Offering rings, necklaces, pendants, cameos, earrings and bracelets in a wide variety of designs, Zales has many jewelry store locations nationwide.

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    Mon Jun 04 2012

    terrible customer service i felt like no one wanted to help me. Had to beg for someone to show me things, maybe cause i dont look rich

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    Tue Nov 29 2011

    MAPPINS/PEOPLES/ZALES - WORST customer service experience EVER!! Not only did it take them 5 months to correct an administrative error on their part with their own credit card partners, it was a constant series of misdirecting calls, failing to meet promises and assurances including returning calls. Advice to anyone looking to make a major jewellery purchase - do through a local jeweller, where if anything goes wrong, you can take it up face-to-face with the ultimate decision maker.

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    Thu Nov 10 2011

    Bought a ring....purchased a Lifetime Warranty. Went in to have the required check up. I was told that there were some prongs missing and it needed to be sent in and they could give me an estimate on the repairs. I told them I had a Lifetime Warranty. They told me the warrarnty I had was on the diamonds and not on the gold. What kind of crap is that? I don't remember anyone telling me there were 2 separate Lifetime for for gold. No more shopping at Zales for me. Apparently, I have wasted huge amounts of money by purchasing Lifetime Warranties on several different items in their store. Lesson learned. The next jewelry store I purchase from will give me everything in writing and will have an on-site jeweler. Heck they even lost my deceased father's diamond wedding band I took in for repairs. They finally returned one but it did not look exactly like the same design......

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    Sat Sep 24 2011

    All I can say is before you shop ,look for the item at a different store that sell jewelry, you may be surprised to find the same identical item, like I did for $500 less, I'm just sorry it was too late for me to return it for a refund, i used to like this chain always thought I was getting a bargain, not to mention the staff in any of the stores, are always friendly and helpful, too bad never again .

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    Wed Aug 10 2011

    I ordered my little sister a class ring for her sweet 16th birthday and asked for it to be shipped to an address that they will be at when the party is (200 miles away from their house.) The ring had a delivery time of 7-10 days. It's been 12 days so far and it still shows "IN STOCK" for a status. It's Wednesday night and they are leaving to go home Friday. I contacted Zales to see if I could at least have the ring re-routed to their house since it hasnt even been made yet and got the answer of "ONCE YOUR ORDER IS PLACED IT CAN NOT BE CHANGED, WHETHER IT BE SHIPPING ADDRESS OR PRODUCT CHANGE. WE DO THINGS SO THEY CAN BE EXPEDITED." I am very displeased with this company and their lack of customer service. Thanks Zales for ruining my little sister's sweet 16 present!!

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    Tue Jul 12 2011

    Zales is the WORST company I have EVER dealt with!!!!!!! Not only the store itself...the Corporate office as well. Going on 9 weeks that my wedding set has been "out for repairs" for a diamond to be replaced (3rd time by the way) and no one will call me back, provide me an update, give a date I can expect my rings back....NOTHING!! My 8 year old niece could run a better business then this clown company!! If I can help even one person....please...please...please NEVER buy a thing from this store. I have too many stories to list all within a short 5 year span of my husband buying my wedding set from this disaster area!! I am 34 years old and can honestly say I have NEVER experienced anything like this. Our only mistake was not reading the company reviews before going there! :( I wonder how all of their employees can sleep well at night knowing how they are treating their "customers." This store wouldn't know customer service if it smacked them upside their heads!!!!!!

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    Tue Mar 22 2011

    Zales is the ONLY jewelry store I will shop at! My fiance bought my gorgeous engagment ring here around Christmas time.. it is perfect! No diamonds have fallen out, the band shows no blemishes..everything is perfect! I also recently purchased a right hand ring for myself from Zales, it is currently being sized and will be here this Friday. The customer service and employees there are great! I would recommend this store to EVERYONE!

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    Thu Feb 03 2011

    Zales is the worst store EVER!!! There jewlery is the worst quality, I have 2 different rings from them and on both (one of wich is my engagement ring) I had to take them back to the store numerous times to get diamonds replaced. They ended up having to make me a ring in my size so i wouldnt have to go back up there every other week to have a diamond replaced. And there "on line billing" is total bs! They never sent my husband a bill or anything and now his credit (wich was perfect) is now below 600. They are refusing to do anything to fix the problem, and they are claming they did send the bills, but they will not prove it to us. They have the worst customer service, worst quality jewlery, and are just a all around BAD store!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ZALES!! DONT EVEN GO NEAR THE STORE, THEY ARE HORRABLE!!!

