consumer for waiting all that time to get consumer help because he has run out of time. If he would just get back to what the show is supposed to be about he might be in the comfort zone he should be in.

I don't know what he does to stay informed but, I'm afraid that he relies far too much on inane opinions or internet research that his less than intelligent sidekick Mike provides. I was absolutely shocked that in the last month he was totally suprised to hear about teens getting high on canned air or by strangling themselves. This has been common knowledge for years but, that assumes he either reads a newspaper or watches newcasts.

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