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    Sun Jan 23 2011

    I purchased this at the very first sign of a cold. I have not been sick for almost 9 years so this cold was definitely a strong one. Using a directed, the spray in the mouth every 3 hours did absolutely nothing, my cold broke within 24 hours and it was a doosey. I have not called in sick for over 8 years and well, I called in sick. Zica did nothing but empty my pocket book. I guess it works for some but not others, maybe is's a chemistry thing? Best of luck to others.

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT I took one dose of the nasal cold gel spray and have been up all night with all my sinuses burning. Even to the back of my eyes. The first 3 hours of the burning were horrible..intense searing pain with nausea. The pain has abated but during the night I broke out in a heavy sweat. I can only believe it was my body's reaction to the burning in my head. Now it's been 15 hours and my sinuses are still burning but the pain is tolerable. Do not take this. It is one of the worst pains I've had in years. Now I have no sense of smell. I couldn't smell the orange as I cut it up for a grandson, I cannot smell Scope (mouthwash) or anything else. I am hoping that as my burned sinuses heal I'll be able to recapture my sense of smell which also affects my sense of taste.

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    Mon Feb 15 2010

    Started getting a cold going around my office. Rushed out and bought some of the Zicam spray just to see if on the outside chance this stuff really worked. I've used it just as it is perscribed on the bottle and to my surprise it seems to be working. The first 2 1/2 days of my cold pretty much seemed like any other cold I've ever had,just miserable, but during the third day I started breatheing normal again,not sneezing every five minutes or having to constantly blow my nose. Shocked to say it but this stuff actually works! I normally would have had that cold for 10 days so if Zicam can knock it down to less than half they can take my money every time....

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    When I woke up Tuesday morning, the last thing I wanted to deal with was a cold. Throughout that whole day I was miserable, blowing my nose 24/7, sneezing like a madman... so when I got home I was willing to take any and every medication that might make me feel even slightly better. My mom swears by Zicam, so I decided to give it a shot! I've been taking Zicam for less than 24 hours and my symptoms are SIGNIFICANTLY more tolerable. To be really descriptive.. you know how when you have a cold and there is the ONE nostril you can't breathe through for like 2 days? And then when the stuffiness switches nostrils you know the cold is almost over? After only a few hours on Zicam my snot not only switched sides, but I can breathe perfectly through my nose! The only symptoms remaining are slight congestion and lethargy. I would DEFINITELY recommend this to ANYONE who doesn't want to be sick. Though it may not work for everyone, it definitely does for me and the other people who suggest it! I'... Read more

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    Wed Jan 13 2010

    3 stars u been takin this sincr my cold started well today it is bad real bad

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    Wed Nov 18 2009

    Zicam chewable or outside of mouth swabs may work or may not HOWEVER I am living proof the older gel swabs that were removed from the shelf DO cause nasal damage in regards to smell / taste. Anyone who disagrees witht his is obviously working for Zicam and trying to avoid liabilities for the many many people like myself whom have permanent damaged from the older cold remedy nasal swabs. Been to MD, ear nose and throat doctor and have had other tests done and my smell / taste has been gone for almost a year now. DO NOT REPLY UNLESS YOU HAVE TRIED THE OLDER COLD REMEDY SWABS. THE NEW "LOOK" IS ALLERGY SWABS AND DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME INGREDIENTS AS THE OLDER COLD REMEDY GEL SWABS THAT HAS RUINED MY LIFE.

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    Fri Nov 13 2009

    Normally, I am very skeptical of products like this. I am very scientific minded, and I have read all the research that says zinc cold-control products have nothing more than a placebo effect. However, my fiancé and I have always been regular users of Zicam and I have to say, I don't care if it's a placebo effect or not -- it WORKS. It doesn't keep us from getting sick, but it helps us feel much better throughout our illness and shortens the period of sickness. Zicam also tends to cost a bit less than comparable products. As a BzzAgent member, I am sometimes sent samples of products to try, and I was recently sent Zicam samples. However, I didn't need the samples to get me on the boat! I have always loved Zicam, and I plan to continue using it every time I feel myself start to get sick.