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    Tue Feb 01 2011

    All of my contact with Zales has been terrible. I ordered a ring online in the biggest size that they offered, which still wasn't big enough, thinking that I could size it after I received. I looked at the product information and it did not say it couldn't be re-sized. The next day I found the exact same ring at a much cheaper price at another store and it was offered in the size I needed. I contacted Zales customer service online to see if I could cancel my order, and asked if the ring could be re-sized. I was told it could not be re-sized and I could not cancel my order online. I then called Zales customer service to cancel my order and was told that it would be canceled within a few days and it was all taken care of. A week later I received the ring in the mail and was charged for the order that was supposedly canceled. I called customer service to ask them what was going on and was told that the order was never canceled because apparently when they submit cancellations they may or ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    Let me first say that I am utterly disappointed and with They have created more stress and problems for me this holiday season than I have ever had before. I browsed the website until I found the ring that I wanted to purchase, and to make sure that I could receive it by Christmas—as I was ordering it on the 14th of December—I called customer service by phone. When the lady checked with her manager and assured me that I would receive the ring by at least Christmas Eve, I allowed her to place the order for me. She said that I would receive a confirmation that the item had shipped, and one week later it had just been "located in stock," not shipped. When I called to make sure they were going to ship it soon, I was told that there was a glitch on the website and shipping for this item could be 2–3 weeks longer than expected. After excepting the fact that my girlfriend's Christmas present wouldn't arrive until New Years or later, I bought her another present so she'd have someth... Read more

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    Wed Dec 01 2010

    zales is the worst i ordered a ring November 23 and on december 2 they sent me an email saying the order was canceled. There reason was because when they went to package the ring it didn't meet there quality standers . Okay so why was the ring for sale on the website. they are a SCAM and i will never shop there again. Do not waste your time !!!!

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    Mon Sep 20 2010

    What an absolute nightmare!! I hate Zales and if I have to get a lawyer I most certainly will do so. Yesterday I took my wedding and engagment rings to be cleaned and inspected. I am getting married in one month and wanted to get this done and over with. Since I am not married yet I don't wear my wedding band but yesterday I did because of the inspection being done. So I get the inspection done and then walk to one other store and when I looked down at my rings I noticed a diamond was missing from my wedding band. It certainly wasn't like that when taking it in or right after the inspection. It had to have fallen out when walking around. So I went back to Zales and at first the lady worker said she must have missed it during the inspection. I corrected her and said the diamonds were all there when I brought the rings in and the diamond had to have just fallen out after leaving the store. She said they would send it out for repair and they tried to charge me. They were trying to say it ... Read more

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    Thu Sep 16 2010

    After I purchased my ring, I realized too late that I could have gotten it over $400 cheaper and at the same or better quality! Every time I returned to have it cleaned and inspected, the staff was indifferent at best and straight out rude at worst. One time they told me they would not clean my ring in the shop but would have to send it out for cleaning and it would cost me around $35!! I walked over to Helzberg and they gladly cleaned my ring for free and were very polite to me. The suits are a bit intimidating, but the customer service at Helzberg can't be beat! I will NEVER again go back to Zales.

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    I was looking for an engagement ring online, after I decide for one. I make the layaway, but canceled because I saw one that I like more on Zales website. They return my money but the costumer service is terrible, she almost lost my layaway receipt. Later that day I went to Google and search for 1/2 Carat T.W. 3-Stone Diamond Ring in 10kt White Gold. I didn't believe but the same ring that they have in the Zales website also Walmart had it for less money. They website $463 on sale, Wal-mart price $299. Its a save of $164. I don't care if its a cheap ring I like it and that's the only thing matter. If you look the rings that they sell online only most of them Wal-mart have it and for less money, so don't be fool buying an expensive ring because its from Zales. I prefer buying in Wal-mart than Zales because I know if I want to return or exchange the ring they aren't going to ask nothing. Also Wal-mart got free shipping site to store.

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    Mon May 03 2010

    I bought my fiance's ring there. First of all the sales people are pushy. They lied about the price. He said it was $570 but it was actually $590. Anyways, when we got the ring, the quality was horrible!!! The diamonds in the band were set crooked and there were nicks in the silver where they had carved out the space for the diamonds. It looked horrible. You didn't need a magnifying glass to see the mistakes, they were just there. So I returned it the next day and went to Kay's instead. We bought my ring there and it was stellar. It's been a week and I am still waiting for the credit for the refund to show up on my account....

