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About rockerrreds - Male, 54 and Single (Philadelphia, PA)

I am of medium height and build,and have long red hair and a beard.I am also blessed to look substantially younger than my age.Open and curious about people and the world,I like ideas and new experiences.I am attracted to women of all ages and body types.I sing,play guitar,and have significant theatrical experience.

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Rockn'Roll, Baseball, Philosophy, Literature, Movies

Favorite Music & Artists:

Punk and New Wave Power Pop 60s Folk-Rock R&B; British Invasion 60s San Francisco Classical C&W; Byrds,Velvet Underground,Raspberries,Television,Kinks,Juliana Hatfield,Al Green,Sleater-Kinney,Rilo Kiley,Jack Jones

Favorite Books & Authors:

Stendhal,Philip K. Dick,Ann Beattie,Mary Robison,Henry James,George Eliot

Favorite Movies, TV Shows, Stars & Directors:

Chinatown,Interiors,This Is Spinal Tap,Chilly Scenes Of Winter Everwood,House,Thirtysomething,My So-Called Life Gerard Depardieu,Miou-Miou,Mary Beth Hurt,Claire Danes Woody Allen,Robert Altman

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