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    Thu Nov 05 2009

    I have a husband that travels throughout the US a few times a month and three kids in school, one of whom is medically fragile. We had about 22 combined sick days last school year, we started taking zicam late summer and we have only had one sick day in the 2 1/2 months since school started. Reading the directions is really important. If you like to pound OJ when your sick, you need to time the zicam carefully around vitamin C consumption. Also, when the instructions say 'every three hours', that includes the middle of the night. We start the zicam as soon as we even suspect illness, ie flushed, pale or tired for no reason, glassy eyes, sniffles, slight temp. We get reimbursed for these through our flexible spending account, just as we would co-pays going to the doctor. It is much more convenient and pleasant for everyone to shop in advance and have it on hand, rather than scrambling in the middle on the night to go shopping. Or worse, being up all night with a sick kid so that you ... Read more

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    Thu Oct 29 2009

    Zicam is something that has helped me in the past when I've been sick. I like the fact that it comes in so many different forms, and it really helps alleviate cold symptoms! I would recommend it!

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    Fri Oct 09 2009

    2 colds last season and yesterday started # 1 for this season. At the *1st* sign of a cold (sore throat typically for me), I start with the Rapid Melts exactly as directed. In my opinion, it greatly reduces the severity and duration. For the 2 last year, I was symptom free by day 4. Only slight loss of energy during the period and cold symptoms were very mild. Day 2 on this one and my throat is only a bit sore and other symptoms are barely there. I normally am a basket-case for 3-4 days, gradually getting better. The product works for me.

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    Thu Sep 10 2009

    This is my second time using Zicam...the first time...right before bed my honey brought me some to try...I used it as the directions stated, and the next morning all of my symptoms that had seemed to start up were completely gone...I was a little skeptical at first but...because it just didnt seem feasible for this product to work. Sore throat, stuffy nose and sneezing were all gone...this second time of using it, I am having some sore throat problems and it is working wonders for me again...I'd say give it a try for those who've never tried it...Its a pretty good product

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    Sun Jun 28 2009

    There is always going to be someone who disagrees with something. If aspirin doesn't get rid of your headache do you call a hoax, If vodka doesn't get you the high you want is it a sham? ZICAM worked for me many times and I will continue to use it as long as I can. I think I will sue Kings Island because the Ferris Wheel made me toss my cookies. Get real people, not everything is going to work for everybody.

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    Fri Jun 19 2009

    I saw the news clips on people trying to sue over this product. It is clearly obvious that if any problems have arrose due to usuage it is because of IMPROPER usage. These people abviously do not read directions. It is a nose JELL not a nose spray! You do not shoot it up the nose. I used to get a sever cold at the start of every winter. I dreaded winter because of this. For three years now I have gotten no cold and I credit it to Zicam because it is the only thing I have used. I guess I will have to try the dissolve stips incase they take the jell off the market because of the idiots who can not read. Help me, I'm surrounded by idiots and they don't even know they are idiots.

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    Wed Jun 17 2009


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    Mon Mar 02 2009

    I don't know about the nasal gel but the dissolve in your mouth tablets are great. I've been feeling like I have the flu for two weeks. Someone at work suggested Zicam. I bought it earlier today and am feeling better already. I have taken many over the counter drugs that didn't do a thing for me. I will recommend Zicam

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    Completely useless. Does not shorten the severity or the duration of my common cold. Fail.