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    Wed Apr 21 2010

    Okay, so I started to have bad experience with Zale's. I had sent in a ring for resizing I got it back, in less than a day, 13 stones missing. i bring it back, they say it might cost 1000.00 because the company they use to resize/polish/etc said it was obviously dropped or rubbed against something. there were words exchanged because I knew nothing happened on my end, and besides it's very hard to scratch up diamond and platinum unless you have a lapidary machine (what the stone cutters use to shape diamonds, to resize rings, and polish stones and metal ehem ehem) I though I was going to get a phone call saying that since there's no proof, then I would have to pay 1000.00 USD to fix it. I get a call from the manager, they have been having issues with the outsourced company, and because it was too expensive to fix, they are just going to get me a new ring, same style and everything. I was speechless, never had I heard or encountered such amazing customer service in the end. I've ... Read more

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    Wed Apr 21 2010

    My wife found a 1ct five diamond two tone 14k mens band online for $857.00, but the regular price was $2859.00. Hehe, someone messed up. So she orders it online for $857 plus an additional 30% off. So, it came to a little over $600. She gets an email the next day that the item was on backorder. Yeah right. She called customer service and explained that it said it was available online and we paid for over night shipping. The lady tells her that this happens sometimes and they will have to call other stores to see if they have it in stock. Haha! wife and I take it in our own hands to find this "$3000.00" ring at a local store. She calls around (about 5 stores) and finds one. We told the associate about the online price and their jaws dropped! "Thats a $3000.00 ring" she said. The lady was nice enough to tell us to print out all the paperwork on the order and bring it to the store. So we drive about 45 mins away from our house to see if we can get this crazy deal. We arrive and ha... Read more

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    Sat Jan 30 2010

    If I could give 0 stars, I would. My shopping experience at Zales was the worst shopping experience i have ever encountered. I wanted to purchase a gift for my younger brother. I saw the cross I wanted to get right away. When I slid my credit card, it got declined. I knew that couldn't be right, because I had checked my card earlier, and I knew had enough money to cover the purchase. So, I went to my bank to see what was wrong. My bank told me that Zales had taken out the cash. I brought my bank statement, with the head teller's signature and the bank's offical stamp, back to Zales to show them that they took the money out of the account. The woman at the desk said there is nothing she can do and that I had to call customer service. Now it is going on two weeks. I have made multiple calls to Zales customer service and and every time i call they tell me something different. I still have not recieved my money or the cross. The cross was only $170.00. If you are shopping for somethin... Read more

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    Sun Nov 01 2009

    So far so good! My husband bought my (white gold) 1 carat, 3-Stone "Past, Present, Future" engagement ring in October 2008. He ordered it online and picked it up at our local mall (Crossroads, in Portage, Michigan). We don't have a lot of money, so we realize that it is not the highest quality or most expensive ring, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! He picked it out and surprised me with it, and the sentimental value of the ring means more to me than the cost. Don't get me wrong.... one day if we can afford a bigger diamond, I would love to have one, but that is not the most important thing to me. The size of the diamond should NOT be the reason why you are with someone! Anyway, when he bought the ring he also chose to purchase the ESP. I have been in twice to have it inspected and cleaned. The two times that I have been there, they were pleasant, and they never tried to sell me anything or push me to "upgrade" my diamond. I was a little concerned at my second inspection because t... Read more

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    Fri Sep 11 2009

    I have bought a lot of Jewelry from Zales. I have been buying from them for over 5 years. I live in Boynton Beach, Fl. And the Zales down here is great.!! The employees are friendly and very helpful. And didn't act nasty to me when I exchanged my engagement ring for the one millionth time. : ) And have the patient when I take 50 hours to decide what I want. ( I'm picky. ) Any time I have ever needed anything repaired it was done in a timely manner. One time a needed my ring sized and the jeweler sized it right away and had it done within an hour. They stand 100% behind their Lifetime Diamond Commitment and Extended Service Plan. My engagement ring has small channel set diamonds and any time one falls out. They replace for questions asked. Sorry for all the people that have had bad experience with Zales. My experience with the Zales in the Boynton Beach Mall has been great. I would recommend them to anyone.