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    Tue Feb 17 2009

    Yesterday morning I had all the signs of coming down with a cold - sneezing, runny nose, pressure around my sinuses (I don't have allergies). I haven't taken Zicam for several years; in fact, the little bottle I have expired in '07. The one time I tried it before, it really stung my nose and I don't remember whether or not it worked. The symptoms persisted throughout the afternoon and I did some online research re Airborne vs. Zicam. In spite of some negative comments I decided to try the (expired) Zicam about 6:30 p.m.. I followed the directions scrupulously (just inside the rim of my nose, not blowing for 30 min.). This morning I was totally free of symptoms and still feel perfectly healthy several hours later. I certainly wouldn't advocate using any expired medication, but I didn't feel like going to the drugstore to invest in a new bottle. I travel to Europe twice a year and ALWAYS get a cold while I'm there. Hereafter, I will include Zicam in my "cold kit". I'm an absolu... Read more

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    Mon Feb 16 2009

    A total waste of money. First it is impossible to show that it shortens the duration of a cold, so that claim should be just thrown out. Lessens the severity is also almost impossible to show. Having said that, I have been using this as directed now for 3 days with no noticeable effect. I am sure I could have saved the money and the cold would have run its course just the same. This is the second time I have tried this product, and the last. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY I give it one star because it will not allow no stars I wish I had done more research before buying this stuff. I have found that this is the ONLY website that gives this a positive rating.

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    Tue Feb 03 2009

    Loss of smell? Must be paranoia. I got nasty sick last night and bought the mouth spray. (they didn't have the nasal stuff). I woke up 8 hours later feeling WAY better. The mouth spray has a funny taste, but it's not near as bad as the nasal spray which seemed to burn my nose, making me sneeze for a minute. The only thing about the mouth spray, is that you can't use it until 30 minutes after eating and you can't eat or drink within 15 minutes of taking the med. I swear to this stuff, and have been using it for about 5 years now. I'm STILL sold on it. Great product ZICAM!!! Thanks for the honest cure!!!

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    Mon Jan 12 2009

    I am suspecting that the few that didn't like Zicam did not use the product correctly, or possibly it was just a virus strain or cold germ that Zicam could not touch. (Can't win em all!)I say don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.... I used Zicam a couple of years ago and it worked. Don't know why I didn't continue to use it as I and other family members had colds over the next couple of years. Maybe the price, but comparitively speaking, it's worth it! I was down yesterday in the bed with a cold. Stuffy nose, runny nose, clogged sinuses, headache, sneezing my head off. Started with the swabs about 1pm and this morning, I am MUCH better. Got out of bed and got a shower. It is almost noon and I have only sneezed and had to blow my nose a totaly of 4 times. For the most part, i'd say this stuff works. I've not tried the other products, but i'd swear by the nasal swabs.

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    Sat Dec 20 2008

    I'm on day 4 of my cold. This is the second time I've tried Zicam and this time I started the tablets at the first signs of this cold. All colds are different,... but it seems that my symtoms are less severe and the cold is running it's cource much faster. It's like the end of my cold where evereything is clearing out (instead of blocked-up). I often get a bad chest cold that can linger for a long time - But doesn't seem to be the case this time. I'm going to buy some more and keep taking it until all the symptoms subside. E

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    I don't spray Zicam all the way up my nose. It stings. I only spray it about halfway up, and now they have swabs you can use to totally control how far up it goes. I can open my throat by myself as far as the doctor wants when he uses a tongue depressor (i.e. I don't need a tongue depressor), so I can spray the back of my throat without spray getting on my tongue. So I've had no problems with taste or smell. As far as its effectiveness against colds, it's a miracle drug. Even if I wait till I've had cold symptoms for 2 days, it makes the cold stop. Of course, it's best to use it as soon as you feel the cold coming on. I usually only have to use it twice to kill a cold.

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    Mon Dec 08 2008

    I am in the midst of my first personal experience using Zicam, so at this point, all I can really speak to is how I fell right now.  I am on day three of using Zicam.  I don't really know if it will effectively shorten the duration of my cold, but I can definately report that it appears to have dramatically reduced typical cold symptoms such as runny nose, congestion, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, dizzyness, etc.  It is almost to the point that I don't even actually really have cold symptoms.  Colds are a funny thing.  Sometimes they last 1 or 2 days, sometimes 7-10 days, and the severity of them can be all over the board.  So since I started using it at the onset of what I thought was going to be a monster cold, I'm not sure if it is the Zicam working or the fact that maybe it never was the monster cold I thought I was getting.  I can say that my colleagues all around me appear to be suffuring through some bad symptoms, and I assume I have their cold as well, but I am not suffering pra... Read more

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    Wed Dec 03 2008

    I swear by this product! When I get a cold, I am sick for at least 2 weeks. I always know because my throat gets sore. I start using this, as directed and I never am sick for more than 4 days! Would highly reccomend.

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    Mon Dec 01 2008

    I find Zicam lessens the severity of my cold without diminishing my sense of smell. I don't use it as frequently as recommended but rather when I notice the return of my symptoms. I went to my in-laws house and everyone had a cold, one had strep, two were on antibiotics. I felt my sore throat start on Thursday, runny nose by Sat, I started Zicam Saturday night. So far it's been easy to deal with, every six to eight hours my throat hurts and I swab. I must admit I wonder how bad it would get if I stopped using it, but having had a history of pneumonia and frequent bronchitis and none since I started using Zicam a few years ago, even if it's a placebo, it's cheaper than missing work and going to the doctors and pharmacy. Since zinc is the active ingredient would taking zinc tabs work as well? Maybe I'll try that for my next cold.

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    Thu Nov 20 2008

    I no longer have my spleen which is part of the human immune system. For the first few years after surgery, I got every cold that everyone had so about 6 a year compared to 2-3 pre-surgery. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it, and I've been convinced after using it almost 10 years and on over 15 colds (6 or so a year for a few years and now 2-3 a year) that it works. I would say that I get a huge reduction in symptoms from normal constant tiredness, coughing, stuffiness, etc. for a week and taking time off work to a bit of tiredness and some stuffiness for 3-4 days and being able to work. This happened with almost every cold where I've used Zicam but a few. I think those may have been because I didn't use it soon enough, or I really had the flu. Also being a scientist (but not a medical doctor), I think I've been objective in my evaluation. Practically a clinical trial on myself!

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    Sat Nov 15 2008

    I'll admit I was a skeptic. But, I was spending several days at some friends' house and arrived with a beginning whopper of a cold. Normally, for me, a cold gets really severe over the course of two days resulting in terrible nasal stuffiness and chest congestion, and then takes another three days to go away. My friends graciously offered to let the sick boy stay and gave me some Zicam. I think, in general, cold remedies are worthless or more unpleasant than the symptoms, but to my immense surprise, the cold did not progress as it usually does and the symptoms were gone in 24 hours. Despite this experience, I was still skeptical, but have had two subsequent similar experiences. I'm sold! It works for me!

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    Sat Nov 08 2008

    This is the 2nd time I tried this crap... The first time was with the spray, this time with the swabs. I started taking it right before the cold peaked granted I could have taken it sooner. Either time I did not have any good results. If I would have read about there lawsuits I would have never have touched the stuff again. This stuff cost big money and its a hoax.

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    I've been using Zicam for about 2 years now. I catch colds pretty frequently. They don't seem to do any advertising. I actually heard about it from two guys talking about it on line at an airport. I suspect that there is a placebo effect at work and that the underground nature of the product is part of that, but what the hell, I'll buy placebo effect any day. Anyway, when Zicam first came out it came out as a swab. There was documentation that said that part of the reason for the effectiveness was that zinc was absorbed much more quickly through the lower nasal membranes. Later on they came out with all the lozenges and oral stuff which I have my doubts about. The swab is the way to go. It is the original. It works and there is no risk of accidentally spraying it up your nose and affecting your smell. The trick is to take the Zicam *immediately* when you feel a cold coming on. I can always tell because I get a tickle in my throat. I'd say that half the time whatever I was getting... Read more

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    Mon Sep 01 2008

    It works for me to an extent. After I take it for the first few days, I always feel like the cold is at the ready, waiting for another shot. So, it works but it doesn't seem to do much for the persistent cold that I get.

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    I tend to be from the school of thought that you should let your body do its thing and take as little medication as possible, symptoms are your body fighting the disease. But recently I tried Zicam to see if the hype was correct and I have to admit that currently I am NOT suffering through only my second cold in the past year. I have the tickle in my throat and intermittent coughing but none of the distracting sinus pressure or runny nose. I obviously can't prove that Zicam is responsible for my lack of/less severe colds but I see a correlation and will keep taking it...if for nothing more than the psychosomatic benefits.

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    Wed Mar 26 2008

    Zicam works really well. The trick is to start taking it the instant you start to get that tickle in your throat. I use the RapidMelts tablets and the cherry flavor is fine but they do leave a chalky aftertaste. It's honestly not that bad though! So the moment you realize you might be getting sick, you start taking them, every 3 hours, faithfully. Your cold will either not appear at all OR will be much milder and shorter in duration that it normally would be! I have used these 3 times for 3 different colds that I felt coming on. Every single time, my sore throat disappears almost instantly. I might get very mild nasal congestion or none at all. But that is it. Instead of having a terrible cold for 2 weeks, I have to live with chalky aftertate for about 3 days. I'll take the latter every time! I highly recommend this product.

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    Sun Feb 24 2008

    I just tried it for the first time, and I can say I love it so far! I tried the meltaways, and they taste a little funky, but they are worth it.

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    Sat Feb 16 2008

    I use the nasal swabs for myself and the kids ones on my toddlers-- these things are amazing. We used to get so sick and now... we feel the cold coming on, use the swabs a few times and our colds are so mild or never fully come at all. But read the directions- you are only to apply the gel to the rim of your nostril-- not up your nose.

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    Fri Feb 08 2008

    I had heard about zicam for a few years, but never tried it. My daughter and wife both came down with the cold. I watched them suffer for a week as I took care of them. I travel almost constantly so I was really worried about catching what they had, but I had to take care of them. I went to work today feeling fine, but when I got home I started getting that run down feeling as well as a mild sore throat. I have a company party tomorrow and a flight to catch in two days. I decided to give zicam a try for the first time and guess what. It worked. I have no clue how it does it and I really don't care. I am 100% after 8 hours and 2 doses. I will continue to use it for the recommended 48 hours just to be safe. I will also be taking it with me when I head out of town. Great stuff.

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    Tue Jan 08 2008

    ZICAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love, love, love the little swabs for your nose. miracle......i am super sensitive and delicate, and this stuff is odorless, tasteless, and NON-IRRITATING. i can smell and taste food, and there is absolutely no side effects (for me). my boyfriend is laying in the other room practically dying, and it's too late for him. i woke up yesterday with a tickle/scratch in my throat, took one ZICAM swab in each nostril, and today my symptoms are almost totally gone!! i'm gonna keep swabbing my nose for the rec. 48 hours. THIS STUFF IS AWESOME POSSUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! before my cold even got here....IT"S DUNZO!!!

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    Fri Dec 21 2007

    I've never used the nasal gel since Zicam was sued for causing people to lose their sense of smell with it, so I've stuck to the little wafers. They taste like hell (I seriously imagine if I could taste hell, this would be the exact sensation I got), but I enjoy tasting my dinner. I normally get sick 2-3 times a year and I'm a school teacher, so I probably breathe in 10 times more germs than a normal person. I wash my hands frequently, eat well, and I'm a vegetarian. I work out a couple times a week (sometimes), and I'm a relatively healthy 23 year old. The only adverse health issue I can think of is habitual alcohol consumption. Other than that, I don't harm my body. My cold symptoms are always the same. I start to get an itchy sore throat, go to bed, and when I wake up on day 1, it is a full blown nasty, raw, annoying symptom from hell (same place they make Zicam!). I endure that, and wake up the next morning with no more throat pain and begin to get congested. The congestion takes t... Read more

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    Sun Dec 02 2007

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I started to come down with one of my horrible colds that usually last up to a month and turn into bronchitis. My girlfriend suggested Zicam because she was a user and believer. I was shocked at the price, but purchased it anyway. THIS STUFF WORKS! Normally I would have spent over $30 on crap to mask the symptoms and suffered anyway. It may not work for everyone, but it works for my girlfriend and myself. The symtoms disapear in a few days after using as directed. Don't sniff it up into your sinus' though. It tastes horrible!

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    Tue Nov 27 2007

    A few months ago I tried the Zicam medicine in the spoon. Oh my gosh that tastes YUCK. It did cut down my symptons but only a little bit. Right now I have a cold. I am using the nasal swabs and the next day after the first use my throat quit hurting. I am using it today will use it a couple more days and I already feel MUCH better. Normally my cold lasts 3 freakin weeks. But this Zicam is definitely cutting it short. It may not work for everyone but it sure as hell is working for me and that is all I give a shit about!!!!

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    Wed Oct 31 2007

    I have had several trials with Zicam. I bought the nasal gel, and not reading the instruction carefully I was sucking up all the way into my nostrils. It still worked though. The thrid time a felt a cold coming I immediately started using the product. For two or three days I was still feeling lousing, then the next morning, I woke and it was gone. I said this is great and stopped taking the Zicam gel. Sure enough three days later the same cold came back. Frustrated, I started the Zicam again and did some research on the internet and realize that the zicam does not kill the existing virus in your body, just prevents it from replicating itself. So the existing viruses in your body will continue to make you feel like shit, but they eventualy die. I also found out that you need to take Zicam for at least 48 hours after your sympton go away. This is to insure the remaining viruses do not survive. So in my humble opinion. This products works well, but follow the instructions. Thanks

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    Wed Sep 19 2007

    It works! BUT you have to faithfully stick with it for the first few days of symptoms. The first sniffle, and get it out!! Otherwise it does not work.

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    Sun Sep 02 2007

    It doesn't work for everyone, that's a given. I mean, what does? Also, not all colds are the same, if fact you'll never get the same cold twice, so hey, it may not always work, but keep some in your house and take it when you get a cold. If it works on that cold, great, if not, better luck next time. I have to wonder if anyone got diarrhea by taking the stuff you swallow. I got it last time, though zinc is supposed to reduce diarrhea. I'm just curious. Best of luck with your colds everyone!

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    Thu Aug 09 2007

    I can't believe there are all these idiots on here that actually think this homeopathic junk works. They're all a bunch of deluded morons.

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    Mon May 28 2007

    Zicam good job buddy, If any of you crackers out there of are holding of on trying the "Z" as I call it now you better get on this cash cow. The Z took my cold and gave it a belly to back suplex into the next time zone. Thats right got rid of my symptomS, no more anal sepage no more nagging wife and no more crocdiles in my socks. The next time any of you honkies come down with a case of the cc (common cold) I got three words for you. RIDE THE Z !!!!!!

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    Thu Mar 22 2007

    Zicam a scam? NOT!!! This stuff really works. I am currently having my second opportunity to use it and it has stopped the cold in it's tracks once again. The first time I used it was a couple of years ago and it did the same thing.dead in its tracks. Right now I have been using it for about 4 days. It started when I noticed a general feeling of being tired, a stuffy head and then some drainage in the back of my throat. I had my wife pick some up while she was out and I started immediately. Since then the worst cold symptom I have had is a little drainage in the back of my throat in the evenings and mornings. Im not really sure why it works but it does for me. I highly recommend it to everyone that I know.

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    Sat Mar 10 2007

    It doesn't work. I started taking it before I visited my pregnant sister in the hospital (she had a bad cold - duh) I got sick two days later. I continued taking Zicam. 7 days later and I'm still SICK.

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    Fri Jan 12 2007

    I used Zicam for the 1st time, at the 1st sign of a cold. I used the gel spray. No burning for me. I can smell better now then before I started taking it. Everything taste great too. We are all different so our bodies react differently. If it doesn't work for you, save your money. If it works for you ...use it and enjoy life!